Saturday, February 16, 2008

Charles Moffat. Canadian Artist? A Critical Review of Charles Alexander Moffat.

Well, well. A pre-emptive strike by a mangina has brought the mighty Rob Fedders out of retirement. What can I say? The public demands me!

First, I would like to remind the reader that it is never a wise idea to post an e-mail in a public space, especially when using it to attack someone. E-mails are considered to be private communications and taking a private correspondence, posting it publicly without consent of one of the parties, and using it to attack and defame the person is borderline behaviour that could land one in court on the wrong end of a libel suit.

Lucky for Charles Moffat that I am not a sue-monkey! Rather, since he has pre-emptively posted an e-mail conversation between us publicly on his site, I now feel no moral obligation to refrain from speaking about Charles Moffat, the great Canadian artist.

Charles Alexander Moffat is one of those artists whose specialty appears to be creating something similar to those children’s game pictures. You know the ones, “How Many Things Can You Find Wrong With This Picture?”

On Jan 15, 2008 3:39 PM, Rob Fedders wrote:
I have found a page on your website:

You show a picture of an “All Women Are Bitches” Knifeblock:

However, either you yourself, or someone else has purposefully altered this picture from the original which is attached to this e-mail WITH the proper disclaimer that seems to have conveniently disappeared…


I find this extremely dishonest of you, and it only supports anti-feminist arguments that honesty and honour have absolutely no home within feminist “logic.”

This picture was made as a protest against the BLATANT promotion of deadly violence against males, which in its country of origin is SUPPOSED to be illegal. However, it is not. It would however, if it were an “All Women are Bitches” Knifeblock, wouldn’t it?


Shame on you for your own blatant propaganda and manipulations.

The more that people like you resort to this kind of dishonesty, the more you steel the spines of those who want to make your sick agenda disappear.

I would be more than happy to highlight this dishonesty of yours all over the internet, if you believe that this is the proper way for you to convince others of your cause. In fact, I know of lots of people who would delight in such blatant proof of feminist dishonesty.

Charles Moffat wrote:

We found that image on an anti-feminist website.

Charles Moffat


On Jan 15, 2008 5:09 PM, Rob Fedders wrote:

I don’t doubt that is where you found it. It can be found in many places, and certainly feminists don’t care two hoots about the violence men suffer so I believe you that you didn’t find it at Pandagon. But it pretty much always appears with the disclaimer that states WHY it is the way it is. I doubt it was altered by an anti-feminist, and if it was, it would have been in a post about the "All Men Are Bastards" Knifeblock. The form you have posted is altered, and therefore purposefully inaccurate and misleading. Also, now you know it is inaccurate and misleading, which would make you somewhat libelous, don't you think? You now have a copy of the original.

Like I said, I don't have any qualms about spreading it around what you have on your site. I care about your cause as little as you care about mine. I, however, adhere to some basic morals - most likely to my disadvantage. But anti-feminists just love it when feminist sites get caught with their panties down. Posting that picture in an altered form is blatantly dishonest.

Do you support violence against human beings? This is a protest against violence - period. Yet, your dishonesty has taken a protest against violence, shown said protest in an altered form, and you insinuate inaccurately that men are encouraging violence against women - and you know it!

What are you going to do with your moral superiority?


Charles Moffat wrote:

We're going to laugh and post your ridiculous email.



On Jan 15, 2008 6:08 PM, Rob Fedders wrote:



(Tap, tap, tap… a month goes by… tap, tap, tap… “Ding! You have mail!”)


On Feb 13, 2008 1:22 AM, Charles Moffat wrote:


Do you believe women have the right to freedom of speech?

(Rob's answer: )

To vote?

(Rob's answer: )

To divorce?

(Rob's answer: )

To be free from domestic abuse?

(Rob's answer: )

To bear children when they wish to?

(Rob's answer: )

We find your response regarding the knife block image quite amusing, but frankly not much of one. The image was cropped because it took up too much space and felt too much like an advertisement.

You seem to have taken it rather personally. It is just an image. Get over it.

Also, with regards to the questions above we believe that if you answer No to any of them is basically a vote in favour of slavery.

Because when you take away a person's rights that is exactly what happens: Slavery.

We'd like to pound that idea into your thick skull, hence this email, but we don't really expect it to work. Most men are stuck in their ways and a lost cause after the age of 24.

In conclusion that article "Dealing with Antifeminism" isn't meant for you. It is meant for our female readers and those men who haven't been blinded by misogyny and bitterness.


Charles Moffat and Suzanne MacNevin


On Feb 13, 2008 10:40 AM, Rob Fedders wrote:


I thought you were going to post my ridiculous e-mail.


On Feb 13, 2008 12:03 PM, Charles Moffat wrote:

We did post your ridiculous e-mails:



Now, I encourage the reader to keep in mind that Charles Alexander Moffat is an artist!

Towards the bottom of the page on his site, he lists on his Curriculum Vitae that he was “educated” as follows:

Specialized Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts at York University, Toronto, specializing in painting. Also studied art history, drawing, installation art, interdisplinary works, mural painting, politics, sculpture & time-based art. Elected Vice President of C.A.S.A. (the Creative Arts Student Association manages $150,000 in student funding) for two years and York Senator for two years.

Yes, indeed, Charles Moffat is an artist who states in his e-mail: "It is just an image. Get over it."

Now let me ask you, dear reader, how it is possible for someone whose entire education and whose entire gallery, his entire work as an artist, could be so bold to claim that “It is just an image. Get over it.”?

Isn’t an artist’s purpose in life to communicate with images in the same way a writer communicates with words?

What kind of an artist would imply that images are pointless?

What kind of an artist would suggest that his very work, his image based art, cannot move people? Wouldn’t that mean that everything which he does or tries to say with his art is also pointless?

Since my tax dollars support the education system which educates such “Canadian artists,” I believe it is my duty as a patriotic Canadian to do an in depth, critical review of Charles Alexander Moffat and his mindset, to discover how our university system can graduate artists who, apparently, do not believe in the power of images.

Stay tuned for part two of my critical review of Charles Moffat, a Canadian artist who asks premium dollars for his art, yet apparently does not believe that images can communicate meaning or move people.


(The new and improved one:

"If the All men are Bastards knife didn’t serve the purpose and you thought it to be a bit ouchy then try the Throwzini Knife Block. Inspired by the spinning wheel of death, don’t you think that you can now master the art of throwing knives in your kitchen. No dear you cannot do all that. 5 stainless steel razor sharp professional chef knives will remain secured in their respective places with magnets. You can just keep the wheel spinning and let your younger one clap her hands over the fact that none of the knife fell off. The handcrafted knife block is made of wood.")