Thursday, July 08, 2004

Pook #8 - Lesson Five: Trust the Gut

A woman was crushing on him badly and the guy was bewildered and stunned for this was unfamiliar ground for him. He was now wise enough to have patience. But...

She would get close to him. Her eyes would shine like stars. She would make jokes about kisses and kissing. He felt the urge to kiss her but denied it.

Eventually, the iron grew cold. The woman became disinterested. She moved on.

“Oh dear,” the guy realized. “I should have kissed her. I have been following philosophies and not being myself. I should follow my inner nature, and…

“Trust the gut.”

“How do you trust the gut?” asked the young man.

Pook led him to the breakfast table. Before it sat a kid.

“Now, how does the kid know to eat?”

“Why, the food is right in front of him. His nose smells it. His eyes see it. He drools.”

“And so is the same with women! What does the kid do next?”

“He takes a taste.”

“But how does he KNOW when to do it?”

“His senses all tell him to do so. He knows when to eat because the food has been all prepared, has been cooked, and is presented before him.”

“But what mechanism tells him that?”

The young man smiled. “His gut.”

“And so is it the same with women! They have been prepared through decades of aging and growth for this purpose. They dream it. They want it. Oh heavens, do they want it! They have been warmed through your fun, through your attention, through their desire, through your desire. They are presented through themselves. Do you think she is wearing what she does for herself? No, she is wearing it for you! Women are not ornaments to be admired. They are there to be consumed. You know it. They know it.”

“I see…”

“Nature has a system in place. No philosophy in the world can do you any good. The philosophies that supposedly ‘work’ are the ones that best match Nature’s music. You either can flow with the system and get what you want or you can buck it in pain. So LISTEN to that gut.”

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