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Financial Rape

Monday, August 21, 2006

WMG's (Weapons of Mass Governments = Western Matriarchal Governments)

Yup, take a look at that picture and burn it into your mind, folks. That is the stance our western governments have taken on our future. The only thing missing is a big, hairy feminist giving it to the ostrich with a strap-on dildo.

Thanks to feminism being the dominating theme of our governments we have a future that IS certain!

We are certain to face a massive economic crunch and subsequent anarchy, ending society as we know it. For 40 years our governments have been allowing the killing of unborn babies - to the tune of over 40 Million now! Feminism has encouraged women to place career over family, resulting in a birthrate that is nowhere near the 2.1 children per woman minimum that is needed to only maintain a population, let alone grow one. Men are so disgusted with the prospects of being ass raped by a suddenly feminist divorcing wife that they are fleeing from marriage and choosing to remain single in ever greater numbers, damaging the birthrate even more.

The Baby Boom Generation who created this evil mess is salivating over their upcoming retirement and looking forward to tapping into the socialist government pension and healthcare plans, believing falsely that they deserve to be fully cared for by the wonderfully enlightened society they created. These folks are walking proof that taking acid in the 60's caused long term brain damage.

Feminist ideology in government has slammed through sheer stupidity in our capitalist economy. Positive discrimination forcing productive men out of the way to make a position for a woman, a year off with pay to squat and drop a baby is commonplace, "flexi" time work schedules are being implemented for women in the workplace so we don't lose out on their "valuable contribution" and there is talk of government sponsored daycare as the be all and end all of solutions. Yes, yes, we must make the workplace friendly for women because their contribution is very valuable. Of course, one thing that you'll never hear a feminist talk about in regard to women's contribution to the workplace is profit. And god help you if you don’t have enough of these enlightened non-profit entitlement goddesses working for you because that will mean an automatic ass raping for discrimination by the feminist biased courts. They’ll ass rape you into bankruptcy if you don’t hire enough of these monetary black holes.

I watched an interview on the news a while back with a couple of femihags talking about their push to make even parliament more woman friendly so more women can cotton to the idea of being the Prime Minister of the country while also juggling quality time with their families.

De de, d de dee… And now for a News Flash: You have no free time when you run a country – the country demands your full attention 24/7, get it?

Of course, as I believe Angry Harry argued, if we demand that women should make 50% of all MP’s to best reflect the population then we should also make sure that 50% of MP’s are below average intelligence, for accurately 50% of the population IS below average. Hmmm… you know, it seems by implementing 50% femihag MP’s they would at the same time ensure that 50% of MP’s ARE below average intelligence. Well, I’ll be damned, those women are good at multi-tasking!

So, what does this all mean, all these tidbits I’ve mentioned?

Well, it means that a tremendous amount of people (retiring Babyboomers), are going to bring a massive draw on our country’s social welfare system and because of our ever dwindling population, there will be less and less productive workers who are working in a less and less efficient economy who will be forced to finance it.

We already pay around 50% of our income to taxes, either directly or indirectly, and this is when our population is still barely hanging on to a balance between producers and social welfare parasites. And this has only been accomplished by taking in immigrants from abroad to bolster up our population as a result of the low birthrate. And the birthrate continues to dwindle!

When we get to the point that one worker has to support one parasite, do you think we will still be paying only 50% to tax? We will essentially become communist because we will have to pay it ALL in tax to support this system – and our society will have disappeared.

Another option is bring in massive amounts of immigrants to continue to offset the failing birthrate, and you better not be thinking immigrants from a similar western nation, for their birthrates are in as dire of straits as ours. This leaves the developing world’s population, who don’t share our history nor even our language – and our society will have disappeared.

The third option is to go back to the way we were before feminism. Bring back fault divorce and take away the outrageousness of feminism’s destructive past. Boot the women out of the workplace and back into the home where they can become babymaking machines so that in 20 years time we have a fresh crop of nationals to rejuvenate our economy. However, you and I both know that our entitlement princesses will never give anything up. They won’t give anything up until the economy has finished its death rattle and has not one last penny to even fund a woman-only focus group to discuss their feelings about what went wrong. If we were to follow this route, we would have to do it soon, like in the next year or two, and we all know that even though this is truly the only way to save our society and culture, there is just no way that the femihags will let this happen.

