Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Age is a Social Construct

The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of "age" struggles.

I believe in championing the cause of child suffrage. In this day of "equality" it is an outrage that children don't have equal rights with adults. I believe in equality and all human beings are equal, therefore children should have equal rights.

Age is nothing more than a social construct, designed by adults, to enable the adult oppression of children which has been present for thousands of years. What is age, after all? What does 10 years old mean? It means the earth has circled the sun 10 times; it means the earth has spun around on its axis between 3,652 to 3,653 times. That the earth circles the sun, or that there is existence of night and day, is of zero consequence to personal development and has nothing to do with a human's ability to reason.

Therefore, it is obvious that age is a social construct, created and perpetuated by adults, to enable the oppression of the young since the beginning of time. These talks about the young not possessing the same capacaties as adults are corrupt. That adults state the young are amoral is an idea born of ageism, and such ideas must be driven from society.

Equality for the young! Give the young equal rights and privileges under the law, including the vote.

Don't you believe in equality? How can you believe in equality if you regard the young as second class citizens to adults? You ageist pig! Adults have been oppressing the young with violence (spanking) and they believe it is their "right" to punish the young at their whim.

To adults, the young are property to be owned. Just as chattel, adults see in the young nothing more than a means of production (chores). Adults believe the young exist solely for the furthering of adult pleasure. The young are forced to wash dishes so the adults can relax and revel in their percieved superiority over others; they are forced to mow lawns under the heat of the sun while adults sip iced tea spiked with gin.

Adulthood is based on violence, power and domination. The young are dominated by their parents' leering eyes and their authoritarian voices. We live in an adult culture and adulthood must be abolished!

If the young had the vote, there would be no war. The young wouldn't allow it!

[Fast Forward to the year 2020]

Hurray! The young have been granted full equality under the law! Let us embrace this new modernized society which reveres the dignity of the young and regards them to be fully "equal" with adults, who had been oppressing them for thousands of years!

[Fast Forward to the year 2070AD]

Andy Dorquin (8 years old), world renowned professor of Young and Ageism Studies at Harvard University releases another of many recent studies illustrating that although the young have had the vote for 50 years, there is still much left to do before the full equality of the young will be realized.

It is obvious that there is institutionalized oppression of the young for we can see that the young only earn $0.15 on the dollar to that of adults, and the young are vastly under-represented in both CEO positions and Political Offices. The only way to counter this is to pass Affirmative Action laws which counter "institutionalized adult privilege."

[Fast Forward to the year 2071AD]

Politicians throughout the Western World pass "No Fault Youth Emancipation Laws" even though, strangely, there is no massive outcry from the general public for such a reformation of family law. Youth emancipations from their parents instantly rise 500%, and because of the coupling of the afore mentioned law with the principle of "the best interests of the child," parents are legally obliged to financially support their emancipated progeny who they now never even see. In most cases, parents are ejected from their own home because the court will rule that it is in the best interest of the child to have their own house.

To ensure that adults don't become dead-beat parents, the government creates Youth Maintenance Offices to extract monies from parents. The Youth Maintenance Office is granted the legal power to garnishee wages, imprison the rotten dead-beat parents, and suspend driver's licenses and passports to give it some teeth.

[Fast Forward to the year 2073AD]

The Supreme Court rules in the landmark case: Row vs. Waid, that youth have the unilateral right to choose to euthanize their parents at any time in their parents' natural life. The ruling is based on the notion that it is unjust for an adult parent to spend their progeny's inheritance, which rightfully belongs to the next generation.

My parents, my choice!

[Fast Forward to the decade of 2080-89]

The youthist movement, in an effort to eradicate institutionalized adulthood, begins to Newspeak the English Language. Even the words "year" and "day" are viewed as oppressively ageist, so they are renamed "Solar Revolution" and "Terrestrial Revolution" respectively.

Many radicals within the yoothist movement begin to refer to themselves as "yunge" rather than young; "yooth" rather than youth. Often, the yunge are seen sporting t-shirts with a slogan reading: "This is What a Yooth Looks Like."

