Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Garbage Generation

Here is an absolutely phenomenal read! In fact, this is one of the best things from the MRM that I have read in quite a while!

The Garbage Generation - by Daniel Amneus

This book explains everything about the concepts of matriarchal destruction of civilization in a very detailed, intelligent and well documented manner. It details how patriarchy took humankind from matriarchal savagery to patriarchal civilization by "putting sex to work," as in, man's motivation to build society is the ensurance of his bond to his family and this is what motivated society out of the caves and into advancement.

With the advent of feminism, male paternity is not assured, nor is his involvement with his children guaranteed, which takes away his only motivation to succeed and makes him "short-term" in his outlook on life, much like women tend to be - and therefore he has no motivation to continue to succeed & plan (or even really work) - as is evident of men in the matriarchally ruled ghettos.

The folly of feminism is that women assume that men will still be acheivers and producers "by nature", when in fact without the bond to their families being assured, his motivation declines as does his moral values... Man's commitment to providing for HIS family is what makes him work and create the great societies we have (had) - without men's assurance of being guaranteed HIS children, the motivation disappears, as does society - to be replaced by matriarchal anarchy.

Please take the time to read this on-line book, as we must, as a movement, take ourselves to the next level of educating ourselves with something deeper than just pointing out misandry in society (though, that is important too!).

This book is time well spent!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Big Lie

I have a bone to pick with this entire notion of there being different kinds of feminism. This is a completely erroneous statement. There may be different branches of feminism, but feminism is feminism, no matter which way you dress it up. You often hear people who consider “gender feminism” to be the evil supremacist type of feminism but they also consider “equity feminism” to be the good and pure type of feminism. We have many types of feminism, don’t we? Gender & equity feminism, eco-feminism, socialist feminism and of course our favourite: radical feminism. I’m sure there are many more sub-definitions of feminism out there that I have omitted.

What I would like to address is the fact that the very term “feminism” is in itself a promotion of the Big Lie that was needed to start this evil battle against men. We all know about the Big Lie, don’t we? The core theory of the Big Lie is if you make an outrageous and big lie, and repeat it often enough, people will believe it. It is the foundation of all evil propaganda based supremacist ideologies.

We all know that feminism is full of lies and distortions due to radical nutjobs, advocacy research, and placing emotions over logic. But ask yourself this: What is the one big lie that binds all of feminism together?


The fundamental Big Lie that defines feminism is that there was, and still is, systemic oppression of women that was/is enforced by men, for the benefit of men.

This is the ENTIRE basis of feminism. If this one Big Lie were to be removed from feminist ideology, every other claim the feminists make immediately fails to pass any scrutiny.

This is why feminism of the 60’s and 70’s wasn’t called feminism; it was called “Women’s Liberation” back then. And who/what did women need liberating from? That’s right, they needed to be liberated from the oppressive gender-specific roles that men had placed them in. That was the Big Lie right there! It is the basis for all the other absurdities this evil ideology has brought to us.

The one defining principle that is feminism is that women were oppressed by men in the past, thus the need for “women’s liberation” and the belief that women still are oppressed, and thus the justification for feminism to still exist.

No belief in oppression = No need for feminism.

And we know it is a big lie, don’t we? We know that most men were not infinitely free. We know that most men did not have “rights” or even the vote for much longer than women did. We know that most women still prefer the confident, aggressive, hard working man that will take care of her needs. It is a survival instinct, not “oppression.” We know that the way things were set up 50 years ago and beyond were set up that way to ensure women and children’s well being. And women needed it to be that way. Men did not keep women from working; women had to work their freaking asses off in the past, just like men did, in order to survive. And if we lost all of the technology of today, we would quickly revert back to our old work related gender roles in order to ensure that we would survive. The men would be doing the physically demanding labour, like ploughing fields with an ox, and women would be baking bread and churning butter while watching over the children.

We also know that throughout history, women’s lives were considered more valuable than men’s lives. They were cherished as the givers of life. This is why men gave up their seats on the lifeboats and why it was men, not women who fought in wars. If women really were the “property” of men, then how come men didn’t send women into battle in their stead, like men who owned slaves used to do?

And we all know that women were 100% in control of sexual and moral authority, and always have been. What gender comprised the Temperance Movement again? Hmmm, odd that oppressed people could affect the morals of society so much. Of course, women still deny that they possess any sexual, or even passive aggressive powers, for if they did, they would also have to acknowledge that their passive aggressive sexual powers are very efficient in getting men to do their bidding… certainly not the hallmark of someone who is oppressed.

So, now that we defined exactly what the Big Lie is, what is someone telling you when they say that they believe in “equity feminism,” but not gender or radical feminism? They are telling you that they still believe in the "Big Lie" that this whole supremacist filth is based on! Any definition which includes the word “feminism” in it promotes the false belief that women were/are oppressed by men and needed to be liberated.

Here’s a little experiment that you could do: Try to find a group of black guys and strike up a conversation with them, after the perfunctory introductions, inform them that you are an “equity white supremacist.” – Lol! And we should treat people who classify themselves as “equity feminists” the same way. They are deserving only of some spit in their faces.

So, fuck you too, filthy equity feminists!

Oh, and Merry Christmas!

Goodwill towards Men!

And I hope all of you feminists get lots of nice presents from your cats!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Collective Projection

Do any of you guys out there believe there could be such a thing as collective projection?

We all know what projection is… the “projecting” of one’s own behaviour onto another’s. But, could women have so much of a herd mentality that they are capable of projecting as an entire gender?

Think about it.

Women believe that men are violent towards children, yet ALL research shows that the problem is really with women… is it that women are so willing to believe this about men because they know something about themselves?

Women are quick to jump on the bandwagon of “psychological abuse” for things as minor as an impolite facial gesture, believing it is just as damaging as physical abuse – yet women are definitely the major perpetrators of psychological abuse. Just google “social aggression” or “relational aggression” and discover how researchers have attributed this as a stereotypical female form of aggression… So are women so quick to believe this is a form of domestic violence because they recognize the sheer hatred and malevolence in their own hearts when they do this to other people – often their spouses.

Do women believe the myth that men hold them in oppression via the threat of violence because they know deep down that they hold men in oppression via the threat of “social/relational aggression?” Think about it, who is walking around with T-shirts & bumper-stickers advertising their psychologically abusive domestic violence tendencies? “Zero to Bitch in 2.0 seconds” comes to mind, yet I’ve never seen a guy walking around with a t-shirt proudly proclaiming “Zero to Fist in 2.0 seconds.”

Which gender proudly proclaims they are high-maintenance – also a borderline advertisement of an abuser. Is this because they truly want men to behave callously and rude to them? Otherwise, why would they think that moniker is even remotely funny?

Are women so willing to believe in the deadbeat dad myth because they know themselves that were the shoe on the other foot, they would quickly become a selfish dead-beat mom? The evidence suggests this is true.

Women believe in the need for "womens' healthcare departments." Could this be because they know that if they were in the position to split resources between genders that they would quickly take care of women before men - so they automatically believe that men are doing this to women? (Of course, while forgetting about all those honourable guys who stuck women in their lifeboat seats).

Think about when a woman posts in on-line dating ad. What does she say about herself? She is a STRONG, INDEPENDENT woman. She likes to get her way, she is a successful career woman…blah, blah, blah. Is she projecting what she herself is looking for in a man? Could be. Cause I don’t give a fuck about your career, honey. I care that you are feminine enough to make me feel masculine.

This is why women get tattoos and advertise themselves playfully as “bad girls.” Women like bad boys – so they think that men also like bad girls. WE DON’T. We like nice girls. But here’s the real kicker, when she’s dating “Hank the Hell’s Angel”, do you think he asks her nicely and considers her feelings when he gets her to blow all of his buddies at the biker jamboree? Hell no, he tells her “on yer knees, bitch!” So perhaps when women are saying that they would like a guy with a nice sense of humor who is respectful and will listen, they are actually projecting characteristics THEY WISH THEY HAD THEMSELVES! Cause it’s obvious that nice guys aren’t what turn them on, is it?

