Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Western Culture's Inability to Pass Feminism's Shit Tests

QUOTE: "However, I think they may be wrong when they go on to say [marriage 1.0] was good for “civilization” too. Perhaps the inability of Western cultures to pass the shit test of feminism comes directly from allowing too many Betas to breed in the past and pass their passive and compliant genes down through the gene pool."

I sometimes suspect that this is what we are supposed to “do.” To pass the shit test… there is something better on the other side, something we are supposed to find out – maybe something that will change us, but we are never going to get there until we pass these shit tests that keep destroying us.

Many messages have been sent to us, obviously trying to warn us about “something.” These things are, I think, “twinkling reminders of humanity’s past.” The story of Pandora’s box… the legend of Atlantis… the Garden of Eden… Jason and the Argonauts… Egypt’s Punt… They are all of a similar theme, containing similar messages or warnings etc. They are talking to us from the deep, deep past. Perhaps if we pass the shit test and finally figure out how to stop destroying ourselves like pathetic lemmings, our civilization will develop enough to finally “figure it out.”

What “it” is, I don’t know. Maybe it’s a better way of living. Maybe without civilization always collapsing and needing to be rebuilt, we will figure out how the hell to get out of the solar system, maybe find other lifeforms?… because our technology won’t reset 500 years back in time if we don’t collapse.

I know it sounds kinda New Age, but, imagine how different the world would be today if say, Rome had never degraded its principles, and it had never fell. How advanced do you think our technology might be today if that had not happened but rather they kept pushing forward, advancing and learning, all the way up to the present day? I suspect I might be taking my hover-craft to the corner store instead of my crappy old car. Who knows? Maybe we “figure something out.” But it does seem like we keep getting sent “warnings” from the past from our ancestors saying “watch out” and “fix this problem.”

I’ll tell you one thing what I see – our “moral codes” try to tell us not to behave like animals. That means not succumbing to our base passions, such as monkey sex without responsibities. Do not kill, do not steal, do not commit adultery, do not covet etc. etc. – all things that animals do, but which humans are told not to do. The “Point” is to rise up from being beasts of the field – of living like animals and basing our decisions in passion, rather than reason.

If the point is to be anti-animal and pro-reason, then I wonder what would happen when we finally figure out how to stop destroying ourselves by succumbing to our base animal passions, of which our sex drives are most likely the strongest, and the way women stop men from “thinking” and rather living by pure passion, as they do. Maybe if we overcome this lemming tendency that has plagued us for thousands of years, there is something else on the other side.


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