Some adults begin to realize that things are going horribly wrong with civilization and begin to try to reason with the yunge. Since yooth now have equal rights even within the parents' own home, yooth have begun demanding that the only food to be served in the house should be chocolate cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner, 365 Terrestrial Revolutions a Solar Revolution. Parents, believing the propaganda hype that the yunge are "equal," think they can reason with them by explaining that chocolate cake can be great, but too much will make them fat and unhealthy, thereby leading to a worse life for all of them. Most yooth respond with yelling and shrieking accusations of "ageism." Some yooth, however, take heed and agree to eat one brussel sprout with their usual helpings of chocolate cake. The parents are pleased that they have made at least some progress and have a renewed hope for the future... until they watch with horror as the yooth pulls out a bottle of chocolate syrup and smothers the brussel sprout with it.

"What?" The yooth snarls at the parents, "I'm eating the damn sprout." The parents are shocked by the yooth's eyes, which betray a contempt for them that extends into the soul itself.

[Fast Forward to Solar Revolution 2094AD]

The Violence Against Youth Act (VAYA) is passed in an attempt to curb the institutionalized Adult Violence against Youth which is rampant throughout society.

Scolding becomes recognized as abuse and yooth are granted the ability to file restraining orders against their parents if they fear that they might get scolded.

Refusal to raise a yooth's allowance becomes deemed "financial abuse," a form of psychological abuse.

[Fast Forward to Solar Revolution 2107AD]

To date, over 40 Million parents have been euthanized at the hands of the yunge.

Approximately 1 in 2 yooth are emancipated from their parents and although the courts force parents to financially support the yunge after emancipation, a large portion of the emancipated yooth are living in abject poverty inside of filthy, unsanitary, government provided box-apartments.

Cities and rural communities alike are teaming with crime.

Adults fear even talking to children because VAYA laws have been twisted and distorted to such a degree that even normal speach can land an adult in prison if the yunge decides to be in a vindictive mood.

Western Civilization has stagnated and is no longer economically viable because of Affirmative Action laws designed to get rid of the $0.15 Wage Gap, and adults often are choosing careers in manual farm labor so they don't have to work beside the yunge who gravitate to the more pleasant intellectual of jobs, which would be better served by adults. In places where the yunge are present in large numbers, there is a direct increase in the number of "yooth harassment" charges resulting from anything which a yunge person finds dissaggreable. Sometimes "yooth harassment" charges are leveled against an adult, whose life gets shattered, just out of a yooth's desire for attention. Adults don't know how to behave around the yunge at all anymore and many adults have chosen reproductive sterilization as the answer, to counter their growing fears of having the little monsters even more in their life than they already are.

Some yooth are beginning to realize that things are getting worse, rather than better. These are usually the ones that are on the brink of adulthood themselves. Occassionally you will hear one of them acknowledge that it is time for an "Adult Rights Movement," but they almost always follow it up with: "As long as it doesn't take away from Yooth Rights."

A philosophy has recently arisen called AGTOW (Adults Going Their Own Way), consisting of adults who choose to be ethical sociopaths, turning their backs on the cultural decay which is present at every turn, from the workplace to the media, from the government to the churches, from the yooth run schools that don't teach anything to even the hostility of the yunge to them as they walk down the street. If this is a better society, they can all rot with it...
[Rewind to the year 2007 and the present situation society is facing]

Now, of course, I don't mean to say that women actually are children. They exist somewhere in between - and most notable, they "get things" from others in the same way children do. (By getting attention and appearing as victims). But when I talk about the amorality and dissimulation found within women, I don't think it is a stretch to say that there are some serious moral challenges which women naturally face. Even look at the difference in the MRM where the men are constantly running around scolding eachother to 'not say that' about women. That is men adhering to their sense of justice and morality and they are quite concerned about "fighting fair." Note that the feminist movement was never afflicted with this, because women in general didn't really care about how badly the feminists were trashing their own husbands, sons, fathers and brothers.

But what on God's Green Earth makes people think that men and women are the same in all things? In their mentality, in their needs, wants and abilities?

