Saturday, January 06, 2001

The "Mature Man's" Views on "Game"

I think that men who are “mature” haven’t forgotten what it is like to be a young 20 year old, who is desperate to get laid. I would say that it works the opposite to forgetting. Men who are 30, 40, 50, 60 etc. have a lot more experience actually knowing how a 20 year old thinks than a 20 year old knows how a 30, 40, 50 or 60 year old man thinks.

Think about it.

Also, while sex is certainly a prime driver of humanity – right after survival – keep in mind that sexuality is only the prime driver for 1/3 of our lifespans. As much as young guys can’t think of anything but pussy, 2/3 of our time on this planet are spent without pussy being the prime directive.

“I cannot conceal from myself that for a dozen years or more I have ceased to be under the spell of sex; I know too well the defects and weaknesses of the idol. I had set it too high, to the detriment of the virile man; I have liked women and sought their company too much. At last impartiality has come. It is never too late to be wise. If I continue to feel a slight preference for the more loving sex, I am less naive, less blind, less credulous, less admiring than before. The veil of Maya has worn thin, and illusion is less necessary to me. My camaraderie has enabled to see truly. I can look at them as they look at one another, as their mothers, fathers and brothers look at them, as the doctor sees them, that is, in all the ways other than the amorous and illusioned way. I am sensitive to their charm, without overrating them; I am touched, moved, grateful, attracted, without being deceived. This is the state I prefer." — Henri Amiel, Sept 17, 1880 (59yrs old)

I have no problem at all with “game” as a tool in a young man’s arsenal. I don’t think any “mature” men do – in fact just the opposite. The problem what I have with game is the tendency to practice it amorally. It is like learning the martial arts – there is nothing inherently wrong with learning it, and in fact, the benefits of learning it are enormous. However, if you do not couple the martial arts with moral values, it quickly becomes something that people abuse ruthlessly.

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

Learning game is learning “power.” Now comes the moral connundrum – should I use my power for good, or for evil?

Too many in the gamosphere propose using game with zero morality whatsoever, and in doing so are embracing the worst of masculinity as an excuse to counter the normative of feminity. Yes, game is a “tool.” However, when compared to the Martial Arts, most reputable Martial Arts proponents will also try to infuse a great deal of morality within their teaching of the “violent arts.” The vast majority of the gamosphere, on the other hand, proposes survival of the fittest, and if you can can cuckold another man’s wife, you should bareback the bitch and knock her up. Serves the dumb cuck right, for being such a beta. This is the same as a guy learning to be a black belt in Karate, and just walking up and down the street, beating the shit out of people, and saying, “Serves the dumb wimp right, for not learning Karate like me.”

Too many in the gamosphere advocate fucking over other men – and in reality, since women are like monkeys that “don’t let go of one branch until they’ve gotten hold of another,” it pretty much comes down to that any time one man “scores”, another man loses.

Somewhere along the line, men fucking over other men in probably the most primal way except for basic survival, is going to come and bite us all on the ass.

Should you know how to deal with women?


Should you abuse your power, and just write it off as “only a dumb beta got hurt?”


Morality is the sphere of men, not women. Women are amoral – just like children. Men are not.



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