Saturday, January 08, 2005

EOTM: Models of Man: Where To? ...From Here...

The Human Race -

I saw recently an article which stated that some anthropologists believe that the human race stopped evolving physically about 100,000 years ago. Now, never-mind that this span of time is merely an evolutionary eye-blink - human evolution now seems to have become cultural evolution.

Perhaps we are witnessing the divergence of humanity into several subspecies, like so many science fiction works have suggested. Since humans have had the hubris to take over the course of their own evolution as a race, one has to wonder about the future types that humanity will become.

Homo Urbanis: Urban or Hive Man
Homo Terminus: End Men, Omega Men
Homo Mechanicus: Machine Man: BORG I
Homo Electronicus: Wired Man: BORG II


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