This mentality women are displaying is just as stupid as men growing tits & wearing lacy boxers to attract women.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Really Great Site to Surf Through

I realize that many of you may have already surfed through this site before, but perhaps you haven't, in which case you will think I am a genius for promoting this site...

It is some of the ponderings of someone many of us recognize from around the web... I won't directly name him, but will just say that the beginning of his handle starts with "Zen" and it ends with "priest".

Some good surfing and thought provoking articles in here - an evening well spent!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Relocate to Belize!

YES YOU CAN LIVE IN BELIZE - IT EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS EXPONENTIALLY - SEE AND DO IT - CLICK HERE - For a certain kind of person there is a certain kind of place; and for certain people that place is Belize. Belize - the laid back Caribbean country of Central America! It's a favorite of those seeking a calmer lifestyle in close proximity to the wonders of nature. Like a un-planed 2x4 full of splinters, Belize is sturdy, rugged and full of sand fleas, but it also has it's share of beautiful islands, adventuresome spirits and rum soaked nights. It's the place we dreamed about as children. A place where we could do what we wanted without being called in to wash up for dinner. It's a place where you need to know how to repair your own car and replace parts of your plumbing with bailing wire and tape. It's also a place where big brother isn't looking over your shoulder and you can set your own building codes or own a flock of chickens. It's a place where you can spend the day fishing without trying to keep up with the Jones's. It's also become one of the hottest expatriate destinations in Latin America.'s not for everyone, but it may be for you. If so, there's a new eBook that will take you to Belize and help you stay there.

Belize's New Residency Program - Some Say It's The Best In The World! - Belize's New Residency Program - Some Say It's The Best In The World! - You can set up an office in Belize and run your business from there, (taking advantage of the low overhead costs , and tax free status we might add ) and still qualify for this program, as long as none of the money your company earns comes from a source within Belize. In this age of e-commerce and telecommuting , this scenario could work for a vast number of people. ~ Bill & Claire Gray tell us how to move to Belize - Sounds good, but who in their right mind wants to live on a white-sand beach when they could be living in Detroit?

Belize GDP per Capita = $6,500 (US GDP per Capita = $40,100)
- This means DIRT CHEAP LIVING, folks! Think about it, a $100,000 investment earning 6.5% and you are living to the same level as the locals without working at all! (No tax either, remember! Off-shore protection, anonymity etc.)

Belize - 10 acres of Property for Sale @ $1,600.00/acre

They claim that you can put up a little house like for $3,000 in 4 weeks

It doesn't say what is all included inside, but I would imagine it is pretty bare, but for a few thousand more you could easily put up a rain-water catchement, a satellite system, some solar panels or a wind turbine (& possibly a small gen-set), and of course - a biffy. And PRESTO! For under the price of used car, you are kicking back, typing away on your laptop in 30 degree weather and flipping the bird to the arrogant west!

Here is a simple rain water catchment - see how easy it is?

A few chickens, a vegetable garden...

Oh, and don't forget... to help YOU forget... an update on the herbage you may want to sample while sitting on your little deck, watching the sunset...

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.8

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Belize, and so is any related action. Law Enforcement:Weed is illegal in Belize, but the police usually don’t do anything to Belizeans who get caught with it. The police are semi-tolerant. However, as a tourist, you probably want to try to avoid getting caught, which is as simple as not smoking in the streets where the police are.

Where to buy marijuana in Belize City: Asking around is ok, as the Belizeans are generally laid back, friendly, and most do smoke weed. Your taxi driver is a good source for weed, they will usually take you to get some (give your driver a tip though). Your tour guide can also be a good source. Making friends with a Belizean and asking them to buy weed or anything else will pay off as they get things much cheaper than tourists do.

When asked how much, don't reply with the weight, reply in money (i.e. "I want $20 worth", not "I want an ounce"). There is nothing wrong with asking, "I want an ounce", but by saying the price, you will most likely get more for your money.

Our latest reporter testimony is: "you have to ask people. Don't be shy. People want to help you. If they do not know, they will point you to someone who does. My advice is to ask someone who looks like they might be down, but to steer clear of someone who is obviously a dealer. Unless you get desperate, stay away from Rasta-looking dudes and shady dealer jabronis, they definitely might rip you off, but some is better than none. I asked a semi-normal guy and we went in a cab to his house where he left and came back with a brick of the dirtiest weed I've ever seen. I talked him down to $35, but then realized i only had twentys anyway, so i got a copious amount of \"El Original\" for $40. i tried to buy a blunt off a Rasta guy for $5 but i messed up the currency and gave him $20 worth of Colones. Asking a cab driver is not a terrible idea, but one of them told me that the police sometimes mess with them. so , they might be scared to help you, but i wouldnt worry about it."

image hosted by

And of course, for you fancy-shmancy types, who look down on pot smoking hippies who live in shacks and aimlessly rail on about the leftist liberal cunts who ruined the west...

You can also buy a pad like this on 2 acres for $75,000

And, since you're the fancy schmancy type who looks down on potheads raising chickens and vegetables while living in shacks... you may find it interesting to know that a beer at your local pub is only $1.39/pint! = Rob could get into a WHOLE MESS OF TROUBLE for only $15.00!!!

Cheers, fellas - what the fuck are we still doing here?

Friday, December 01, 2006

Apparently "Animal Farm" has been Translated into Swedish

All Swedes are equal, but some are more equal than others...

Car parks "should reserve spaces for women"

Reserved parking spaces for disabled drivers and families with small children are familiar frustrations for the rest of the car-owning population, but soon another, somewhat larger, group could be blessed with their own spaces: women.

The idea has been proposed by Liberal Party member of parliament Cecilia Wigström, who wants to see women-only spaces allocated near the entrances of car parks.

"I and many other women feel unsafe when we're out alone in the dark - and at this time of the year that's much of the day," Wigström told The Local.

"I know that most violence against women happens in the home, but the point of this idea is to reduce women's anxiety," she said.

A similar scheme has already been introduced in Switzerland, and now Wigström is calling for a trial in her home town of Gothenburg. But what about other people who are likely to be exposed to violence, such as gay men - or even young men?

"Of course there are other groups who face threats - but women make up half the population and many are constantly anxious," said Wigström."We should at least try this in Gothenburg. Politicians must take greater responsibility for improving safety."

image hosted by

Perhaps levels of violence would drop in Sweden if supremacist douchebags like Cecilia Wigstrom stopped antagonizing men by alienating them from society with ridiculous anti-male logic such as this. I thought Sweden was the world model for "equality."

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dear John, It's All Your Fault

Here is a piece by an author who this blogger respects a great deal. This fellow may be destined for greatness!

Dear John, It's All Your Fault
(New Provincial Law in Alberta Allows Police to Seize Automobiles of Men Soliciting Prostitutes)
by Rob Fedders
October 23, 2006

image hosted by

ALBERTA – A new law came into effect in Alberta today which snuck in through the Traffic and Safety Act. It gives police the power to seize the automobiles of men who solicit street prostitutes. The province of Saskatchewan has previously passed similar legislation against men in 1999, as well as Manitoba in 2002.

Brian Nowlan, of the Edmonton Police, believes that threatening men with the permanent loss of their vehicle will be effective and issued the following statement: “Johns are going to run the risk of losing their vehicle, not just having it seized and impounded temporarily.”

The law was passed as a private members bill almost three years ago and Cabinet gave it its final approval earlier this month after examining if the law would violate Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. While politicians, community groups and prostitution activists all support the new law, Stephen Jenuph, of the Alberta Civil Liberties Association is on record stating: “It’s a matter that tends to be a random application of the law depending not on a fair hearing, but on the feelings of a particular officer on a particular day.” Jenuph also stated, “I don’t think that in a free and democratic society, decisions regarding punishment should be left up to the police.”

