Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Feminization of Christianity

QUOTE: “Do not think it is different from other philosophies.

Zen monks, Jesus’ offer the other cheeck, Gandhi no violence way are all the same. Like it or not.”

Jesus beat the shit out of people with a braided rope too. He also flouted the authorities and humiliated religious leaders. And his principles stood above all else.

In other words, Jesus was no Ned Flanders, and had many masculine qualities.

It has only been recently that Christianity has come to be synonymous with “wimp.” For much of history it wasn’t that way, because Christianity celebrates the masculine. In fact, much of the “struggle” of the Israelites wandering through the desert is about a struggle of the masculine over the feminine – if you understand that many of the cultures they encountered were the same matriarchal descendents which Abram left behind when he went his own way after making a covenant with God.

And the Israelites were not nice about it either.

Take Moses’ wife. (Btw, philosophically speaking – when looking at the “message” of the Bible from a metaphorical sense, Adam = Noah = Abraham = Moses = Jesus. They all metaphorically refer to the same “message.”) Anywho, back to Moses’ wife. When they encountered the tribe she came from (The “M”-something or others), they showed no mercy – even though before they were more or less allies, and after defeating them they killed every man, woman and child, and wiped them from the face of the earth. God commanded them to do this with many cultures they encountered – in fact, the Israelites in the Old Testament under Moses were a warring bunch of nomadic barbarians more than anything else.

The war between the Masculine and the Feminine in the Bible is something which seems to be carefully covered up, but if you were to get into the old texts and the old cultures, and understand that the Hebrew often clearly refers to their greatest threats in the feminine (like in languages such as French), as well as the gods they were fighting against were most often pure sex goddesses or their male consorts…

Further, “God” himself existed in the first civilization of Sumeria. The Sumerian civlization knew of ”El” – the God of the house of Shem, the son of Noah. (Noah’s other son disappeared somewhere, while the other rejected El because El was the God of the Flood, and his son was the ancestor of Gilgamesh who swore vengeance upon him for killing his ancestors.) Anyway, the Sumerians worshipped all gods – and “El” – the god of Shem, existed in those times and in that culture. The plural of “El” is “Elohim.” This is the God that Abram took with him as he left this multi-god (multi-truth = feminine) culture and Went His Own Way into the wilderness.

Now, here is where is gets kinda interesting. Apparently, what the Sumerians loved to do with their gods was “play soap opera” with them. (Abram’s father was an idol maker, remember). Every “god” that they had also had an opposite sex counterpart, and within the culture, these goddesses/gods (goddesses came before gods in those cultures) were constantly marrying and divorcing, cheating on eachother and so on. Some of the ancient stuff they have found are so pornographic they would make a hardcore internet porn surfer blush, I understand. Many ancient rituals, of course, also include elements of sexual acts in them.

However, “El” was very unpopular in this culture.


Because El had no wife. (A Marriage Striker!!!) He was pretty much the only god in Sumerian culture that had no opposite sex counterpart, and the people didn’t like that all.

“El/Elohim” of the House of Shem/House of Abraham, was a God that did not include sex worship.

‘Elohim” is the repudiation of the rule of the feminine principle (sex worship = the feminine = animalness) over the masculine principle (reason – a covenant with one Truth).

It is very telling about what has happened to our culture in that Christianity used to represent something very masculine, whereas today the first thought when you hear Christian is “Ned Flanders.”

Do you picture Ned Flanders in knight’s armour when you think of “Christian?”

Whatever one believes of Christianity, to note how this once masculine religion which founded our civilization has become so thoroughly feminized is, well, noteworthy.


QUOTE: With respect for the quality and helpfulness of your posts and for what your OT sermon just now was trying to teach, it might be worth considering that a sizeable portion of your audience probably doesn’t know what all those biblical references mean. Of course, many have probably heard of Moses and Noah and even Elohim, but how many know what characteristic they represent? Equating Adam with Noah and Abraham and Moses and Jesus is courageous OT character exegesis, even for an OT scholar, but the average Joe would find this fundamentally confusing, right-headed though it may be. You’ve also covered a lot of ground – can you break your main points down into easily digestible portions?

Yeah, this is something which has been percolating inside of me for a long time – it is directly related to my views about Absolute Truth’s struggle with Relative Truth. I think I have been trying to write about this in one way or another for at least 5 years or more now… slowly on it is coming clearer into focus for me. This is not strictly “Bible,” btw, but also includes a hobby of mine which is studying ancient cultures etc. – often in regard to religions/myths and “The Fall of Man.” So, being raised in a religious environment when I was younger, plus having a “hobby” of sometimes delving into ancient cultures just for fun (where I regrettably don’t save links as, lol, religiously as for the MRM), plus what I have learned over the past few years from being involved with MRM… studying Marxism… Relative Truth vs. Absolute Truth… The Power of Female Sexuality… Game…

Well, if we were ever getting into “Book of Rob” stuff, I guess this is it, because I don’t know another person I’ve ever read who shares my views – but I’ve never found an O/T scholar, minister, or layman who wasn’t apologizing for the Bible’s misogyny or trying to downplay it, either. But I am Fedrz, the great misogynist!

