Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Big Lie

I have a bone to pick with this entire notion of there being different kinds of feminism. This is a completely erroneous statement. There may be different branches of feminism, but feminism is feminism, no matter which way you dress it up. You often hear people who consider “gender feminism” to be the evil supremacist type of feminism but they also consider “equity feminism” to be the good and pure type of feminism. We have many types of feminism, don’t we? Gender & equity feminism, eco-feminism, socialist feminism and of course our favourite: radical feminism. I’m sure there are many more sub-definitions of feminism out there that I have omitted.

What I would like to address is the fact that the very term “feminism” is in itself a promotion of the Big Lie that was needed to start this evil battle against men. We all know about the Big Lie, don’t we? The core theory of the Big Lie is if you make an outrageous and big lie, and repeat it often enough, people will believe it. It is the foundation of all evil propaganda based supremacist ideologies.

We all know that feminism is full of lies and distortions due to radical nutjobs, advocacy research, and placing emotions over logic. But ask yourself this: What is the one big lie that binds all of feminism together?


The fundamental Big Lie that defines feminism is that there was, and still is, systemic oppression of women that was/is enforced by men, for the benefit of men.

This is the ENTIRE basis of feminism. If this one Big Lie were to be removed from feminist ideology, every other claim the feminists make immediately fails to pass any scrutiny.

This is why feminism of the 60’s and 70’s wasn’t called feminism; it was called “Women’s Liberation” back then. And who/what did women need liberating from? That’s right, they needed to be liberated from the oppressive gender-specific roles that men had placed them in. That was the Big Lie right there! It is the basis for all the other absurdities this evil ideology has brought to us.

The one defining principle that is feminism is that women were oppressed by men in the past, thus the need for “women’s liberation” and the belief that women still are oppressed, and thus the justification for feminism to still exist.

No belief in oppression = No need for feminism.

And we know it is a big lie, don’t we? We know that most men were not infinitely free. We know that most men did not have “rights” or even the vote for much longer than women did. We know that most women still prefer the confident, aggressive, hard working man that will take care of her needs. It is a survival instinct, not “oppression.” We know that the way things were set up 50 years ago and beyond were set up that way to ensure women and children’s well being. And women needed it to be that way. Men did not keep women from working; women had to work their freaking asses off in the past, just like men did, in order to survive. And if we lost all of the technology of today, we would quickly revert back to our old work related gender roles in order to ensure that we would survive. The men would be doing the physically demanding labour, like ploughing fields with an ox, and women would be baking bread and churning butter while watching over the children.

We also know that throughout history, women’s lives were considered more valuable than men’s lives. They were cherished as the givers of life. This is why men gave up their seats on the lifeboats and why it was men, not women who fought in wars. If women really were the “property” of men, then how come men didn’t send women into battle in their stead, like men who owned slaves used to do?

And we all know that women were 100% in control of sexual and moral authority, and always have been. What gender comprised the Temperance Movement again? Hmmm, odd that oppressed people could affect the morals of society so much. Of course, women still deny that they possess any sexual, or even passive aggressive powers, for if they did, they would also have to acknowledge that their passive aggressive sexual powers are very efficient in getting men to do their bidding… certainly not the hallmark of someone who is oppressed.

So, now that we defined exactly what the Big Lie is, what is someone telling you when they say that they believe in “equity feminism,” but not gender or radical feminism? They are telling you that they still believe in the "Big Lie" that this whole supremacist filth is based on! Any definition which includes the word “feminism” in it promotes the false belief that women were/are oppressed by men and needed to be liberated.

Here’s a little experiment that you could do: Try to find a group of black guys and strike up a conversation with them, after the perfunctory introductions, inform them that you are an “equity white supremacist.” – Lol! And we should treat people who classify themselves as “equity feminists” the same way. They are deserving only of some spit in their faces.

So, fuck you too, filthy equity feminists!

Oh, and Merry Christmas!

Goodwill towards Men!

And I hope all of you feminists get lots of nice presents from your cats!