How the government can rationalize that giving police the powers to dole out punishment before being convicted of a crime to not be a violation of the Charter of Rights can only indicate one of two things: That the Charter is in desperate need of re-examination to ensure the right of “innocent until proven guilty”, or that we have many people in the government who slipped through the cracks of the educational system as illiterates.

The police may now seize a citizen’s automobile upon their own discretion before he has been convicted and they will keep his car in their custody until the issue has been resolved in court. First time offenders will likely have to perform community service before they can reclaim their cars but repeat offenders could have their seized property auctioned off, with the proceeds going to the province.

The government, however, proves how altruistic they are by offering those who are charged with the opportunity to complete alternative programs that will allow them to get their vehicle back while avoiding criminal charges and possible prison time.

What alternative programs are they offering, you ask? The accused may attend a “John School.” These one day courses, which will include lectures from ex-prostitutes and which sounds ominously similar to the feminist’s hate inspired Duluth Model, will teach the men about the damage that soliciting prostitutes causes to families, neighbourhoods and to society. Also the men will learn from the “more righteous” about the cost of a divorce.

There is a word for this kind of behaviour… when one forces another to do something against their will; upon threat of doing something far worse to them… it’s on the tip of my tongue… Oh yes! It’s called blackmail! I believe that it’s also punishable by law, upon pain of imprisonment. For that’s what it really is, isn’t it? Attend this course or you will lose your $30,000 car… only a billionaire could afford to say no. But what do I know? I’m just one of the sheeple.

Now, one may ask how the government manages to impose police-state powers upon a population who willingly accepts it without complaint. It is very simple. It’s all very politically correct. Political correctness is the new religion in Canada, replacing Christianity long ago. And who are the vanguard warriors of the politically correct? Why, the feminists of course, and all the feminists have to do is gather at the temple of the matriarchy and chant their favourite slogan: “Men are to blame…Men are to blame…Men are to blame.” Apparently, if you say it a few times, you can pass any law that attacks men. If you throw in your final amen by saying “Women are victims and forever it shall be that women are victims,” then you can even manage to damn the Charter of Rights in regard to men.

Note the following statements made available to the public via the Canadian media, from JoAnn McCartney, a former policeperson, who now spends her days counselling prostitutes in an attempt to get them off the street. She refers to the passage of the law as a means to an end:

“It’s helping to reduce the anonymity,” she told The Canadian Press. “If they’ve lost their car, they have to explain that to their wife, they have to explain to the boss why the company car is gone.”

CTV News made this report about McCartney’s comments: McCartney says some prostitutes feel torn on the new law. While it may see a reduction in the number of people soliciting prostitutes, those johns are the same men that sex trade workers rely on for cash, McCartney pointed out.

However, McCartney said there is consensus in the hatred of sex trade workers for their customers.

"They are absolutely disgusted by johns," says McCartney. "They hate what the johns do to them, so any time there's some kind of penalty for a john, that's good."

Also to note, are the comments of Kate Quinn of the Prostitution Awareness and Action Foundation of Edmonton: "Children and women in the communities are leered at, they're harassed by the men."

Quinn further demonizes men by telling a tale of a woman “that she knows” who must walk 5 blocks out of her way to catch the bus, or else she will have to “endure” men in cars who look her up and down.

Well, if that just don’t beat all. It must be true! Bad men! Very, very bad men! Men are to blame, women are victims. Amen. Therefore, since men are so bad that even the prostitutes are disgusted by them, the “means to an end” of suspending a man’s rights as guaranteed to him by the Charter of Rights, and thereby granting police the absolute power to punish him without being convicted is perfectly justifiable, if not down right honourable. I mean, these poor hard done by prostitutes, forced to not look for a real job because disgusting men with easy money have consensual sex with them. I guess all that easy tax free money they get from these bad men also abuses them in some way that keeps them from applying for welfare, instead of selling their bodies. Hmmm… anyone want to bet that many of these prostitutes are also collecting welfare? That would make it a fraud, not to mention the additional fraud of tax evasion, as well as the usual criminality of prostitution. But of course, the man is far worse than the prostitute, right? Why blame anything on a woman when there’s a man easily within reach?

I know another means to an end that would work. Make mandatory 25 year prison sentences for women convicted of prostitution. That would put a dent in the problem, eh?

After all, prostitution has only been a problem in the past ten years or so… that’s why you never hear about it in old books like the Bible. You know the book, the one that says that only men are sinners. The same book that tells the story of how Eve was just the one who picked the apple…but Adam was the only one who ate from it. In fact, Eve was a victim because Adam didn’t share! Perhaps because prostitution is such a new problem, it makes perfectly good sense for our governments to suddenly come up with a solution by only blaming men. They are so smart, our fearless leaders. Sadly, they really are smart, because these laws have nothing to do with solving prostitution problems and everything to do with demonizing men and taking away their rights. They have won another battle against men and against the people.

Tune in next time to hear about the college students who get busted for possessing a joint. Learn how they will have all their loans and grants suspended before being convicted of a crime… unless they attend a seminar led by an ex drug dealer who will indoctrinate them with propaganda of how bad their actions are for forcing him to break the law and make gobs of tax free cash from them.

Sources: CBC News
CTV News

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Denis Leary: No Cure For Cancer

I have always liked this particular rant from Denis Leary. If only all those psychology majors in university would take a course in Leary 101, the world would be a much better place.


We did it all. We did whatever we could get our hands on back in the seventies. We did fucking handfuls of mushrooms, pills, Ludes, coke. Whatever it was, we just fucking swallowed it, ok? That's what we did! People go, "Well why didn't you go into rehab?" We didn't have rehab back in the seventies. Back in the seventies rehab meant you'd stop doing coke, but you kept smoking pot and drinking for a couple more weeks. You know? "Yeah, give me a case of Budweiser and an ounce. I gotta slow down! Jesus Christ! I'm outta control. Look at the size of my pants for Christ's sake!"

Because that's the big thing now. Rehab is the big fucking secret now. Isn't it, huh? Yeah, you can do whatever you want. Just go into rehab and solve your problems. Isn't that the big celebrity thing? That's what I'm gonna do. Yeah, I'm gonna get famous. Then when my career starts to flag, I'm gonna go into three months fucking bender. Ok? Coke, and fucking pot, and smack, and fucking booze, and drive over people, and beat up my kids, go into therapy, go into rehab, come outta rehab, be on the cover of people magazine, "Sorry! I fucked up!" That's what they do, man. They go into rehab and they come out and they blame everybody except themselves. They blame their parents, right? That's the way. Everybody comes from a dysfunctional family all of the sudden, huh? Rosanne Barr comes from a dysfunctional family? Not Rosanne! She seems so normal to me! The Jacksons were dysfunctional!? Not the Jacksons! These people give each other new heads for Christmas for Christ's sake!

I am sick and tired of hearing that fucking speech. You know? These people come out of rehab they always have the same story. "Well you know, I became an alcoholic because my parents didn't love me enough. And then I became a junkie because my parents didn't love me enough. And I went into hypnosis and therapy and I found out that parents used to hit me." Hey! My parents used to beat the living shit out of me! Ok? And looking back on it, I'm glad they did! And I'm looking forward to beating the shit out of my kids, aren't you? For no reason whatsoever. *thbbt* "What'd you hit me for?" "Shutup and get out there and mow the lawn for Christs sake!" There's therapy for ya! Mowing the lawn and crying at the same time. "The Leary kids in therapy again. Their lawn looks great, it's unbelieveable!"