So there it is. The west is fucked.

And…good riddance to it! I am only 35 years old and my whole life I have heard nothing but vile puke spit forth at me that I am a rapist, an abuser, a chauvinist and 100 other things all because of my gender at birth. I once put in a lot of effort to be politically correct and not offend any woman’s rights, but I really can’t think of any time when a woman ever stood up for my rights. Society has hated me and my gender for so long that I am now becoming comfortable with the idea of myself becoming a misogynist, something I never thought would happen. But tell me, all you sociology/womyn’s studies majors, tell me again about self fulfilling prophecies.

Let society rot. It betrayed us and does not deserve our concern. Let the women have it and show the world the power of pink! I hope many men decide to abandon society and contribute to it with as little effort and taxes as they can. A society that holds men in contempt does not deserve men’s loyalty. Yup, all the ladies in their cush cubicles, working 10 to 3:30 can figure out how to run a garbage truck and how to get coal out of the earth. I mean they get paid like they can do it, so go do it! With men bailing out on society, it will rot even faster.

But, as is always the case, from rot and decay grows new life. Regeneration if you will. When society gets so bogged down with femicrap that the suffocation becomes unbearable, it will be the women that suffer the most. As for me, you will never find me selling apples on some street corner nor living in a Hooverville. I will head into the bush and build a log cabin on the side of some remote lake. I will hunt and raise a garden. I will go into my warm cabin at night and cook me up a humungous moose steak. Afterwards I will retire to my warm bed and jerk off to the thought that all the femihags who berated me for a lifetime are now crowded around a burning barrel in the modern version of a Hooverville, a Dworkinville.

And I’ll bet you that if some woman living in a Dworkinville hears about this guy who is living out in the bush in a warm cabin and eats monster huge moose steak every night, well I expect that she will show up on my doorstep. I’m pretty sure that she will be willing to recant her feminist crap ways and be pretty willing to cook and scrub and clean to win my favour. I’ll bet she will even agree to let me be the unchallenged head of the household!

The question is: should I care?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Peer Reviewed Research - the Holy Grail of Truth?

I must condemn the rationality of searching for "peer reviewed" research in order to make a theory "real". While all the educated elites consider "peer reviewed" research the holy grail of irrefutable truth... I must beg to differ with anyone who cites "truths" by this criteria.

Academia is one of the pillars of deception which we as men are battling. We acknowledge here everyday about the extreme politicization of our universities and how all dissenting views are squashed through heavy handed, totalitarian tactics. (Here is a good example: Lynched by the Sisterhood by Jeffrey Archer). I cannot understand how we can be expected to chase after our own tails by encouraging the belief that the only refutation or confirmation of a theory or idea is peer reviewed research. The three pillars we battle are government, media and academia. Let's make no mistake about it, government and media are "justified" via academia's peer reviewed research. To imply that everything is questionable until it can be backed up by peer reviewed research is completely insane to our cause because academia no longer encourages the free thinking that lends credibility to peer reviewed research! We may as well be living in Nazi Germany and asking a Jew to prove he is discriminated against by using Nazi Reviewed Research. Commonsense, mankind's natural curiosity, desire for the truth, reason and rationality should always trump peer reviewed research.

There is really only one example that needs to be given for why "peer reviewed research" has absolutely zero credibility in the issues of which we speak and write of.

The fundamental basis of feminism is that "gender is a social construct;" that we are based upon "tabula rasa," the Latin for "blank slate." It is upon this foundation that all else of feminism's ideology and victimology is based upon. Since we are essentially the same, the only reason that women did not figure prominently in history, or science, or music, or philosophy, or pretty much anything else is because of the innate evil and misogynistic nature of men (which already refutes tabula rasa in itself). Therefore, women are institutionally discriminated against by the very fabric of civilization and society itself, thus affirmative action and breaking down gender barriers is completely justified.

