Friday, August 31, 2007

A Couple of New Blogs to Check Out

One Man's Kingdom

Exposing Feminism

In particular, I appreciated these pieces about word manipulation, as it is something I also plan on writing about in the near future.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Why Rob does not blog so much anymore...

As some of my regular readers may have noticed, I have not been blogging as much as before.

There is a reason for this.

It is that I am no longer sure about the direction of the Men's Movement.

It bothers me to no end that there is so much "egalitarianism" in the movement. If people have not yet realized that "equality" is exactly the virus that is being used to remove people's freedoms.... It simply does not matter whether it is "equality" from a feminist perspective or an MRA perspective, equality is an impossible equation.

Crying for equality is tantamount to crying for the right to be enslaved!

The last thing that the Men's Movement needs to do is to enable the government to further intrude into people's personal lives. I am not even so sure that I wish to support those lobbying for Shared Parenting. Do they realize that they are pleading with the government to let them see their own children? This is exactly the kind of situation that Cultural Marxists aim for... it is not who gets the biggest piece of the pie, but rather that both sides find themselves running to the government to ask for their piece!

Do I care about fathers, mothers & children?


Do I think that people should be begging the government for access to their own children?


I wonder how people 100, or even 50 years ago, would have responded to such a situation?

Why should we think any differently?

Why are we not demanding independent inquiries into corrupt No Fault Divorce laws, rather than re-affirming the validity of them by insisting on further unneccessary government intervention with the right to see your own flippin' child?


Please read Angry Harry's piece about "equality" and how it is unachievable:

Equality Between Men and Women is not Achievable - by Angry Harry

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Kady O'Malley Defends Pierre Elliot Trudeau

Some of you may remember a few months ago when I appealed to you to vote for Pierre Elliot Trudeau as the Worst Canadian in History.

Well, guess what, folks... (drumroll please), the winner is Pierre Elliot Trudeau! Yes, the Prime Minister who was fascinated by Marxism before entering politics, who alienated both the West and Quebec, who introduced no-fault divorce, abortion, multi-culturalism and who increased our national debt by 600% during his reign of socialist lunacy is actually considered by enough Canadians to be the biggest dirty rotten bastard in Canadian history to win a silly little poll put on by the ever less influential Main Stream Media.

Kady O'Malley Wets Her Pants: But, But, You Canadians Got It Wrong!

But, as per typical Main Stream Media fashion, you Canadians are just too stupid to know what you are talking about! This is why, I assume, Kady O'Malley of Maclean's Magazine mentioned the Mightiest Blog on the Web (you know it as No Ma'am) on her blog at said magazine, as she insinuated the poll results were wrong because bloggers such as moi used our wide reaching powers to influence the masses.

"Fresh on the heels of the Great CBC Facebook Wish List Fiasco, Canadian history magazine The Beaver has once again demonstrated that, when it comes to free-for-all online voting, democracy simply doesn't work. Or at least, that's the only conclusion one can draw from the results of its recent online poll to determine, once and for all, the Worst Canadian in history.

The winner? Pierre Elliot Trudeau, whose supporters - er, most fervent detractors - made sure that He Who Haunts Us Still got more votes than child serial killers Clifford Olson (#9), Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka (#5)- not to mention Vegas-ensconced songbird Celine Dion (#7). He also easily beat out both other prime ministerial contenders, Stephen Harper (#6) and Jean Chretien (#8)."

The only conclusion one can draw? Excuse me, Kady O'Malley, but I can only conclude that people in journalism waste a lot of money on their education. Even a 3rd Grader could conclude pretty quickly that there is no shortage of Canadians who truly despise Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

And of course, throw some murderers in there, Kady O'Malley. Try to discredit people who actually respond, as was requested of them, by insinuating that somehow Clifford Olson forever influenced the direction of Canadian History. I mean, how many suicides, how many alcoholics, how much poverty, or how many dismembered fetus's has Clifford Olson caused compared to the man who slammed through No Fault Divorce & Abortion - causing untold psychological problems for millions of people, especially children who don't know why Mommy and Daddy aren't living together anymore nor why Mommy is now sleeping with a biker. Teenage pregnancy (& teen abortions), suicide, low academic performance and a host of other problems have all been directly linked to the anti-social policies Trudeau forced upon Canadians. And, of course, they are all Marxist policies, which is not surprising, given Trudeau's fascination with the writings of the one man who caused more deaths than any other person in World History!

