Saturday, November 18, 2006

Accelerated Women's Studies Program (4 Years Crammed into 4 Minutes). Professor: Rob Fedders

With all the discussion lately over Matthew Fitzgerald's book "Sex-Ploytatian" I decided to go out on the web and see if I could find an on-line copy of the book so despised by feminists. (Rob's rule #1 - if feminists are upset about it, then you know it is REALLY worthwhile reading it - for the opposite of anti-logic is, of course, logic and truth!) Alas, I failed in my quest to find a copy of the book, but I did come across another zinger from Mr Fitzgerald and I believe that all women should read this - it should become mandatory for women to memorize this when they get their first training bra.

I am so sick of women talking all the time about how they are so sexually valuable that men should tolerate any crap from them to get a piece of their community shared pussy. Of course, any man who doesn't find himself attracted to self-serving, smart mouthed harpies gets accused by said harpies of "being a loser who can't get a girl." Here's a newsflash, honeys, if you are a smart-mouthed, woman-firster, supremacist class 'A' bitch, we know exactly how to get you! It's pretty easy, all we have to do is talk about YOU all the time, all we have to do is put down men and tell you you're a victim. All we have to do is agree with you that sunshine comes out of your ass and makes the world a better place. All we have to do is make you think we're someone who has a criminal record, yet finds you so attractive and perfect that we would never harm you. THAT'S ALL IT TAKES! Your hip-huggers and g-string will draped over the chair and you'll be showing off the tramp stamp that destroyed all of the visual appeal of what may have once been a nice caboose.

The thing that these "modern women" don't get is that their velvet lined pussy isn't so valuable that all of us men would tolerate your quirks to experience it. After all, many other guys have experienced yours already, so it's no big deal. What men really want in a woman is someone who is more of a pleasure to have around than an annoyance - something that many a modern woman cannot seem to achieve, despite their self-proclaimed superiority in relationships.

It's not that guys can't get girls like you, its that girls like you aren't worth the sex you are shamelessly selling. Therefore, I propose the following crash course in women's studies that should replace all the crap-drivel being taught at universities, which btw, makes women as attractive as a whore with syphillis.

Here are Matthew Fitzgerald's "Men's Top 10 Rules for Women:" (Lol, also note, this link is from a ridiculously sexist man-hating site. What a dizzy chick, I wonder if she realizes what the author wrote in "Sex-Ploytation" which she also links - some guy suggested she post the following on her site, ha ha!)

1 - Learn how to Communicate
Say what you mean, ask for what you want directly. Expecting a man to interpret indirect signals and read your mind is not communication.

2 - Learn to be Consistent
Irrational behavior just doesn't cut it. If you say you're going to do something, then follow through and do it. Be honest with yourself -- don't say one thing and do another. And for God's sake, don't change your mind a million times.

3 - Stop using Sex as Bait
If you want to have sex, then have sex. Don't use sex as a tool to manipulate men. And another thing: Stop tempting men with low-cut dresses or bare midriffs and then blame them for trying to get you in bed. If you need attention that badly, go see a shrink.

4 - Develop a Conscience
Stop abusing your sexual power. Many women have no ethical dilemmas at all about using men for favors or financial gain by dangling the promise of sex in front of them. Not only is this deceitful and immoral, but it's a double standard nothing short of fraud.

5 - Knock Off the Mixed Messages
If you're interested in a guy, let him know it. Ditto with sex. Maybe playing hard to get is cool if you're 12 years old, but it's just annoying 20 years later. Refer to Rule #1 -- men aren't able to read minds, so don't expect them to.

6 - Stop Expecting Men to Finance Your Life
This is the 2000's for God's sake -- women are enjoying unparralleled career and earning opportunities, and it's unfair to treat men like ATM machines, especially when women are earning as much or more than we are. It may be a great scam, but at its core, it's nothing more than age-old prostitution -- trading sex for money.

7 - If You Expect Equality, Then Act Like It
Equal rights means equal rights across the board -- not just when it's in your best interests. If you expect equal pay, then expect to be drafted and pay your share of dating expenses, too.

8 - Stop Blaming Men for All Your Problems
We aren't what's wrong -- you are.

9 - Just Be Nice
Can't you just be nice? Nobody likes a nasty, self-serving bitch. And men today are very, very tired of self-serving bitches.

10 - Read the Rules