Thursday, February 03, 2005

EOTM: Science & Technology: The New Gods

In their quest for power, humans have come to love technology and worship the god science. Science has given us the microwave, the micro-chip, and the micro-computer, courtesy of which you are now reading this.

However there are those of us who must ask whether all this worship of science and technology has enriched the lives of humanity or done anything to move us in the direction that the old gods created us to follow. We have stolen much power from the gods, and they are much the poorer and weaker for it. As humanity sought to become as gods through the application of technology, it forgot the most important power of the god: the power to create.

The major question for people to face themselves with today is whether they are willing to invest technology completely with godlike powers and let it dictate to them what they must do and be like. At its greatest extent of power technology cannot create life, the best it can do is copy it. And copy is what "society" seems determined to do. Change everyone into copies of everyone else.

Technology makes as bad a master as it does good a servant. The challenge of the 3rd millenium ce will be whether humanity surrenders and submits to the dominion of technology, thus creating the dead end for humanity and the thing we all cherish so much, our "intelligence", which is used to mean our consciousness and self-awareness.

We claim to be "intelligent" life, yet we let machines and their rigid inflexible needs dictate the leading of our lives. We have even "split" the nucleus of the nuclear family by destroying the male/female pair bond and the mechanics of attraction which bring them together.

Bad idea.


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