However, walking across the hall in our ivory towered institutions, we can attend courses in Queer Theory, where the fundamental basis for it all is that homosexuality is a normal, biological condition - that gays are "born that way," which is 100% the opposite of feminism's fundamental premise of "gender is a social construct." Queer Theory argues that their LGBT "gender" is natural and biologically based, therefore, they are discriminated against by virtue of their birth, and suffer socially and in numerous other ways because of something over which they had no ability to control.

Take your pick. If you support gay rights you are a cretin of a misogynist - a sexist, really, for believing that the sexes are different by virtue of their birth. However, if you support women's rights and equality based upon the blank slate, you are a homophobe (a hate-crime in Canada), because then you believe that gays could be "cured" of their homosexuality through laws, social conditioning, and whatnot else that feminism has been pushing on us. Namely, that we can break down gender barriers and make everyone the same, which includes gays. 

These two positions are 100% completely and irrefutably in direct opposition of each other. This is just simple common-sense. You cannot be walking east and west simultaneously. Yet, both Women's Studies and Queer Theory have panels of academics judging whether the studies each puts out are "the Truth." In other words, they are both peer-reviewed and found to be satisfactorily representing the truth. Well, the truth cannot possibly be the same for both of them, so at minimum one of them must be completely wrong.     

Therefore, our universities are knowingly and willingly promoting falsehoods, and simply should not be trusted as reputable sources of "Truth."

And I don't need a peer-reviewed study to prove it, do I?


Q: "... but has any researcher made a serious longitudinal study on this?"

A: "Maybe you should do a longitudinal study on the overall effectiveness of always depending on longitudinal studies."


"Cigarette smoking has been shown to increase serum hemoglobin, increase total lung capacity and stimulate weight loss, factors that all contribute to enhanced performance in endurance sports. Despite this scientific evidence, the prevalence of smoking in elite athletes is actually many times lower than in the general population. The reasons for this are unclear; however, there has been little to no effort made on the part of national governing bodies to encourage smoking among athletes." – PLOS


Did you know that Albert Einstein did much of the groundwork for the Theory of Relativity not while at a university, but rather while working at a patent office? He also got mediocre grades when he was in school.

Did you know that neither of the Wright Brothers graduated from high-school? Yet, they proved all of the academics of the day's "lift equation" to be, obviously, wrong. They also both never married. Smart men indeed!

Did you know that Thomas Edison was considered to have an "addled" brain because his mind wandered while in school? He likely would have been given Ritalin today. He was pulled out of formal schooling after three months and taught by his mother at home.

Did you know that Louis Pasteur was ridiculed by the medical community for his "Germ Theory" and suggesting that surgeons should wash their hands before cutting people open?

Did you know that the cure to scurvy was discovered in the early 1600's by Samuel de Champlain, when his ship was ice-locked for the winter and Indians brought the crew pine-needle tea which was rich in Vitamin C? When he told of "the cure" back in Europe, he was scoffed at by the intelligentsia for a cure from "savages." In 1753, James Lind first proved citrus could cure the disease through experiments he described in his book, A Treatise in the Scurvy, although, even then it took several decades for people to believe him and implement the use of citrus on ships. In fact, there were still a variety of other techniques the "intelligentsia" believed to be correct instead of Vitamin C, causing people to suffer and die from scurvy right through World War One and beyond, until it was definitively proven to be a vitamin C deficiency in 1932. 

Did you know that in the past, before we had universities, the intelligentsia were mostly to be found in religious institutions such as the church or its monasteries? When we talk of the religious persecution of those such as Galileo, it is just as fair to claim the intelligentsia persecuted him (and other discoverers) as it is to claim religion did. In fact, you can see this phenomenon everywhere. Rarely does the intelligentsia discover anything or even really "do" anything except for defend their position, while adding little of significance to it, which real mavericks already paved the way for.

Academics have a vested interest in telling everyone that which they have learned is 100% correct, and discrediting all those opposed to them. After all, they tend to look really stupid when grade eight drop-outs demolish their beliefs after they've spent a decade of time, tens of thousands of dollars in tuition, and a lifetime of building a social reputation based on academic "achievements" which really, someone else achieved, and they only parrot and teach.