Psychological differences between the Sexes ARE NOT a social construct. (The word "Gender," however, is a Feminist Construct).

I do not believe it was a mere coincidence that the Suffragette Movement was born at virtually the same moment as the birth of Marxism. (Yes, I know there was "talk" before that, just as there was Socialist-Transcendentalism decades before Marxism).

Have a look at what Marx says:

"The philosophers have only interpreted the world in different ways. The point, however, is to change it." -- Karl Marx

He says he is going to take the philosophies of the day, up to the 19th Century, and use them to manipulate the world according to his designs, with the goal of changing society into something never seen before - to defeat God and Nature.

What century were people like Schopenhauer from? You know, the ones who openly philosophized about female dissimulation and amorality?

Who heavily influenced Marx with his philosophies about the Dialectic? Why, it was Hegel! And what did Hegel believe about women?

"... Women may have happy ideas, taste, and elegance, but they cannot attain to the ideal. The difference between men and women is like that between animals and plants. Men correspond to animals, while women correspond to plants because their development is more placid and the principle that underlies it is the rather vague unity of feeling. When women hold the helm of government, the state is at once in jeopardy, because women regulate their actions not by the demands of universality but by arbitrary inclinations and opinions. Women are educated--who knows how?" -- G.F. Hegel

It is also interesting to note that Hegel believed that the origin of the Universe was God - the Absolute Spirit. Yet, what did the evil rot-bag bastard, Karl Marx say?

"My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism." -- Karl Marx

One can spend countless hours sifting through the writings of the philosophers and what they believed about women. In virtually every case you will see a commonly acknowledged theme of women's challenges with "justice" and "morality." And, I mean you can go way back!

"The philosophers have only interpreted the world in different ways. The point, however, is to change it." -- Karl Marx

It is only in the past few decades that these views have been eradicated from our consciousness. Why is that? Look at what is going on around us! The "old philosophers" beliefs seem to hold much more truth and value in them than what spews out of the mouths of the modern gender-idiots in Cloud Cuckoo-land. Society is not better because of feminist inspired amorality and dissimulation.

Isn't it amazing how the leftist brownshirts will screech and holler anyone down who notices any difference between men and women, yet at the same time they also screech down anyone who questions the Theory of Evolution?

If you are someone who regards Evolution as "fact," you would also have to acknowledge that men and women's behavioural instincts would have "evolved" to help them survive. What Schopenhauer says about women having the "tool of dissimulation" to counter the physical supremacy of males makes perfectly good sense from an evolutionary perspective.

How can "gender" be a "social construct" when the same feminists who are shoving that nonsense down our throats are also smugly telling us that testosterone makes men more violent, or that women are superior multi-taskers and communicators?

"Gender" is a feminist construct - nothing more. One that has been dreamed up to enable the manipulations of women's worst natural traits in order to transform society and bring about the Marxist Utopia of "Equality." In a way, I feel sorry for women that they have been manipulated by these evil people to become what we now know as the "modern woman." They knew that men would never turn on women, therefore, they used women's natural weaknesses to turn women on men. Women will never turn on children either, but it is possible to turn children on women. What do you think is the purpose of attaching the "Rights of the Child" to the UN's CEDAW Agreement? It is to begin to create a situation such as described above.

The Plot goes as follows:

Men (cares for) --> Woman (cares for) --> Children
Step #1: Use feminism to manipulate what was known about women to create this:
Men (pushed away by) < -- Women -- > Children
Step #2: Use children's rights (and divorced parents rights) to manipulate children to create this:
Men (pushed away by) < -- Women (pushed away by) < -- Children
They had to start with women. It would not have worked in any other way.
"Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval. Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair sex, the ugly ones included." -- Karl Marx

Tell me again that you are an Egalitarian. Please describe equality to me. Are children equal to adults? Should they have equal rights?

Bears and Foxes both get their food from the same forest, but go about it in vastly different ways. Now try and make the fox get his food in the same way as the bear. Good luck!

The sooner that the MRM gets their head around that notion, the better.

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