Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Few Tidbits To Peruse

The Communist Plan for American Women, by Alan Stang

Just Doing His Job - (Video: 9min) - A KGB trained subverter tells the overall pattern of Soviet style take-over of free societies.

The Case for Father Custody - by Daniel Amneus

OK, I've finally gotten my sorry ass around to reading the fine book, The Case for Father Custody by Daniel Amneus. It is an excellent read that will not only give the reader an excellent insight into how & why society was structured the way it was, but also will lend light into the notion of why Marxofeminists wish to destroy marriage/familes in their bid to destroy the Capitalist system and bring global Communism to the world. (Though you will have to draw the latter conclusions with your own linear thinking brain!).

The Case for Father Custody, by Daniel Amneus
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I like Dr. Amneus' style of writing because he provides so many quotes from his research of feminist literature and does not particularly shred their arguments, but agrees that much of it is correct and then he asks: "Yes, in some ways they are correct, so? It is a recipe for the destruction of civilization, is that what we want?" He does not mince about, sometimes life sucks, get a freakin' helmet!

I have also previously read another book by Daniel Amneus, titled The Garbage Generation, which was an equally excellent book and along much of the same theme as The Case for Father Custody, although The Garbage Generation is a smaller book and does not seem to go quite as far in depth as The Case for Father Custody.

Here is a link for Dr. Amneus' other book, which is also time well spent:

The Garbage Generation by Daniel Amneus

It has become my self proclaimed expert opinion, after reading these books, that society perhaps should strive towards a system in which the children of a marriage should be awarded to the father - as that is what he paid for by yoking himself with a legal wife & the marriage contract. If she wants to leave, fine, but automatically the children produced via marriage should be presumed to belong, by default to the father. If women want to have children without men, then they can remain single and get knocked up by Bugsy the Mobster out of wedlock, or via Thomas the Turkey Baster, and raise said child in whatever manner they see fit - without defacto support provided by such men or the taxpaying citizens. It's time for women to stand up on their own two feet and quit oscillating between being "strong, empowered women," and being "mutilated beggars" who are too weak and frail to make it on their own because of the choices they have made themselves.

Life sucks, get a helmet!