It was when I started to learn “other things” that I started thinking, “Instead of downplaying or apologizing for these things, why doesn’t anyone ask why they felt it was so important?” Then with realizing the nature of other cultures that surrounded the O/T, and what their culture was like… it starts to become clear that Adam and Eve were struggling with Absolute Truth vs. Relative Truth in the Garden, and Abram, for instance, was making a covenant with God (Absolute Truth) and leaving a culture filled with Multiple Gods (Relative Truths). In Marxism, one of the features I keep talking about is how they abolish Absolute Truth and live solely by Relative Truth. And also, when I discuss “thought patterns” of males and females, I am often trying to point out that men have the ability “to find Absolute Truth” because of their patterns, while females are mired in Relative Truth because of theirs.

Almost all religions/myths follow one simple over-riding theme: There once was a paradise, man screwed up, and because he screwed up he now has to struggle on this earth… and one thing they all offer at the end is a return to the paradise lost. (Hope – like in Pandora’s Box).

The Old Testament figures are the same general theme.

Adam lived in paradise but fell from grace because he ignored the Absolute Truth and let Eve convince him to follow Relative Truth. God kicked him out of the Garden for it, but also made a promise to Adam after that if Adam followed God’s ways (Absolute Truth), he would find salvation and Eternal Life (Return to the Garden/Paradise/Hope).

During the days of Noah, he was the only one who followed the ways of God (Absolute Truth). Everyone else was living in falseness (Relative Truth). Noah followed God’s ways and he was saved. After the flood, God again makes promises to Noah – it is basically the Garden Story over again, except that Noah followed the Truth and was saved… death to the Relative Truth (the drowned civilization of pre-flood earth) and Noah again is told that following the Truth is “the way.”

During the days of Abram/Abraham, he leaves the corruptness of the Sumerian Culture or its descendent cultures – depending on your biblical timeline – Sumerian culture is the oldest civilization; I think the stories are about the times after the end of the great flood that occurred at end of the Pleistoscene Ice Age some 12,000 years ago - "the post-deluge world/culture" - if you were to follow the Bible literally, Abram was 50 years old when Noah died, and Noah died around 300 years after the great flood. However, if you follow backwards from the timeline of Christ, Abram lived much later in history, and should come from around 2000 B.C. Which is it? Who cares – the “theme” is what is trying to be conveyed – Post Sumerian Cultures like Babylon are related in the way that Britain is related to America, or “The West” – the one directly birthed the next. This place was much like ours is today – lots of sex worship etc. etc. which, as what we know about men and women, leads to a lot of women leading men into falseness (Relative Truth over Absolute Truth – the Garden Story). Once he leaves, God makes a covenant with Abraham, which is again, the same thing: Follow me! Leave Relative Truth behind (animalness = living in the moment, or living in Relative Truth). Follow the Absolute Truth, this is “The Way.”

During the days of Moses, he leads the Israelites out of Egypt – again, an exodus (Adam out of the Garden, Noah out of pre-flood civilization, Abram out of post-flood civilization, and now Moses out of Egypt). And… what are the Israelites marching in front of them? Why, the Ark of the Covenant. (God’s Truth is leading them – and defending them).

Jesus is “The Fulfillment of the Covenant” – The “theme” of the Old Testament is completed by the coming of the Messiah. In fact, this is also the reason for the genealogies in the Old Testament – to show that Jesus is indeed, a descendent of Adam, and Abraham, and thus, a “fulfillment of God’s Covenant.” The “metaphorical purpose” has become complete with Jesus.

- Adam falls from the graces of Truth and gets kicked out of Paradise.
- Noah struggles and follows the Truth and is saved.
- Abram struggles and follows the Truth and is saved.
- Moses/The Israelites struggle, and following the Truth saves them.
- Jesus also struggles, and defeats them completely (ie. The Temptations of Satan – Jesus defeats the struggles of the flesh, including death – the fulfillment of God’s Word to Adam).

Jesus finally “wins” the struggle of Adam/Noah/Abram/Moses (Mankind) and is restored to Paradise.

Heh, heh, of course, Jesus also makes a new covenant – known as the New Testament, but that is a different subject.