God.. "I'm just not happy. I'm just not happy. I'm just not happy because my life didn't turn out the way I thought it would." Hey! Join the fucking club, ok!? I thought I was going to be the starting center fielder for the Boston Red Socks. Life sucks, get a fucking helmet, allright?! "I'm not happy. I'm not happy." Nobody's happy, ok!? Happiness comes in small doses folks. It's a cigarette, or a chocolate cookie, or a five second orgasm. That's it, ok! You cum, you eat the cookie, you smoke the butt, you go to sleep, you get up in the morning and go to fucking work, ok!? That is it! End of fucking list! "I'm just not happy." Shut the fuck up, allright? That's the name of my new book, "Shut the Fuck Up, by Doctor Denis Leary. A revolutionary new form of therapy." I'm gonna have my patients come in. "Doctor, I.." "Shut the fuck up, next!" "I don't feel so.." "Shut the fuck up, next!" "He made me feel so much better about myself, you know? He just told me to shut the fuck up and nobody had ever told me that before. I feel so much better now." Whining fucking maggots.

And all these people quitting. I think it's a good thing, AA. And the recovery and rehab, because I've got some friends who'd be dead without those programs, but you know something. Now we've got a new problem. Because now they quit drinking and drugs, they're completely stressed out, and they decide to work out, which is fine. I'm not a workout guy, but I understood Nautilus. It made sense. There were arm machines and leg machines. But have you seen these people who are using the stair-master? Huh? Have we turned into gerbils ladies and gentlemen? People are paying money to go into a health club and walk up invisible steps over and over again for an hour and a half. "Where are you going?" "I'm going up! And I paid for it too! I can stay here as long as I want!" Folks, you wanna go up and down stairs, move into a fifth floor walk up on the lower east side. Ok? What's next? A fucking chair master!? "I sit down. I get up. I sit down. I get up. I sit down. I get up." The door master. "I open the door. I close..." What the fuck?

Monday, November 20, 2006

If All Your Friends Jumped Off a Bridge...

Is there anything that illustrates women's herd mentality better than tattoo mania?

Ugggh! What are women thinking? When you own a Lamborghini you don't take it to the shop to put pinstripes and decals on it!

The biggest problem with tattoo mania is that women don't ask men what they think of tattoos BEFORE they go out and whore up their bodies. I think that women have some sort of muddied thinking going on where they figure that since they are attracted to men in biker gangs, that men are also attracted to biker bitches. - WRONG!

This is what happens all the time. A girl goes out for a weekend to another town and comes home with not one, but 3 tattoos! Then she runs up to all the guys to proudly show them off, thinking that she's made herself infinitely more sexy. It breaks my heart that she did something so stupid. You can see it in the guys faces, too. First, the eyelids close as their head pulls back a bit and they think of what to say without offending her - because it's too late to say anything negative now.

I've had this happen with my highschool sweetheart and it made me really angry. I hadn't seen her in over four years and we got together for a drink and here she starts showing me all of the tattoos she has that she thinks are "so cool." What can you say? I left completely repulsed. Here was a the first woman I had serious longterm relationship with and lost my virginity with... there's always something special about "the first one" that lingers innocently and sexily in the back of one's mind... and she shattered my memory of her once so sweet body by showing me it was now plastered with hideous doodles and graffiti placed upon her by some greasy, back alley slimeball. I am really serious, I was pissed off! For months afterwards too! My memory of her was forever tainted.

I had a second similar experience with a girl I have been friends with for 20 years now. I was back to my hometown for a visit and went out for a beer with her and her husband. This once extremely sexy girl could not resist pulling her clothes aside to show me all 3 of the tattoos she had gotten on her last trip to the big city. I could tell by the look on her husband's face that he was repulsed by them, and I too was left stammering, trying to think of something nice to say and not hurt her feelings. It felt like I was visiting a friend in the hospital who had suffered severe burns and I was saying she still looked beautiful - even though it is obvious that it was no longer true.

I think that women have become so arrogant in their self-proclaimed fashion sense, that they are no longer capable of realizing they have permanently made themselves look hideous. Just because all your girlfriends think it looks sexy DOES NOT mean that men think you look sexy. Here's a little tip, girls: men like NICE girls. They always have. Slutty clothes and tattoos are only tolerated when a man is slumming. If I am out slumming for some sport sex and a girl has a tramp stamp - well, if I would have sex with her at all, it would be missionary style because I don't want to see that hideous thing. If you have a tattoo on your left boob, you can count on the right "normal" boob getting all the attention.

The only thing more hideous than a tattoo is a piercing. Who the hell ever thought that putting a piece of metal through a nipple or a clitoris would make it look sexier? What fucked up thinking! Nipples are pretty nice completely without help! But, at least piercing freaks are somewhat smarter in the sense that they are not permanent and can be easily removed - unlike a hideous tattoo.

Remember, no man has ever found a woman repugnant for NOT having a tattoo!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Accelerated Women's Studies Program (4 Years Crammed into 4 Minutes). Professor: Rob Fedders

With all the discussion lately over Matthew Fitzgerald's book "Sex-Ploytatian" I decided to go out on the web and see if I could find an on-line copy of the book so despised by feminists. (Rob's rule #1 - if feminists are upset about it, then you know it is REALLY worthwhile reading it - for the opposite of anti-logic is, of course, logic and truth!) Alas, I failed in my quest to find a copy of the book, but I did come across another zinger from Mr Fitzgerald and I believe that all women should read this - it should become mandatory for women to memorize this when they get their first training bra.

I am so sick of women talking all the time about how they are so sexually valuable that men should tolerate any crap from them to get a piece of their community shared pussy. Of course, any man who doesn't find himself attracted to self-serving, smart mouthed harpies gets accused by said harpies of "being a loser who can't get a girl." Here's a newsflash, honeys, if you are a smart-mouthed, woman-firster, supremacist class 'A' bitch, we know exactly how to get you! It's pretty easy, all we have to do is talk about YOU all the time, all we have to do is put down men and tell you you're a victim. All we have to do is agree with you that sunshine comes out of your ass and makes the world a better place. All we have to do is make you think we're someone who has a criminal record, yet finds you so attractive and perfect that we would never harm you. THAT'S ALL IT TAKES! Your hip-huggers and g-string will draped over the chair and you'll be showing off the tramp stamp that destroyed all of the visual appeal of what may have once been a nice caboose.

The thing that these "modern women" don't get is that their velvet lined pussy isn't so valuable that all of us men would tolerate your quirks to experience it. After all, many other guys have experienced yours already, so it's no big deal. What men really want in a woman is someone who is more of a pleasure to have around than an annoyance - something that many a modern woman cannot seem to achieve, despite their self-proclaimed superiority in relationships.

It's not that guys can't get girls like you, its that girls like you aren't worth the sex you are shamelessly selling. Therefore, I propose the following crash course in women's studies that should replace all the crap-drivel being taught at universities, which btw, makes women as attractive as a whore with syphillis.

Here are Matthew Fitzgerald's "Men's Top 10 Rules for Women:" (Lol, also note, this link is from a ridiculously sexist man-hating site. What a dizzy chick, I wonder if she realizes what the author wrote in "Sex-Ploytation" which she also links - some guy suggested she post the following on her site, ha ha!)

1 - Learn how to Communicate
Say what you mean, ask for what you want directly. Expecting a man to interpret indirect signals and read your mind is not communication.

2 - Learn to be Consistent
Irrational behavior just doesn't cut it. If you say you're going to do something, then follow through and do it. Be honest with yourself -- don't say one thing and do another. And for God's sake, don't change your mind a million times.

3 - Stop using Sex as Bait
If you want to have sex, then have sex. Don't use sex as a tool to manipulate men. And another thing: Stop tempting men with low-cut dresses or bare midriffs and then blame them for trying to get you in bed. If you need attention that badly, go see a shrink.

