Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Garbage Generation

Here is an absolutely phenomenal read! In fact, this is one of the best things from the MRM that I have read in quite a while!

The Garbage Generation - by Daniel Amneus

This book explains everything about the concepts of matriarchal destruction of civilization in a very detailed, intelligent and well documented manner. It details how patriarchy took humankind from matriarchal savagery to patriarchal civilization by "putting sex to work," as in, man's motivation to build society is the ensurance of his bond to his family and this is what motivated society out of the caves and into advancement.

With the advent of feminism, male paternity is not assured, nor is his involvement with his children guaranteed, which takes away his only motivation to succeed and makes him "short-term" in his outlook on life, much like women tend to be - and therefore he has no motivation to continue to succeed & plan (or even really work) - as is evident of men in the matriarchally ruled ghettos.

The folly of feminism is that women assume that men will still be acheivers and producers "by nature", when in fact without the bond to their families being assured, his motivation declines as does his moral values... Man's commitment to providing for HIS family is what makes him work and create the great societies we have (had) - without men's assurance of being guaranteed HIS children, the motivation disappears, as does society - to be replaced by matriarchal anarchy.

Please take the time to read this on-line book, as we must, as a movement, take ourselves to the next level of educating ourselves with something deeper than just pointing out misandry in society (though, that is important too!).

This book is time well spent!