As for “El,” well, this comes from Sumerian Culture. This is the “first” culture – so, let’s just call it Post Deluge/Flood Civilization, really. There were eight people who stepped off of Noah’s Ark: Noah, his sons Japeth, Shem, and Ham and their wives. Japeth buggered off somewhere (I’ve heard speculations of Europe or Africa – who cares, if it is metaphorical story), and Ham was the one who “fell out” with Noah – remember, Ham found Noah naked in his drunkenness and called his two brothers to show them their father’s pathetic state. When Japeth and Shem see Noah’s state, they avert their eyes and cover his nakedness, and when Noah awakes and finds out what Ham had done, he curses him. Ham/Ham’s descendents end up leaving – and it is Ham’s descendents that found the “post-deluge culture,” and it is Ham’s descendents that try to build the Tower of Babel in rebellion against God, in response to the flood. In Sumerian legend as well, there is mention of Noah (he was a semi-god), and Ham is also mentioned as the son of Noah, and the great-grandfather of Nimrod (Gilgamesh?) of the Sumerians/Post-Deluge Civilization. The Bible and Sumerian culture are intricately linked – and Sumerian culture and the Biblical story are continually warring with each-other. (It is fairly well acknowledged by now that the early Genesis stories come from Sumerian Culture, btw – I believe even the Catholic Church has acknowledged this – it doesn’t really discredit the Bible).

Now, the way the Sumerians became “the first” civilization was based upon their military techniques, but the success of their civilization were based upon two things: Every time they conquered another “tribe,” they simply adopted them into their culture and accepted their way – including their gods. And the second is, there was no “competing culture.” It truly was a “one world order.” It was totalitarian in the way Marxism wishes to be – when there is only “one order” and no competing one to destroy it, then there will be heaven on earth – the Marxist mantra. (This is where you get the “Masons” – who build the Tower of Babel, and other various occult crapola that all the way-out tin-foil hatters keep yacking about. It is pure speculation even beyond the speculation of ancient history, and quite frankly, it pisses me off they obfuscate things so much with that garbage, while leading people away from THE TRUTH!). So, anyway, the people that were conquered by the culture didn’t really object too much with it, because the conquering culture simply adopted the gods of the conquered into their own culture. The conquered didn’t really much care, as it were.

So, as Sumerian culture developed, so did the amount of gods they had. In fact, they had gods for everything. The god of wind, the god of sun, the god of rain, the god of harvest… and so on. You name it, there was a god for it.

Of course, each “god” represents a particular “truth.” This became a culture that followed multiple truths because they had multiple gods. This is the exact same “philosophy” as the female mind produces – Relative/Multiple Truths. Guess what following “multiple truths” lead to? You guessed it: Totalitarianism. The first civilization was not “free.” Nothing that lives by Relative Truth/The Female Principle can be “free.” (Only the TRUTH will set you free!). We all know this – the more we live by the female, the less freedom we have.

Anyway, in this culture as well, was the god “El.” In Sumerian culture, the god of the flood was “El.” And when they refer to it in the plural, it becomes Elohim. Think of it this way – Abram’s father was an idol maker in this culture, and one single idol of the god of the flood would be called “El,” whereas a table full of “El idols” would be called “Elohim.” Don’t forget, being forbidden to worship idols did not happen until much later, when Moses showed up on the scene and wrote the Pentateuch (The first books of the Bible). It is possible that Noah and his son Shem, and Abram, actually did worship idols that represented God.

El, being the god of the flood, was also therefore, the god which brought Noah and his sons through the flood. This is “God” in the Bible. In the beginning of the Bible, God is called “Elohim,” as well as in other various Hebrew texts. That is where it comes down from Sumerian culture into the Judeo culture.

Now, something that is significant here is that Abram left a culture with multiple gods which represent multiple truths and he rejected it all in favour of monotheism and one Truth.

This is the basis of the Ten Commandments, when in the first part, God establishes that he IS the truth (put no other gods before me = put no other truths before me = Absolute Truth), and the next parts are dictating to behave opposite of animals – Do not kill/steal/commit adultery/covet… yada yada. If you live under the female principle, you are living under sex worship, which is animalness, which leads to multiple truths and falseness. This is what Abraham rejected and instead, went into the wilderness, with his covenant with the Absolute Truth leading the way.

In the ancient Hebrew texts, the worst of demons are always female. In the Hebrew language, Sodom and Gomorrah are referred to in “the feminine,” and in fact, are the only two cities in the entire region which are denoted as such. Both were wicked – and very much wicked in sexuality – or, the female principle.

When Moses is walking around in the desert, they are always fighting against “false gods” or according to Fedrz, “false truths.”

Baal, for example, is mentioned often throughout the Bible – Baal is a male god who is associated with the goddess Ashtaroth. Baal was under the influence of the female principle – a kitchen bitch, adhering to Relative Truth. In the Bible, all of the names of the female goddesses are removed from the scriptures, but, it is likely that if there was Baal worship, there was also Ashtaroth worship, and so on.

God/El had no wife – it was the repudiation of the female dominating the male.

When you strip things back and classify the Old Testament as a Patriarchal Religion, you will see that they were surrounded by Matriarchal Religions and goddess/sex worship.

Given all the other things which we know about the problems of male/female, and the way we see how easily females lead males astray from the Truth – even here in the MRM, much of Christianity’s ancient anti-feminine stance makes an awful lot of sense… and has an awful lot of relevance to the modern day and the sorry state that so many men find themselves in.