Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Thomas Jefferson - Random Remarks as a Young Man


Is there any such thing as happiness in this world? No. And as for admiration, I am sure the man who powders most, perfumes most, embroiders most, and talks the most nonsense, is most admired. Though to be candid, there are some who have too much good sense to esteem such monkey-like animals as these ..

I can view the beauties of this world with the most philosophical indifference

In the most melancholy fit that ever any poor soul was, I sit down to write to you. Last night, as merry as agreeable company with Belinda in the Apollo could make me, I never could have thought the succeeding sun would have seen me so wretched as I am now! I was prepared to say a great deal; I had dressed up, in my own mind, such thoughts as occurred to me, in as moving a language as I knew how, and expected to have performed in a tolerably creditable manner. But, good God!. When I had an opportunity of venting them, a few broken sentences, uttered in great disorder, and interrupted with pauses of uncommon length, were the too visible marks of my strange confusion!

You are determined to be married as soon as possible, and advise me to the same. No, thank ye .. Many and great are the comforts of a single state..

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