4 - Develop a Conscience
Stop abusing your sexual power. Many women have no ethical dilemmas at all about using men for favors or financial gain by dangling the promise of sex in front of them. Not only is this deceitful and immoral, but it's a double standard nothing short of fraud.

5 - Knock Off the Mixed Messages
If you're interested in a guy, let him know it. Ditto with sex. Maybe playing hard to get is cool if you're 12 years old, but it's just annoying 20 years later. Refer to Rule #1 -- men aren't able to read minds, so don't expect them to.

6 - Stop Expecting Men to Finance Your Life
This is the 2000's for God's sake -- women are enjoying unparralleled career and earning opportunities, and it's unfair to treat men like ATM machines, especially when women are earning as much or more than we are. It may be a great scam, but at its core, it's nothing more than age-old prostitution -- trading sex for money.

7 - If You Expect Equality, Then Act Like It
Equal rights means equal rights across the board -- not just when it's in your best interests. If you expect equal pay, then expect to be drafted and pay your share of dating expenses, too.

8 - Stop Blaming Men for All Your Problems
We aren't what's wrong -- you are.

9 - Just Be Nice
Can't you just be nice? Nobody likes a nasty, self-serving bitch. And men today are very, very tired of self-serving bitches.

10 - Read the Rules

Monday, November 13, 2006

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Just in case any of you are early Christmas shoppers... for the feminists in your life you feel obliged to buy presents for (co-workers, sisters, ex-wives etc.):


Every town has a Crazy Cat Lady. She's the one who lives in a tiny house full of feral felines. This hard vinyl Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure has a wild look in her eye and comes with six cats. ARE YOU A CRAZY CAT PERSON?

Size: 5.25" Tall

Price: $11.99

Friday, November 10, 2006


NYMOM - A.K.A. Margaret Temple, from Columbia University.
(Bottom of the page, somehow, NYMOM appropriately comes in LAST!)


image hosted by

Does it surprise you that this hideous skag works in academia? Trying to influence better looking women than her to be as miserable as her?



November 13th update on the Walmart Walrus (AKA: Margaret Temple, NYMOM)

Apparently Margaret Temple is an anti-father, anti-family, white supremacist homophobe. Quotes from the Queen of Skank's blog (thanks Serin):

"As feminists ultimate goal is the total destruction of the mother/child bond and having a completely gender-neutral society."

"That money should be rescinded and these phony fatherhood programs terminated as they are nothing but propaganda which is fueling a hate movement against women in their role as mothers."

"The entire fatherhood movement is fueled by hatred of mothers. They are a dangerous, vicious, hate-filled group of men and some female enablers. After observing their activities for a few years now, I can speak from experience when I say they are a menace to Western society, almost as bad as Islamic terror cells. Actually, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that some of their offshoots aren’t consorting with Islamic terrorists and other bands of men who hate women as well, like to like."

"As always we can count on gender neutralized feminists to screw us up in every situation, common law marriage being another example."

"Lesbians don’t appear to understand that going to court and winning these short-term victories ultimately winds up empowering MEN over WOMEN, each time they win a case."

"YET what will remain behind is the premise that a Judge can decide that the mother/child bond, which has existed since humanity first crawled out of the primal mist, is no longer of very much importance and that the courts of men have the right to hand a mother’s child over to someone else.That is going to be the lesbian legacy to mothers and children."

"Everytime you post on this blog or make a cell phone call or use a microwave, drive a car, etc., you are benefitting from 'white's people's culture' or whatever you want to call it.You should be damn grateful for it's existence."

Lol, notice that last post Margaret Temple made, taking credit for inventions.

NYMOM, think fast! Name something with moving parts that was invented by a woman.

And finally, here's a quote from Rob Fedders:


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Why Women Have Priced Themselves Out of the Market: They Are Attention Whores Who Positively Seek "Victim Status"

Read the tall tale of the "Girl Who Was Almost Raped." (And read further to see the comments of her fellow attention whores who back this psycho up, rather than telling her to smarten up.)

make it stop
I had a date Thursday night. My date knew seven languages, but not the word "no." [Incidentally, the reason I phrase it like that is because it kills something inside me when I have to come right out and say it. Why so many people think this is a funny joke, I do not know.]

Wednesday night, I'd stayed on the phone with him for upwards of two hours. One of the things we talked about was sex and what I told him was that I did not have intercourse outside of serious relationships. But, that didn't turn out to matter.
During the date, he took me to this lounge area adjacent to a supply shed -- he works in maintenance in my condo -- and we were watching some truly awful movie. We started hooking up. For a while, I resisted my pants coming off, but eventually gave in, and remained in nothing but my thong. When he took off my pants, I told him I wouldn't have sex with him. But, that didn't turn out to matter. Oral didn't happen, but he ended up on top of me.
Several times, he tried to enter me. Each time, I swiveled away and told him that we weren't going to have sex. After three or four times, I pushed him off and got dressed. He began apologizing profusely and asking me to see his side: he is a man, he hasn't had sex in three months, I am attractive, and I should not have taken my pants off if I was unprepared to have sex with him. I told him that he needed to respect me, that these were not excuses, there were no excuses. He told me he didn't want me dressed, I was so attractive. I told him I was attractive with my clothes on. I sat down. After a few minutes, he began to try to take my pants off again. I left. I had trouble getting the door open and as he came over, I was so scared... He let me out, telling me as he did so that I had fucked with his emotions. I went home. He called me three times that night. The first time I said I didn't want to talk to him. The second time I told him to stop calling. The third time I didn't pick up.

This level of guilt is something I could not previously have imagined. Why did I agree to a date with someone I met through my ex? Why did I go there with him? Why did I let him take off my pants if I didn't want to have sex? Why didn't I leave sooner? Why didn't I say "no" more forcefully, maybe then he would have stopped? Why did I try to talk to him? Why did I ever pick up the phone? And I know, I do know that this is not my fault. I know it, but I don't Know it. And I can't shake this.
I feel guilty when I tell people, because I know I'm worrying them. I hate feeling like a burden. I feel guilty for feeling guilty instead of feeling more angry at him. I feel guilty for not having been stronger or smarter. I feel guilty for blaming myself.
I'm scared that he'll call me again. Every time the phone rings, my stomach drops. I'm scared that he'll come here. He has access to my house. I don't even feel fucking safe in my own fucking house. I don't actually, rationally think he would but that doesn't stop the fear. I'm even more scared to leave, though, because he works here and I know he's somewhere here during business hours. Going to get a package from the mailman was terrifying. I feel guilty for feeling so irrationally scared.
I feel guilty endlessly. Endlessly. Its like quicksand.

I wish I could tell my parents, I do. But I can't tell them. They would blame me, wholly and unequivocally. They've been looking, waiting for evidence of my being a slut. When I developped a UTI last winter, my mother asked me what the potential causes were; when I read off chlamydia, she said ah-HA, I KNEW it, NOW you've done it. This was nine months into a monogamous relationship.
We saw a movie a while ago, in which a woman got graphically raped on screen: held down as she cried and begged to be let go. When I was horrified by this scene, my parents told me this wasn't rape because 1) the perp was her ex-husband and 2) she had gone to bed with him willingly. When I asked what they'd do if this happened to me, they told me they'd inform me of my stupidity for having gotten into bed.
When I was between the ages of 11 and 15, my parents had a particularly close family friend whom I hated. He used to be at our house constantly and go on vacations with us. On multiple occasions, at least four off the top of my head, he walked in on me in various states of undress and it always took him a good three seconds to leave. Also, he had a tendency to hug me, which I hated. Once, with my 'rents around, I asked him to let me go twice, calmly, and he didn't. Then, I barked at him to LET ME GO and he did but my mother got mad at me for being rude. I recently brought it back up as something that still haunts me and she was entirely dismissive of my feelings about him and about the episode.
I can't tell them. But, they're already noticing that I'm extremely unhappy and that I keep chaining the door, which we generally never do. I'm so scared that they'll find out or I'll be weak and tell them. It doesn't help that they've chosen THIS TIME to start picking fights with me and giving me endless lectures adrressing all my flaws.

