Thursday, September 03, 2015

The Amazon Women (The Science of "Why Males Exist")

"There has never been a case of men and women reigning together, but wherever on the earth men are found, there we see that men rule, and women are ruled, and that on this plan, both sexes live in harmony. But on the other hand, the Amazons, who are reported to have held rule of old, did not suffer men to stop in their country, but reared only their female children, killing the males to whom they gave birth." -- Spinoza

The legend/myth of the Amazons is one that I always find particularly interesting. They are mentioned by both the Greeks and the Romans and are thought to have lived either in present day Turkey, the Ukraine or Libya. Perhaps they even lived in Minoan Crete. In some stories, they killed all the males and went to neighbouring tribes once a year to have sex & get pregnant with the next generation. The resulting male children would either be killed, sent back to their fathers, or left to fend for themselves in the wild. In other stories, after being victorious in war, they would not kill all of the men but rather, take some of them back as slaves with whom they would have sex once or twice a year. One thing is certain, they did not much care for males! 

I think this legend reveals something which exists deeply within nature itself, namely, that if females do not find males useful, they are actively hostile to those males and eject them from participating in their society, which is mostly made of females.

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