Monday, December 11, 2006

Relocate to Belize!

YES YOU CAN LIVE IN BELIZE - IT EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS EXPONENTIALLY - SEE AND DO IT - CLICK HERE - For a certain kind of person there is a certain kind of place; and for certain people that place is Belize. Belize - the laid back Caribbean country of Central America! It's a favorite of those seeking a calmer lifestyle in close proximity to the wonders of nature. Like a un-planed 2x4 full of splinters, Belize is sturdy, rugged and full of sand fleas, but it also has it's share of beautiful islands, adventuresome spirits and rum soaked nights. It's the place we dreamed about as children. A place where we could do what we wanted without being called in to wash up for dinner. It's a place where you need to know how to repair your own car and replace parts of your plumbing with bailing wire and tape. It's also a place where big brother isn't looking over your shoulder and you can set your own building codes or own a flock of chickens. It's a place where you can spend the day fishing without trying to keep up with the Jones's. It's also become one of the hottest expatriate destinations in Latin America.'s not for everyone, but it may be for you. If so, there's a new eBook that will take you to Belize and help you stay there.

Belize's New Residency Program - Some Say It's The Best In The World! - Belize's New Residency Program - Some Say It's The Best In The World! - You can set up an office in Belize and run your business from there, (taking advantage of the low overhead costs , and tax free status we might add ) and still qualify for this program, as long as none of the money your company earns comes from a source within Belize. In this age of e-commerce and telecommuting , this scenario could work for a vast number of people. ~ Bill & Claire Gray tell us how to move to Belize - Sounds good, but who in their right mind wants to live on a white-sand beach when they could be living in Detroit?

Belize GDP per Capita = $6,500 (US GDP per Capita = $40,100)
- This means DIRT CHEAP LIVING, folks! Think about it, a $100,000 investment earning 6.5% and you are living to the same level as the locals without working at all! (No tax either, remember! Off-shore protection, anonymity etc.)

Belize - 10 acres of Property for Sale @ $1,600.00/acre

They claim that you can put up a little house like for $3,000 in 4 weeks

It doesn't say what is all included inside, but I would imagine it is pretty bare, but for a few thousand more you could easily put up a rain-water catchement, a satellite system, some solar panels or a wind turbine (& possibly a small gen-set), and of course - a biffy. And PRESTO! For under the price of used car, you are kicking back, typing away on your laptop in 30 degree weather and flipping the bird to the arrogant west!

Here is a simple rain water catchment - see how easy it is?

A few chickens, a vegetable garden...

Oh, and don't forget... to help YOU forget... an update on the herbage you may want to sample while sitting on your little deck, watching the sunset...

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.8

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Belize, and so is any related action. Law Enforcement:Weed is illegal in Belize, but the police usually don’t do anything to Belizeans who get caught with it. The police are semi-tolerant. However, as a tourist, you probably want to try to avoid getting caught, which is as simple as not smoking in the streets where the police are.

Where to buy marijuana in Belize City: Asking around is ok, as the Belizeans are generally laid back, friendly, and most do smoke weed. Your taxi driver is a good source for weed, they will usually take you to get some (give your driver a tip though). Your tour guide can also be a good source. Making friends with a Belizean and asking them to buy weed or anything else will pay off as they get things much cheaper than tourists do.

When asked how much, don't reply with the weight, reply in money (i.e. "I want $20 worth", not "I want an ounce"). There is nothing wrong with asking, "I want an ounce", but by saying the price, you will most likely get more for your money.

Our latest reporter testimony is: "you have to ask people. Don't be shy. People want to help you. If they do not know, they will point you to someone who does. My advice is to ask someone who looks like they might be down, but to steer clear of someone who is obviously a dealer. Unless you get desperate, stay away from Rasta-looking dudes and shady dealer jabronis, they definitely might rip you off, but some is better than none. I asked a semi-normal guy and we went in a cab to his house where he left and came back with a brick of the dirtiest weed I've ever seen. I talked him down to $35, but then realized i only had twentys anyway, so i got a copious amount of \"El Original\" for $40. i tried to buy a blunt off a Rasta guy for $5 but i messed up the currency and gave him $20 worth of Colones. Asking a cab driver is not a terrible idea, but one of them told me that the police sometimes mess with them. so , they might be scared to help you, but i wouldnt worry about it."

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And of course, for you fancy-shmancy types, who look down on pot smoking hippies who live in shacks and aimlessly rail on about the leftist liberal cunts who ruined the west...

You can also buy a pad like this on 2 acres for $75,000

And, since you're the fancy schmancy type who looks down on potheads raising chickens and vegetables while living in shacks... you may find it interesting to know that a beer at your local pub is only $1.39/pint! = Rob could get into a WHOLE MESS OF TROUBLE for only $15.00!!!

Cheers, fellas - what the fuck are we still doing here?