Friday, April 16, 2004

Bonecrcker #108 - Feminism Pushes the Whore/Customer Model

I see the increasing tendency of women to follow the whore/customer model (formally or informally) as a big part of the problem and as a major part of the feminist agenda. There is a weird double standard with this. They don’t actually want men to have access to sex outside of marriage as a way to break their wives use of sex as a method of manipulation but they want to protect the ability of women to follow the lifestyle of a prostitute as a way to destroy the very fabric of families as an institution. I see this as one of the schisms in the feminist movement.

Prostitution is an extremely destructive thing to a culture when it is allowed to grow beyond a certain point. Bluntly, whores epitomize the very worst qualities in women. Too much patronage/normalization of this and women as a whole in that culture take on those traits, more and more. To a large extent, that’s what is happening in our own culture.

The family is the traditional tool used by every culture to encourage positive values and loving, stable, nurturing relationships. Anything that threatens that is a bad thing. Just because whores are upfront and honest (yeah right) about what they desire from you doesn’t mean that sort of relationship is desirable or even acceptable. The problem is so many women wanting to be like those whores. That should be discouraged. Giving money to a whore encourages those values, not only in her but in all women. Far better to treat a woman like a whore but make sure she gets nothing in the bargain. There are plenty of women that will let you do this to them. Making sure you get what you want out of them but that it is not a profitable (pun intended) exchange for them is a way to get what you want while discouraging the behavior as a whole. The goal should be to make those women think wistfully about being married to a devoted, caring husband who loves them.

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