I began writing this last night, but I ran out of strength. I was talking to someone who was distracting me and genuinely making me feel a lot better. I feel guilty for that, incidentally. At 3:30 AM, I got a phone call from an "unidentified" number. The line was disconnected as soon as I picked up. I went and chained my door and did my best to repress the panic.
I stayed up talking really, really late/early. I was awoken around 10:30 AM by a phone call. Sleepily, I picked it up and the name on the screen just flashed in my eyes before I said "hello." It was him. I told him to STOP FUCKING CALLING ME and hung up. He called back, but I didn't pick up. I panicked and called Kirill. No one understands why I'm so scared but I'm SO scared.
I know this is harassment and it is not legal and I could report it, but then I run a high risk of my parents finding out. That's not something I can risk.

Most of my friends have been very, very supportive. However, certain conversations I've had have made me want to claw my skin off.
My friend Chris continually tells me to "just calm down" or some variations on it. When I try to explain that it isn't so simple, he says I could do it if I just realized that I'm not in danger. First of all, I don't think I'm in a great deal of danger, but the fact remains that he not only knows exactly where I live but can physically enter my house. Second of all, even if that was not the case, the sexual assault in and of itself isn't exactly something that is easy to forget. By this I mean that I can barely think of anything else.
Several people have breathed a metaphorical sigh of relief when I told them that he did not actually rape me. As if trying to shove his dick inside me is, you know, okay, so long as I manage to push him away.
Last night, Shaun told me, verbatim, that "it could have been worse and [I] am blessed it wasn't." He defended this by saying I could have been raped, beaten, or killed and it was "dumb" to overlook the dangers that hadn't befallen me. Let me make this EXTREMELY FUCKING CLEAR:
He said something about having some sort of experience (I assume this was an allusion to his being older than I am), but that is complete and utter bullshit. He does NOT KNOW what it feels like and, more than likely, he will NEVER know. If he knew, he would not DREAM of DARING to say something like that to me. Seriously, what the FUCK? Its enough that I feel guilty for not being able to "just get over it." At least I rationally know that I'm entitled to my pain and it is emphatically NOT OKAY to take that away from me.

Incidentally, Danny, my first love, the one who claims not to be able to forget me and has always said he needs to have me in his life somehow, has not found time to call me, despite my pleading request and my explanation that I needed to talk to a male that I trust. Clearly, its just as well: I have no reason to trust him. He's running out of time to keep me in his life in any way, but I suspect that he's too selfish to know or care until the next time a pang of missing me hits him.

I know I'm a ridiculously open person about basically everything, but I'm beginning to suspect that the reason people are reluctant to talk widely about experiences of sexual violence is because non-supportive responses from people you love/trust feel like getting hit in the head by bricks.

I know its only been two days but I want this to end. This has to end. I know I brought this upon myself (I know I didn't; I Know I did) but I want it to stop. Its not fair, its not fair, its not fair, ITS NOT FAIR. I want it to stop.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Rob For Prime Minister

There’s one thing that I just can’t understand about Canuckistan politics. Why do all of the political parties compete for attention on the exact same issues? I just don’t get it. There must be a stupid magnet hidden in the Parliament Building that attracts all the idiots into politics.

Take the new Green Party for example. These guys are a just a small peanut of a party, I believe that they only got around 2% of the vote in the last election. I watched an interview on the TV once where the party leader was discussing his plans to take some of the gobs of tax dollars we spend on healthcare and cancer research and instead put some of this money into preventing cancers. Since he claimed that 50% of cancers are preventable, and given the numbers that he presented, this makes perfectly good sense because it would lower the amount money we have to spend on healthcare – and ultimately free up more resources overall, which of course could be used for research. Get it? No matter, it’s not really want I to write about.

Anyhow, I decided to surf on over to the Green Party’s website and check out this healthcare plan of theirs a little closer, and possibly consider giving them my vote the next time we have an election. And, gentlemen, you get one guess for what I found when I clicked the link to “healthcare.”

You guessed it, pick up your cigar at the front desk! Yup, the Green Party stated how committed they were to Women’s Health Issues and increasingly blah, blah, blah… that’s when I clicked the back button. You lost my vote, you filthy mangina SOB’s. They are just like all the rest; they can not stop pumping out the femi-filth.

Now gentleman, there is a level of criminality in this that WILL get addressed one day. We all know that women outlive men by 5 to 6 years. We all know that men die more than women from all of the top 10 fatal diseases. We all know already that women use up far more tax funded healthcare dollars than men. We all know this, and so does the government and those running for office. If they don’t know, it should be a crime that such stupid people get to run the country. They will get their come-uppins, whether the angry mob decides it is a rope or a cell is not for me to decide. I personally don’t advocate for any violence. (Got that, you femihags that are reading this whilst already dialling 911).

But here’s the point I would like to make: We have a multi party government system. In Canada we have the Conservatives, the Liberals, the Treasonous Frog Party (Block Quebecois), the NDP – and now the Green Party. It is very easy for a minority government to get elected into office, with say 35% of the popular vote. This has happened in the last two elections, and of course many times throughout history. Lol, what a screwed up situation would it be for the winds to blow juuuuuussst right and have the Treasonous Frog Party become the sitting government – given Quebec’s population, it could happen! The Prime Minister of Canada would be someone who campaigned on tearing the country apart – How screwed up is that?

But what I really don’t understand is how the Green Party could be so stupid to campaign on the same platform as all the other parties. Only the Treasonous Frogs are smart enough to say something totally different, and believe me, it pains me to say that smartest people in the country come from Quebec. But the Green Party? Noooo…. No signs of intelligence there. With 2% of the popular vote they figure they will gain voter popularity by spouting the same filth as the other 3 mangina parties… “We are committed to Women’s Health… We are committed to Women’s Rights… We must do something about women still only getting $0.76 to every $1.00 a man earns.” (That’s right, you treasonous lying manginas in the government, some of us are watching. What color paint would you like for your jail cell? Propaganda for the purposes of creating discriminatory actions against people because of the very nature of their birth is a Hate Crime and you should check the books and see how it can be punished. You filthy manginas!)

Therefore Gentlemen (women, you can ignore this, I don’t want your vote),

I would like to announce that I, Rob Fedders, am going to run for Prime Minister of Canada!

Lol! And I would like to announce that I am committed to furthering women’s healthcare! – NOT!

Nope, screw that nonsense. I figure that I should campaign on the three-fold platform of tax-subsidized lowering of NHL Seasons Passes, a free case of beer a week for every male in the country – ice cold and hand delivered to his door on Saturday night, just before Hockey Night in Canada begins, AND a one time coupon for a free 42” Plasma Screen TV for all the men in Canada! Yes, that’s right folks! Sounds good, doesn’t it?

I won’t even raise taxes!

I’ll just cut all the funding to the treasonous government agency called Status of Women (SOW – snort, snort) and redirect it into my new program. Perhaps I’ll name it the “Status of Weekend Beer and Sports Entertainment Agency.” I’ll also cut all funding to all DV Shelters in Canada, cause lets face it men, what do you care more about? You having a case of beer while you watch hockey on your new TV, or that your little entitlement princess has a place to run to for information on how to screw you out of your home and into a prison? Yup, the TV’s will be expensive, but don’t forget, there are lots of DV Shelters and other DV related offices sitting on pretty choice pieces of real estate around the country and they should fetch a pretty penny.

Now, we often talk about DV being an industry that the government can’t afford to get rid of because of the effects to the economy. Well… yup, you guessed it… Prime Minister Rob, fearless leader, has a plan for that too! Who do you think should be delivering you that case of beer every weekend? I will even provide them with Government Issue uniforms: a T-shirt that says “I’m Sorry!”

