Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Bonecrcker #113 - Everything Out of a Woman's Mouth is a Lie

Everything out of a woman’s mouth is a lie…..especially when they want you to talk to them about something. There can be no resolution of problems because there is no transparency, no introspective honesty on their part. What they want, as far as this goes, is to be heard, not to communicate. The act of being heard by another is addictive to them. If you are a good listener and can clamp down on your own need to say stuff, you can manipulate how they see you, and, indirectly, how they treat you. Good treatment comes when a woman sees you as powerful, desirable and very much prone to being stolen by the competition. One thing that has zero effect on how they treat you is talking things out, and working through relationship issues. The reason is simple. While you may be sincere and motivated to have a deep meaningful relationship based on equality, trust and mutual caring, respect, warmth and love…..she NEVER is. She may pretend to but it is an exercise in pain, as she manipulates you into doing one inappropriate thing after another while constantly changing the rules at random. But, take one step outside that door, and see her behavior change instantly. Of course, eventually, she will boot your ass right out that very same door. But she was going to do that eventually, anyway.

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