Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Smoking Truths - by Ezra Levant

Ezra illustrates very well how "organisms" work - even the supposedly "good ones." Basically they exist only to serve themselves, find problems where they don't exist or create hype over non-issues. They all expand government, however. I can't see how creating "organisms" for the Men's Movement will work any different. (ie. Men's Political Lobby Groups, A White House Council on Boys & Men, Male Studies in Universities etc. etc.). It is far better to Go Your Own Way and keep these types of organisms and the intrusive government they grow out of our lives. .

(Sorry, I can't figure out how to centre this damn video. Hey, I never claimed I knew how to work one these new-fangled 'puter thingies. Aaargh!)

Heh, I love Ezra. And for those outside of Canada, keep in mind when he criticizes the Conservative government that it was Ezra Levant who was once the Member of Parliament for Calgary Southwest, and stepped down in a by-election to allow Stephen Harper to take over his seat and "unite the right." Harper, of course, went on to become our Prime Minister after this. Ezra, ummm, gets invited to 24 Sussex for dinner once in a while.

Also, the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) went after Ezra for publishing "those Muslim Cartoons" in his magazine, and charged him with "hate speech" for offending Muslims because he accurately reported the news. Hoo boy, did the CHRC pick a fight with the wrong man. He fought them tooth and nail, won, then kicked them in the balls repeatedly when they were down. The CHRC was so used to people backing down that they weren't expecting Ezra.




What a great Canadian.

The only thing I disagree with Ezra on is that smoking is bad for you. Just the opposite, because studies have proven it:

"Cigarette smoking has been shown to increase serum hemoglobin, increase total lung capacity and stimulate weight loss, factors that all contribute to enhanced performance in endurance sports. Despite this scientific evidence, the prevalence of smoking in elite athletes is actually many times lower than in the general population. The reasons for this are unclear; however, there has been little to no effort made on the part of national governing bodies to encourage smoking among athletes."

Read the article here.