Well Gentlemen, what do you say? I might get into power with around 30% of the votes and men definitely have the numbers for that. Yes, if 4 can buy gender specific votes (I’ll give the frogs a pass here), then so can 5 buy gender specific votes!

Can I have your vote?

Rob for Prime Minister!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

One Man's Kingdom

QUOTE: “The abandonment of men in contemporary society is so comprehensive that a man who has lost a wife or lover not only suffers from the loss of that deep personal connection, but from a fairly comprehensive rejection by society in general. First you lose your wife, then your kids, and then even your own family turns against you in many cases (this is a lot more common than most people realize — American men’s own mothers very often blame them and side with the ex in what is usually a futile effort to maintain contact with the grandchildren). The thrashing you get from the police and courts is just gratuitous abuse; in many cases guys are simply numb to additional pain by that time.”

I would argue that the sudden and total collapsing of love, as it is presented to men, is evidence of its illusion.

Children are raised on it, women can expect it their whole lives in a watered down sense, but men lose all right to it as they come of age. Unfortunately, in the West, no-one ever tells them that this is their heritage as men. They have to learn it the hard way, or go mad refusing to learn it at all.

Other cultures, particularly those closer to nature, had rites of passage for young men. The rite usually involved sending the stripling out in the wild, on his own. He would be exposed to danger, expected to survive on his own, and could expect no assistance. It was a symbolic, and real, exercise to let him know that he was no longer the dependent he once was. Young women were never subjected to the same. They belonged to the community, no matter their age, their fertility or their ability.

It is a feature of all men who go wild at women and take it out on innocents, as well as their former intimates, that they are still sold on the love illusion – they are men that fervently believe they deserve a place in the bosom of society. The trick is maintained for its utility in deceiving men into social contracts that are counter to their own interests.

It’s the same the world over. Every deal won by trickery has a higher harvest of woe than that done with all cards on the table and intentions plainly stated.


There are a couple of small lakes not far from where I live. One is purple to look at, the other is orange. Apparently the difference is due to a tiny presence of minerals – a little of one element in the purple lake, and a little of another in the orange one.

If you were to take a glass of water out of each of them, you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. They taste the same and look the same. A simple laboratory analysis wouldn’t be able to distinguish them – only an advanced lab that can detect minute mineral presence and measure it accurately would be able to correctly identify which glass of water came from which lake.

Yet the human eye can spot the difference easily – but only in aggregate. At the microscopic level, rather than the macroscopic, the difference is beyond human detection.

The difference between men and women is also impossible to define in terms of easily spotted differences between individuals. The differences between the sexes is too easily obscured by simple personality differences. It is only when you look at humanity in aggregate that the difference between the sexes is at all obvious. And it is striking.

This is why feminists can say things like “gender is a social construct” and get away with it. Individuals can easily be made to appear similar, regardless of sex. The thing is though, “similar” is not “the same”. Often very significant differences cannot be seen unless one steps back from the microscopic view and looks again from the macroscopic. It is only then that the difference is glaring.


QUOTE: "Turn your back on it all, accept the Truth, and Go Your Own Way."

I’m convinced this is the only way to effectively counter the nonsense. It is leading by example.

The real value to me in following MRA/MGTOW sites is that they are the only places where I get to read intelligent men talking about things that matter without the media/academic gag firmly in its usual place. For that alone I value it highly, even if one has to read through a lot of dross to find a few pearls – at least those pearls are there to be found.


QUOTE: "I’m convinced this is the only way to effectively counter the nonsense. It is leading by example."

The thing is, if men leave the building, women will follow. And if men keep walking, women will figure out a way to make some sort of association with men again that is agreeable.

Women are as independent as a tropical fern in a greenhouse in Iceland.

It doesn’t even have to get to the level of physical performance. Women’s mental character does not seek independence itself.

You can see this when women get divorced. I can, on many levels, understand why women would seek independence from marriage – from a male point of view, we understand it – but that’s not what they are doing. They divorce their current husband, and in 99% of cases, already have another waiting in the wings. Usually, in a very short time, the woman is back into a long-term relationship again where she is once again following the dominant lead of a male. Independence never existed.

Schopenhauer points this out too: ” That woman is by nature intended to obey is shown by the fact that every woman who is placed in the unnatural position of absolute independence at once attaches herself to some kind of man, by whom she is controlled and governed; this is because she requires a master. If she is young, the man is a lover; if she is old, a priest.”

The Buddhist philosopher Nichiren said it as well, but slightly differently. There are three phases women go through in life, and in each she attaches herself to a man – in the sense that the man is her “tool” for her own purposes in society – the first is her father when she is young, then her husband during most of her life, and finally to her sons when she is old. And I can certainly attest to the last since my father died. It is now me who she comes to for authority since she is without husband.

Furthermore, one also has to realize that women were complicit in creating “Patriarchy.” As we’ve often pointed out, “patriarchy” is merely another form of matriarchy, because even Patriarchy is ultimately for the benefit of women, not men. Women “are” society. Men are on the outside of society. “The herd” is what society is, not the males on the outside trying to seek approval to get back in (which they will never be allowed). Men might have controlled the laws in the past, but women have always controlled society’s social mores. If women don’t approve, society doesn’t approve, because women are society. Men are on the outside looking in.

If men walk away, women will follow. And if we keep walking, they will keep trying to entice us back. And if we still keep walking, they will try even harder until eventually women themselves will make it so that “it” works. Patriarchy only existed because women endorsed it themselves and were complicit in creating the social mores that made it work.


QUOTE: "Women “are” society. Men are on the outside of society."

And it is man’s place at the periphery that is our natural home.

While we concern ourselves with laws, government and social mores, we are intruding upon women’s space and women’s affairs – we are auditioning for their approval as – nominally at least – their masters (though it is clear on closer examination that all men in such positions are actually women’s servants, be they politicians, priests or husbands).

On the other hand, when a man realizes he is alone in the world, and dependent on nothing but his reason, his physical strength and his resolve, his attitude changes. His immediacy to the Absolute could not be clearer. The thing the free man most craves – his own sovereignty – is at its closest to being realized. It is this state that I refer to as "One Man's Kingdom."

When I say that I am convinced going my own way is the most effective way to counter the nonsense, it is not because I believe it will have any material effect on ‘society’ – it is the effect it has on the man himself that is undeniable. It is like turning off the television and no longer reading the newspapers (which are portals into society, or women’s influence). The calming effect is near immediate. The more one works at it, dealing almost solely with Nature, one’s own material needs and whatever other problems that concern only the individual – and disengaging from ‘society’ in as many ways as possible – it is surprising how readily, and how happily, the submerged male psyche rises to the challenge.

Also surprising is how one develops a keener appreciation of company when one gets the chance, even though it can easily be lived without.

At the end of the day, society will always be there and always be unconcerned with the welfare of men. Like women who cannot embrace true independence, many men also shy away from it, exhausting themselves knocking on the door of women’s world trying to gain admission, never stopping to look about them and say “it’s actually not so bad out here by myself”.

The world would of course change if a lot of men started doing this, but I have no interest in something as abstract as ‘the world’. I am far more interested in the small world I live in, and how I can adapt to it, and prosper in it. But I am alone in it always. Not being a woman, that actually makes me feel more alive.

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Work With The World, Don't Fight Against It

Something I think men will have to come to terms with is that when the pendulum inevitably swings back, what actual benefit do men think this will have for them? Will it bring that fabled equality everyone is seeking? Will everyone join hands and sing kumbaya and live happily ever after? Will the planets align and Heaven on Earth make itself apparent to man and woman alike?

Not likely.