Of course, there is one thing in there that Kady O'Malley said which I do agree with, and that is that democracy doesn't work. Democracy doesn't work because the monopolized Main Stream Media has had so much influence over the people, that they have been telling us what the issues are supposed to be in our lives - over and over again, for decades. Much like how Kady O'Malley doesn't appear to like the results of the little guy having free speech and using that free speech to influence others, she fails to explain how the Main Stream Media is also not massively guilty of using their influence to attempt to control Canadians' thoughts to be in accordance with what the left-wing media thinks is important.

Kind of like the ceaseless propaganda that said Main Stream Media keeps spewing out about how scientists can now predict the weather a hundred years in the future to within a few degrees (yet yesterday it was supposed to be 25 degrees and the thermometer went past 30), and how the Main Stream Media is attempting to use their influence to convince Canadians to give away their prosperity & sovereignty for a Marxist-Communist solution which is "based on science" only because the Main Stream Media says it is based on science over and over again - certainly not because there are not a host of qualified scientists who oppose the Main Stream Media's message, but are rarely reported on by our "un-biased" media. Don't even get me going about the ceaseless "women are victims" noise they spew out daily which is akin to hearing nails on a chalkboard. How democratic of the Main Stream Media to air all sides of the debate in an unbiased fashion so the average Canadian can use his own brain to decide what is important. Good job, the media!

"On the other hand, the wisdom of the e-mob is at least partly backed up by the results of a slightly more scientific Angus Reid poll, which revealed virtually no public sympathy for Tenth Worst Canadian Conrad Black. According to Angus Reid, 48% of Canadians believe the jury "got it about right," and an astonishing 69% want to see him do time, rather than just pay a fine."

Of course, mention Conrad Black. I would like to point out that it appears that 52% of Canadians must also believe the jury got it wrong. But why let that get in the way? Math is no longer a strong point of study in our schools anyway. The leftist media just loves to hate Conrad because when Conrad was involved in Canadian Media he was a staunch conservative - and battled many times with the leftist media which now dominates the Canadian scene. The coverage of Conrad Black by the lefty Canadian media was naught more than petty revenge against their long time enemy. After all, look at the ceaseless talk they make about some guy who was found guilty only of 3 counts of mail fraud and defrauding shareholders of a mere $2.9 million. Somehow I fail to see how the Main Stream Media is not directly responsible for unduly influencing Canadians to get Conrad to make the list, right below serial child murderer Clifford Olson, for a fraud totalling a few measly million. Explain to me how the Main Stream Media is "innocent" in all of that, Kady O'Malley. Who's calling who on influencing the "mob?"

But, even Kady O'Malley is not as out to lunch in her response as The Beaver magazine itself, who put up the poll. It appears they were so insulted that Canadians think Pierre was an asshole that they ran to 10 "respected historians and writers of popular history" to tell us Canadians what we should really be thinking.

"To balance this admittedly unscientific survey, we also polled a panel of experts—ten of Canada’s most renowned historians and writers of popular history—to come up with an alternative list, one that’s arguably more measured and takes into consideration the full breadth and scope of Canadian history.

Trudeau didn’t make the cut on the alternative list—but many of you did vote for at least some of the experts’ choices. In fact, the response was overwhelming, with almost 15,000 votes cast."

How competely arrogant and condescending of The Beaver, to insinuate that 10 academics they chose (and are no doubt from Marxist Politically Corrected Academic Ivory Towers), have an opinion that is more qualified of what Canadians should believe than 15,000 actual Canadians. No wonder Canadians are turning off the TV and turning to bloggers on the web. And no wonder, when I did a "more scientific poll" of my family and friends, I found an overwhelming consensus that The Beaver and Maclean's magazines are far better suited to help light the woodstove than to actually inform them on issues about which Canadians feel are important.

Lol! 10 academics from Crackpot U telling 15,000 Canadians that they are wrong. That is exactly the type of "democracy" that Pierre Elliot Trudeau and the Main Stream Media believe Canadians should have.

Perhaps Kady O'Malley can talk to her editor at Maclean's, and they in turn can talk to the editors at The Beaver, about paying for an advertisement somewhere on the sidebar of No Ma'am to help combat their ever dwindling circulations in a world where people no longer believe the filthy leftist lies the Main Stream Media keeps spewing at the people. Lol! I'll only charge them what Maclean's charges for a typical one page ad, which is a good deal, since both Kady O'Malley and The Beaver acknowledge the far reaching influence that No Ma'am apparently wields.

Read more about Trudeau the Treacherous Traitor to see why our Socialist inspired media loves to love the man who brought Cultural Marxism to Canada:

Pierre Elliot Trudeau: Cultural Marxist Wrapped in a Canadian Flag


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