Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's Not a Conspiracy Theory. It's Happening Right On the Tell-a-vision

For everyone who thinks that feminism will just die out and fade away, it may be so, but the structure they have built will stay long after they are gone.

Has no-one put two and two together yet what the implications of the ongoing global economic crisis might be?

For example. Back in 2008 & 2009, at the height of the disaster, all of the world leaders almost immediately started chirping about the need to create an international organization to make sure the global economy still functions. Hell, our ex-Prime Minister, the Right Dishonourable Paul Martin (who is hailed as an economic genius from his time as Finance Minister) went on a bloody tour across Canada trying to convince us that we had to give up some of our Canadian sovereignty in order to "make the world work!" I mean, my God! Is that not the definition of treason? All the world leaders were saying this.

It was complete bullshit. In fact, the reason why the world didn’t completely implode was because there was little affiliation from one nation to the next. Americans, for example, have seen their dollar’s purchasing power decline rapidly, whereas Canada & Australia’s dollar (while still declining) has held value far better. Therefore, should the United States really go belly up, git your money out of US dollars and into Canadian dollars pronto, so you still have some wealth left. This is what the Germans did when they experienced hyper-inflation. The smart ones simply dumped their marks and bought the British pound, thereby preserving their wealth.

It has only been since the most recent Euro-crisis that the world’s leaders have somewhat shut-up about this treasonous notion of handing over national monetary sovereignty to a newly created global organization. I mean, it’s kinda hard to make the case for such a thing while “Global Government-Lite” (The EU) is crashing and burning into the ground precisely because they are bound by the European monetary system. If the EU did not exist, only Greece and the other PIIGS would be screwed. But now, they all are. So, ask yourself, why do all the world leaders keep promoting the idea of creating a global currency, or at least, a global organization to handle the world’s monetary supply? It is suicide!

However, notice what else has happened in Europe. It all started with being an “economic union.” That is where it started. But in order to make the economic union work, things had to be standardized, and so in came the legislation to do so, like trying to force the Brits to accept the metric system… and then further legislation to make labour mobile, so that Suzie's Hairdressing School in Paris also meets the qualifications for working in Berlin… and then laws and bureaucracies ensuring standards of "equality of opportunity" and so on and so on. Once the basic frame-work was in place, they easily passed all kinds of laws and created all sorts of organizations to enforce them – well outside of economic policy and into social policy – and all of the Europeans suddenly discovered the EU was more important and powerful than their own governments.

So, as we watch the USA run up debt to levels that are simply unsustainable anywhere in the world except in Disneyland, we are also watching the EU do the same, and in order to keep propping up these, even countries like Canada and Australia are funnelling in billions of dollars of aid to keep the ponzi scheme going, deflating our own dollar’s purchasing power at the same time. At some point in the near future, this whole puppy is gonna explode. And there will be lots of demand for a new form of government to be created to “deal with it.” Of course, it is always global. And of course, it will only deal with money, not social policy… for now. (It just never works that way over time).

Once they have a structure in place that all are bound to, rather than volunteer to, they will simply start dialectically manipulating the global state from economic policy into social policy, the same way they did in the EU.

Like I said elsewhere about the CEDAW, much of the framework is already in place.

All they really need is a global structure everyone is bound to, and they will get their global government. They tried desperately to convince nations to give up some of their sovereignty to a global structure when the Global Warming Hoax came out, and when the shit hits the fan in our economies, they will try to do it again.

And once it’s done, it’s done. See Greece. They haven’t even got the option to leave the EU. There is no constitutional provision to leave the EU, and the only way they can create one, apparently, is to re-open the constitution and then 100% unanimously vote it in. Except, since Greece is still in the EU, they too have a vote, and why the hell would they vote for their own financial destruction? Lol! They are FUBAR in Europe, and the USA is in even worse shape than them.

The drumbeats for large global government gets louder and louder with each passing year. It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s happening every day, right on the tell-a-vision.