For example, Angry Harry has often pointed out that when feminists cry of the abuses of women in places like Afghanistan, if you look at the men, they are treated even worse. And, if you look at the “abuses” women endured in the past centuries, you will find that in every situation, men had even worse abuses to endure. It is a feature of human nature. It is just like no matter at what place, or in what time, children are always treated better than adults – it’s just the way humanity works.
So, after Feminism subsides, how will things change? Do you really think it will be any different? Women will still be treated better than men. They have been since the dawn of time, and they will be until closing time.
This is why it is so dangerous to have the MM try to set up things like lobby groups and government bureaucracies to oversee the welfare of men and boys. It is so open ended, and because of the very nature of humanity, means they could perpetually justify their existence until it becomes just another oppressive, statist organization that harms everyone but themselves. It’s so freakin’ open ended and fights a never-ending battle against nature that how could it not be a disaster? If I start a lobby group to “stop the tide” I will forever be able to show the demand for my group is real, because the battle is still not won. See, here comes the tide again. Gimme more power to fight it!
Far better, if you must support some organization, that they have a clear mission statement and acknowledge they will disband after achieving their goal. (Ie. Fighting to remove Bill C-79 from the legislature).
But then, what are the actual goals that men want?
No matter what happens, compared to women, men will still be treated as “lesser” than females. That is simply a feature of human nature that can’t be changed no matter how many laws are made or discarded, nor how many lobby groups are formed to fight the tides.
Accepting this as true does not mean admitting defeat. It means working with the way the world IS, rather than fighting against it. It does not mean men cannot try to create or remove laws which make their lives better – but no matter what happens, at the end of it all, men will still be treated relatively worse than the females in society are.

The Serenity Prayer comes to mind here:

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;

Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.


The Personal

Philalethes #15 - Women Are Out of Control in Our Culture

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Monday, August 21, 2006

WMG's (Weapons of Mass Governments = Western Matriarchal Governments)

Yup, take a look at that picture and burn it into your mind, folks. That is the stance our western governments have taken on our future. The only thing missing is a big, hairy feminist giving it to the ostrich with a strap-on dildo.

Thanks to feminism being the dominating theme of our governments we have a future that IS certain!

We are certain to face a massive economic crunch and subsequent anarchy, ending society as we know it. For 40 years our governments have been allowing the killing of unborn babies - to the tune of over 40 Million now! Feminism has encouraged women to place career over family, resulting in a birthrate that is nowhere near the 2.1 children per woman minimum that is needed to only maintain a population, let alone grow one. Men are so disgusted with the prospects of being ass raped by a suddenly feminist divorcing wife that they are fleeing from marriage and choosing to remain single in ever greater numbers, damaging the birthrate even more.

The Baby Boom Generation who created this evil mess is salivating over their upcoming retirement and looking forward to tapping into the socialist government pension and healthcare plans, believing falsely that they deserve to be fully cared for by the wonderfully enlightened society they created. These folks are walking proof that taking acid in the 60's caused long term brain damage.

Feminist ideology in government has slammed through sheer stupidity in our capitalist economy. Positive discrimination forcing productive men out of the way to make a position for a woman, a year off with pay to squat and drop a baby is commonplace, "flexi" time work schedules are being implemented for women in the workplace so we don't lose out on their "valuable contribution" and there is talk of government sponsored daycare as the be all and end all of solutions. Yes, yes, we must make the workplace friendly for women because their contribution is very valuable. Of course, one thing that you'll never hear a feminist talk about in regard to women's contribution to the workplace is profit. And god help you if you don’t have enough of these enlightened non-profit entitlement goddesses working for you because that will mean an automatic ass raping for discrimination by the feminist biased courts. They’ll ass rape you into bankruptcy if you don’t hire enough of these monetary black holes.

I watched an interview on the news a while back with a couple of femihags talking about their push to make even parliament more woman friendly so more women can cotton to the idea of being the Prime Minister of the country while also juggling quality time with their families.

De de, d de dee… And now for a News Flash: You have no free time when you run a country – the country demands your full attention 24/7, get it?

Of course, as I believe Angry Harry argued, if we demand that women should make 50% of all MP’s to best reflect the population then we should also make sure that 50% of MP’s are below average intelligence, for accurately 50% of the population IS below average. Hmmm… you know, it seems by implementing 50% femihag MP’s they would at the same time ensure that 50% of MP’s ARE below average intelligence. Well, I’ll be damned, those women are good at multi-tasking!

So, what does this all mean, all these tidbits I’ve mentioned?

Well, it means that a tremendous amount of people (retiring Babyboomers), are going to bring a massive draw on our country’s social welfare system and because of our ever dwindling population, there will be less and less productive workers who are working in a less and less efficient economy who will be forced to finance it.

We already pay around 50% of our income to taxes, either directly or indirectly, and this is when our population is still barely hanging on to a balance between producers and social welfare parasites. And this has only been accomplished by taking in immigrants from abroad to bolster up our population as a result of the low birthrate. And the birthrate continues to dwindle!

When we get to the point that one worker has to support one parasite, do you think we will still be paying only 50% to tax? We will essentially become communist because we will have to pay it ALL in tax to support this system – and our society will have disappeared.

Another option is bring in massive amounts of immigrants to continue to offset the failing birthrate, and you better not be thinking immigrants from a similar western nation, for their birthrates are in as dire of straits as ours. This leaves the developing world’s population, who don’t share our history nor even our language – and our society will have disappeared.

The third option is to go back to the way we were before feminism. Bring back fault divorce and take away the outrageousness of feminism’s destructive past. Boot the women out of the workplace and back into the home where they can become babymaking machines so that in 20 years time we have a fresh crop of nationals to rejuvenate our economy. However, you and I both know that our entitlement princesses will never give anything up. They won’t give anything up until the economy has finished its death rattle and has not one last penny to even fund a woman-only focus group to discuss their feelings about what went wrong. If we were to follow this route, we would have to do it soon, like in the next year or two, and we all know that even though this is truly the only way to save our society and culture, there is just no way that the femihags will let this happen.

So there it is. The west is fucked.

And…good riddance to it! I am only 35 years old and my whole life I have heard nothing but vile puke spit forth at me that I am a rapist, an abuser, a chauvinist and 100 other things all because of my gender at birth. I once put in a lot of effort to be politically correct and not offend any woman’s rights, but I really can’t think of any time when a woman ever stood up for my rights. Society has hated me and my gender for so long that I am now becoming comfortable with the idea of myself becoming a misogynist, something I never thought would happen. But tell me, all you sociology/womyn’s studies majors, tell me again about self fulfilling prophecies.

Let society rot. It betrayed us and does not deserve our concern. Let the women have it and show the world the power of pink! I hope many men decide to abandon society and contribute to it with as little effort and taxes as they can. A society that holds men in contempt does not deserve men’s loyalty. Yup, all the ladies in their cush cubicles, working 10 to 3:30 can figure out how to run a garbage truck and how to get coal out of the earth. I mean they get paid like they can do it, so go do it! With men bailing out on society, it will rot even faster.

But, as is always the case, from rot and decay grows new life. Regeneration if you will. When society gets so bogged down with femicrap that the suffocation becomes unbearable, it will be the women that suffer the most. As for me, you will never find me selling apples on some street corner nor living in a Hooverville. I will head into the bush and build a log cabin on the side of some remote lake. I will hunt and raise a garden. I will go into my warm cabin at night and cook me up a humungous moose steak. Afterwards I will retire to my warm bed and jerk off to the thought that all the femihags who berated me for a lifetime are now crowded around a burning barrel in the modern version of a Hooverville, a Dworkinville.

And I’ll bet you that if some woman living in a Dworkinville hears about this guy who is living out in the bush in a warm cabin and eats monster huge moose steak every night, well I expect that she will show up on my doorstep. I’m pretty sure that she will be willing to recant her feminist crap ways and be pretty willing to cook and scrub and clean to win my favour. I’ll bet she will even agree to let me be the unchallenged head of the household!

The question is: should I care?