Monday, October 15, 2012

The Philosophy of Men Going Their Own Way

This book is public domain, explicitly designated so by its author, to be used by anyone, in any way, for promoting The Philosophy of Men Going Their Own Way. Pass it on, brother.

Two thousand years ago there lived in Cairo a famous rabbi named Hillel, who was widely celebrated for his knowledge of the Law. One day, the story goes, a Roman military officer, having heard of the rabbi’s fame, challenged him to expound the Law while standing on one foot. The rabbi raised one foot and said, “Do not do to others what is hateful to yourself. That is the whole of the Law; the rest is merely commentary.” -- Philalethes #26 -- The Law 
Chapter I: Introduction 
Pt One - Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) 
Pt Two - A Leading Philosophy Rather than a Leader
Pt Three - On Generalizations
Pt Four - Misogyny
Pt Five - Guide to Birdwatching in the Manosophere

Chapter II: Sexuality
Pt One - Male and Female: Equal But Different
Pt Two - Sex Sells
Pt Three - Love is for Suckers... Blood Suckers
Pt Four - Empty Vessels and Relative Truth
Pt Five - You're Such a Tool!
Pt Six - Rites of Passage - Boys to Men
Pt Seven - Woman: The Most Responsible Teenager in the House
Pt Eight - Social Strategy: Why Men Shouldn't Argue with Women
Pt Nine - Very Few Women are Capable of Empathizing with Men
Pt Ten - The Jiggly Room
Pt Eleven - Hypergamy and Briffault's Law

Chapter III: The Gender War
Pt One - The Fish and the Bicycle
Pt Two - Marriage is Fraud
Pt Three - On Women Pursuing Their Dreams and Aspirations
Pt Four - Do You Believe Women Have the Right to Free Speech?
Pt Five - Women's Right to Choose
Pt Six - When Shit Gets Sold as Soap
Pt Seven - Age is a Social Construct
Pt Eight - Women's Studies 101a - Winter Semester

Chapter IV: Marxism
Pt One - Marxism, Red Herrings and the Totalitarian Trap
Pt Two - The Dialectic, Useful Idiots & Consolidating Gains to the Left
Pt Three - It's Not Marxism Because...
Pt Four - The Misandry Bubble Burst a Decade Ago
Pt Five - The Marxist Dialectic of the Family: Marriage 1.0 to 1.5
Pt Six - The Marxist Dialectic of the Family: Marriage 1.5 to 2.0
Pt Seven - Civil Unions and Shared Parenting
Pt Eight - Men Going Their Own Way is the "Right Way"

Chapter V: The Philosophy of Truth
Pt One - The Garden of Eden, Absolute Truth and Relative Truth
Pt Two - Men, Religion and Morality
Pt Three - Rising Up from Being Beasts of the Field
Pt Four - Truth, Truth, Truth... What is the Truth?

Chapter VI: The Political
Pt One - The Keynesian Sexual Marketplace
Pt Two - Bull Herding in the MRM
Pt Three - Feminine-ism: The Nicest Ideology in the World!
Pt Four - How to End Domestic Abuse
Pt Five - The Women's Vote Question
Pt Six - Government, Keep Your Thievin' Mitts Outta My Pockets! 
Pt Seven - Peer Reviewed Research - The Holy Grail of Truth?
Pt Eight - What's Next? Cries of Sparta?

Chapter VII: The Personal
Pt One - The Liberation of Men
Pt Two - MGTOW Activism - Part One 
Pt Three - MGTOW Activism - Part Two
Pt Four - The Fine Art of TV Repair

Chapter VIII: Conclusion 
Pt One - Work with the World; Don't Fight Against It
Pt Two - MGTOW as a Form of Cultural Game
Pt Three - Father Custody & The Legend of the Selkie
Pt Four - One Man's Kingdom
Pt Five - Man Going His Own Way (MGHOW)
- A.F.C. - Average Frustrated Chump 
- Fitness Test (aka Shit Test)
- F.R.A. - Father's Rights Activist
- F.R.M. - Father's Rights Movement
- Game - The Art of Seduction
- G.Y.O.W - Go Your Own Way
- Hypergamy
- I.O.I.('s) - Indication of Interest
- Mangina - A Man Who Supplicates to Women to Gain Their Favour
- M.G.H.O.W. - Man Going His Own Way
- M.G.T.O.W. - Men Going Their Own Way
- M.M. - Men's Movement 
- M.R.A  - Men's Rights Activist
- M.R.M. - Men's Rights Movement
- N.A.W.A.L.T. - Not All Women Are Like That
- P.U.A. - Pick-Up Artist
- Shit Test (aka Fitness Test)
- White Knight - A Man Who Defends Women No Matter Her Behaviour