Saturday, March 31, 2012

Evolving Humankind with Social Brainwashing

“I agree with 98% of what you stated… However I believe you are mistaken as to how the Marxists want to force people to evolve to bring about a utopia. I believe Marxists/socialists simply identify large segments of society, the segments they believe will stand in the way of the revolutionary transformation of society into a perpetual dictatorship of the proletariat (i.e. the central committee which of course speaks for the proletariat) and they liquidate/massacre that segment.

Marxists identify those who have no place in their utopia and then go about the pursuit of their utopia by murdering those who don’t belong.” — Bryan

You are correct. But they aren’t evolving individuals, rather they are evolving humankind – society as a whole.

Think about it this way. If you are removing the “undesirables” from the population, you are evolving the society, and if it is the only society that exists on earth (Marxism invented the term "global governance"), then you are altering humankind by doing so. If you don’t want people in your society to have blond hair, the simplest way is just to kill all the blond haired people. As these people are removed from the gene pool, they will also be failing to pass on their blond genes to the next generations… do this for a few generations, and how much do you think the amount of the future populations will continue to be born blond?

Further, they also believe in social “evolving.” This is precisely what we have already been dealing with today. Homosexuals, for example, have long since claimed they could “cure” society of their homophobia by having mandatory school instruction on the subject, where they claim it will be possible to rid society of homophobia in merely one generation – by brainwashing it out of the kids in the classroom.

"Give us the child for 8 years and it will be Bolshevik forever." -- V.I. Lenin

"We must declare openly what is concealed, namely, the political function of the school...It is to construct communist society." -- V.I. Lenin

This is also happening in feminism. A few years back, someone sent a me a document from my province’s teacher’s association/union, where it was seriously being promoted as part of Grade Eight Social Studies, to have all the boys write an apology to all of the girls in the class, for their historical misogyny and abuses against women. This type of social conditioning, they claimed, would remove misogyny from society in a mere generation as well.

And it's true. It does work that way.

We have been socially “brainwashed” over the past couple of generations to have a new view of marriage and family as well. Everyone now comes from a divorced family, or has been divorced, or at least has a sibling or some other relative who is divorced. It is now something like 50% of children live in homes without a biological father present. It is normal now.

And the only people who really know what a society was like when marriage was still a semi-viable institution, are the Baby-Boomers and a few spatterings of the elderly who are older than them. Once the Baby Boomer generation dies off, will there be anyone left who remembers what such a society was like? There is still some talk today that No-Fault-Divorce was a really bad idea, comparing it to the time before it came in. But once those people are gone, who is gonna talk? Does anyone really talk about presumed-father-custody being undermined by the suffragettes anymore? 99.9% of people probably don’t even realize that for thousands of years, the bedrock of society was based on marriage involving presumed father custody rather than mother custody – nor that the divorce epidemic began with this change, and not with no-fault divorce. (The divorce rate rose from less than 2% before the 1870′s – which had held constant for thousands of years – to around one in seven by the 1920′s. That is about a 700% increase in divorce. Since then, divorce has risen only a modest 300% or so).

So, yes, Marxists often just simply killed those they didn’t like, but just because some of the Marxist states used such brutal tactics, does not necessarily mean it is an “ironclad” Marxist technique to use murder. It is more about the belief that it is possible for man to become god himself, and remake the world into heaven on earth.

By the way, an interesting side note about evolution. When Darwin came out with his thesis, Marx and Engels were extremely excited. Remember that Marx based his ideology on Hegel’s notion of “The Truth is Relative.” (There is no Absolute Truth). When Darwin came out with his book, they regarded it as the science that “proved” they were right. What evolution means in regard to “The Truth” is that because the world is always changing, what was true yesterday is no longer true today. Therefore, what is true today is not necessarily the truth tomorrow.

At any rate, Marx and Engels wrote a letter to Darwin and asked him to affiliate his science with their political ideology.

Darwin declined the honour.