Thursday, January 04, 2001

Omega Traits Are Not Alpha Traits, But Are The Proper Traits For This Society

MGTOW/not marrying, and withdrawing from a society that is out to harm men is the proper response to our false sexual economy.

Also, I think a lot of guys into game are put off whenever I try to point out that what women are really attracted in this false-market society are Omega traits, not Alpha traits. But, there is no getting around it – number one, humans naturally pair bond and this has natural survival purposes, and number two, getting pumped and dumped by a man who won’t stick around after sex usually meant death for the woman, so it’s a little facetious to claim that women naturally seek out pump & dumpers.

It is only because of state interference that women are able to engage with the Omega class – and they are doing it do satisfy their perversions.

Women are still clustering, but not around Alphas with high survival value for them, but instead they are clustering around Omegas.

And that said, I understand and practice game, and am not promoting marriage/pair-bonding in the current state we live in. I am merely pointing out it is anti-survival, and so can’t be completely natural for women to be more attracted to Omega cads or criminals than socially powerful Alphas with resources to ensure her survival – it is on the same level as a man expending his resources on a prostitute is not a good survival strategy for his genes either. Men might do it in our society to get laid and satisfy an itch, but it would not be a good survival strategy to expend valuable resouces on a whore.

That women are currently attracted to Omega traits in our society, means that men must immitate Omega behavior to get their sexual needs met, and refuse to get trapped legally in any way with the types of low-survival sluts that are attracted to them… but it is not natural.

And here comes the problem with all this stuff too – the pack (males) is hierarchal, and they will start killing eachother over Omega behavior. Look at the ghetto – or for a smaller sample, look at Pitcairn Island and how they all started pole-axing eachother (lol, while the women banded together and tried to kill a couple of the men as herd creatures). Roissy had a post the other day about women sharing an “alpha” male… and if you go through the comments, you will find there are quite a few guys in there who openly promote cuckolding the “stupid betas,” and lol, I even seen some comments that betas are now worthless to society and so no-one should care what happens to them (I know that doesn’t represent the whole gamosphere)… but again, that is NOT alpha behavior, it is Omega behavior. Alphas have the respect and co-operation of Betas. That kind of Omega behavior also leads to violence, and in the past, often death. It is about dominating other men through sex with women (and thus, kinda homo-erotic). Omega behavior is amoral – just like female behavior. There is a reason so many of them were killed. It is again, only through state interference, that such Omega behavior is not punished severely. Normally, “the pack” would take care of that.

The binary “alpha & beta” paradigm is incomplete, and much Omega behavior is being called Alpha, and much Zeta behavior is called Beta.

Also, as for “gender roles,” it seems to me that “game” plays upon gender roles very much. What does “ending gender roles” mean? Does it mean that men can be Kitchen Bitches if they want, and we will try to “evolve” women into finding Kitchen Bitches sexy? That’ll work about as well as feminists trying to “evolve” men into liking ugly fat chicks over thin sexy chicks – ain’t gonna happen. Game seems to me to quite advise to reassert your gender role – but it makes Omega adaptions by refusing to pair bond, by keeping enough women “in reserve” to make sure it doesn’t hurt too much when of your love interests buggers off on you. Also, being as disreputable as possible (Omega behavior) gets attraction – but again, this is anti-survival for females, and a perversion they can only maintain because of the State.

I think there is quite often some confusion about “oppressive” gender roles, as men generally look into the 19th Century for reference. But, keep in mind, the 19th Century was fucked-up central – especially sexually – but also with the rise of women into the political sphere backing it up. If you go older in history, you will find there often was societal acceptance of human sexuality – and the acknowledgement that men needed to be protected from female sexuality, instead of the other way around.

If I were shipwrecked on an island with a woman, I think we would fast revert back to the age old gender roles in order to survive, because our gender roles are the best division of power and labor resources to ensure survival. I suspect it has always been this way, and always will revert back to it, once the state is no longer involved.