Friday, November 10, 2006


NYMOM - A.K.A. Margaret Temple, from Columbia University.
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Does it surprise you that this hideous skag works in academia? Trying to influence better looking women than her to be as miserable as her?



November 13th update on the Walmart Walrus (AKA: Margaret Temple, NYMOM)

Apparently Margaret Temple is an anti-father, anti-family, white supremacist homophobe. Quotes from the Queen of Skank's blog (thanks Serin):

"As feminists ultimate goal is the total destruction of the mother/child bond and having a completely gender-neutral society."

"That money should be rescinded and these phony fatherhood programs terminated as they are nothing but propaganda which is fueling a hate movement against women in their role as mothers."

"The entire fatherhood movement is fueled by hatred of mothers. They are a dangerous, vicious, hate-filled group of men and some female enablers. After observing their activities for a few years now, I can speak from experience when I say they are a menace to Western society, almost as bad as Islamic terror cells. Actually, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that some of their offshoots aren’t consorting with Islamic terrorists and other bands of men who hate women as well, like to like."

"As always we can count on gender neutralized feminists to screw us up in every situation, common law marriage being another example."

"Lesbians don’t appear to understand that going to court and winning these short-term victories ultimately winds up empowering MEN over WOMEN, each time they win a case."

"YET what will remain behind is the premise that a Judge can decide that the mother/child bond, which has existed since humanity first crawled out of the primal mist, is no longer of very much importance and that the courts of men have the right to hand a mother’s child over to someone else.That is going to be the lesbian legacy to mothers and children."

"Everytime you post on this blog or make a cell phone call or use a microwave, drive a car, etc., you are benefitting from 'white's people's culture' or whatever you want to call it.You should be damn grateful for it's existence."

Lol, notice that last post Margaret Temple made, taking credit for inventions.

NYMOM, think fast! Name something with moving parts that was invented by a woman.

And finally, here's a quote from Rob Fedders: