Saturday, June 16, 2007


The title says it all! Only a year ago, I got kicked off a prominent "Men's" board for a month for trying to discuss the apparent amorality that exists in women. The moderater exploded at such a wild generalization, being that he is a closet mangina posing as an MRA. I won't expose his name here, as I believe it is up to each pussy whipped, chivalrous mangina to come out of the closet on his own accord... But, this mangina did me an unwitting favour. Lol!

After my shunning punishment, I left the sicko world of the mangina-styled MRM which has gained absolutely zero ground (and actually lost ground), by adhering to the time proven failure of a philosophy of speaking softly and carying no sticks. Lol! The mangina-styled MRM caused me so much frustration because they still adhere to politically corrected Marxist party line of never calling women on their bullshit! And, this is how the finest blog on the web, also known as No Ma'am came into being. So that I could freely say things like this:

Women are inherently amoral.

Yes indeed, they are, and until women prove me wrong, my superior opinion will be regarded as the gospel truth here at No Ma'am. Quite frankly, I don't see how anything will ever be accomplished within the "Sexual War" until some glaringly obvious things about women's collective behaviour becomes regarded as a fact which can be freely discussed, rather than "known but ignored" out of politically correct fear.

First off, let's look at a definition of Amorality.

Amorality is the quality of having no concept of right or wrong. 'Amorality' or 'amoralism' may also refer to knowing of right and wrong but lacking a belief in the absolute existence of any moral laws.

However, "amoral" must be distinguished from "immoral" in that amoral persons either do not possess ethical notions at all as a result of an unusual upbringing or inborn traits (see Antisocial personality disorder) or else do not subscribe to any moral code.

Lol! I've had some women get down right furious at me for suggesting that their sex has a tremendous problem with amorality. However, the only way women will ever be able to shake an "amoral moniker" is to behave with a strong ethical code of right and wrong, and women are apparently reticent to do this in any meaningful way, so, the label fits. Sorry, girls.

And what, pray tell, illustrates the collective amorality of testosterone challenged humans better than Battered Women's Syndrome? We should all thank fembot psycho-ologist Lenore Walker for inventing such an absurd notion, thus proving the amorality of women for the world to see. Once we get over our fear of telling the Empresses that they aren't wearing any clothes, the amorality argument falls into place rather neatly.

Now, think about what "Battered Women's Syndrome" really implies about women. Forget, for a moment about how wrong you know it is, and think about what it says about women's psychological make up.

Battered Women's Syndrome (BWS) makes women into the most weak-minded human beings that exist on our planet - it makes women out to be less mentally capable than a typical child!

Think about it. The whole notion of BWS is that it is perfectly natural for a woman, if faced with mental and physical abuse, to turn into a murderer, because of a woman's psychological make up.

There is no Battered Man's Syndrome and there is no Battered Child Syndrome. Only women turn into murderous psychos when faced with abuse. Since women commit the majority of child abuse, one might think that Battered Child Syndrome should be prevalent in our society, in fact, scores of children should be blowing the heads off of their abusive mothers and getting off scott free, with sympathy, in the court system - but children are not murdering their abusive mothers. Only women get away with murdering people who "abuse" them.

When children and teens are subjected to bullying by other children, they don't go crackers and murder the bully, either.

Nope. Only women turn into killers when faced with abuse.

Think about what that implies about the psychological weakness of women.

Battered Women's Syndrome should be the biggest slap in the face of "liberated" women that exists in our society, for the very notion of it says that women are so psychologically weak that even children are capable of controlling themselves better than women. Otherwise, we would have Battered Child Syndrome, wouldn't we?

Women should be outraged about people like Lenore Walker and her Bullshit Women's Syndrome, making women out to be weak-minded, uncontrollable psychos.

Why are women not outraged and speaking out against the travesty of justice displayed in the Mary Winkler case?

When I first heard about the Winkler sentence of "3 years but might get out in 60 days," I thought they were talking about how long she would be held in solitary confinement before being released into the general prison population to grow old and die in her new pinstripe suit.

But no, this is instead the whole sentence a woman receives for taking a shotgun and blowing out a man's spine while he is sleeping.

Q: Why aren't women outraged that they, collectively, are being regarded as too weak-minded of human beings to be held accountable for such disgusting behaviour?

A: Amorality

I believe that most women really do know that Battered Women's Syndrome is a bunch of bullshit. If they don't, then it would be easy to make the case that women are really, really stupid - and I don't believe that women are stupid.

Men do not let other men get away with miscarriages of justice like this. One would think that moral women would be outraged at the nothing prison sentences given to females when they commit hideous crimes like murder or infanticide. One would also think that feminists would be outraged at the notion of weak-minded women being easily transformed into psycho bitches in the face of adversity.

As long as women in general stay silent about these miscarriages of justice, they are illustrating complicity with these criminal women and they are rightfully earning the label of "Amoral."

Don't like the label, ladies? Think about how this type of "zero justice" behaviour on the part of women would have to labelled without using the notion of Amorality... it would invite an even nastier notion about women... that they purposefully choose evil over justice.

More on this subject to come...