“‘This is not to be wondered at,’ said Goethe; ‘such people continue in error because they are indebted to it for their existence. They would have to learn everything over again, and that would be very inconvenient.

“‘But,’ said I, ‘how can their experiments prove the truth when the basis for their evaluation is false?’

“‘They do not prove the truth,’ said Goethe, ‘nor is such the intention; the only point with these professors is to prove their own opinion. On this account, they conceal all experiments that would reveal the truth and show their doctrine untenable. Then the scholars — what do they care for truth? They, like the rest, are perfectly satisfied if they can prate away empirically; that is the whole matter.’”-- quoted from Johann Peter Eckermann’s conversation with Goethe, Feb. 1, 1827.
It is an outrage that they should be commonly spoken of as Intellectuals. This gives them the chance to say that he who attacks them attacks Intelligence. It is not so. They are not distinguished from other men by any unusual skill in finding truth nor any virginal ardour to pursue her. Indeed it would be strange if they were: a persevering devotion to truth, a nice sense of intellectual honour, cannot be long maintained without the aid of a sentiment which Gaius and Titius could debunk as easily as any other. It is not excess of thought but defect of fertile and generous emotion that marks them out. Their heads are no bigger than the ordinary: it is the atrophy of the chest beneath that makes them seem so. ~C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man
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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Obituary: Robert Fedders, age nine, of the World Wide Web, died on July 30, 2013

Robert “Rob” Fedders was born to the figment of an anonymous writer’s imagination in 2004. In 2006 Rob graduated from The School of Hard Knocks and within a few months started the No Ma’am blog, where he resided for the rest of his online life.
Rob was cornered by a herd of brides demanding that he man-up and oppress one of them with matrimonial bliss, but he would have none of it. In a series of moves he seen in a Jackie Chan film, Rob ran up a brick wall and did a back-flip over the long, bony, grasping fingers of the gaggle of bridezillas. Landing on the other side of the desperate mob, he took off like a gazelle, running as fast as he could to save his mortal soul from the slavery which the brides wished to inflict upon him.
The herd of brides, horny as hell to get a piece of his incredibly cute ass, immediately gave chase. Bystanders reported Rob yelling, “You women are as independent as a tropical fern in a greenhouse in Iceland” before veering hard to the right and running pell-mell towards the Cliffs of Insanity. Rob glanced back and seen the brides were ready to pounce... he looked to the cliff, then back to the brides, and to the cliff again where he spotted a vine dangling over the edge. “If it’s not right, go your own way,” he said as he grabbed the vine and began shinnying down the cliff, away from the clutches of the middle-aged princesses who had now started chanting, “We want it all! We want it all! 
“Phew, that was close!” he said.
Rob then looked down and saw that upon the jagged rocks below was a minister holding a Bible, imploring him to “stop acting like Peter Pan and marry one of them sluts!” He looked back up and saw the herd of brides, now baring their life-sucking fangs while drooling at the sight of this succulent piece of husband-meat. Just then a mangina and a white knight appeared out of a hole in the side of the cliff and began chewing on the vine. The mangina, in between chews, looked at Rob with his dark, beady little eyes and said, “I am a lawyer, and I am going to drag you through the courts to make you pay for these women one way or the other.” Then the white knight turned his bright red albino eyes upon Rob and declared, "I am a politician. I will pass laws that will ruin your life if you don’t keep them happy, and don’t think you can just run to a foreign country because I’ve already helped to pass IMBRA laws which prevent that!”
What to do?
Rob looked to the cliff and saw a big, tasty, ham & cheese on rye sandwich just sitting there on a ledge that was within arms reach. He grabbed it and ate it. “Ah, it is so delicious.”
Then, with all the might he could muster, Rob pushed off the cliff with his feet and let go of the vine.
FREEDOM!” he bellowed, and plummeted to the rocks below.
It was a good death.  
It's better to burn out than fade away!
He is survived by no-one as he was a free man who never married and had no children.
In Rob's last will and testament he requested that in lieu of flowers, you give women the husbands they deserve: None!