Friday, January 20, 2006

Patriarchy 1.0

You can get close to marriage 1.0 by obtaining children via surrogacy and leaving the wife out of the equation. Marriage 1.0 was about  father-custody of children. (Note that shared parenting is not marriage 1.0 either, nor marriage 1.7 – shared parenting is like marriage 2.3, even further away, and involving more of the state than even before). Women don’t need a husband to have children. All the “alphas” out there love to sport-fuck bareback as much as the women riding the cock-carousel do. A woman can get knocked up easy. Men, however, have usually only been able to obtain children through marriage and a wife.

There is no advantage to a man to take on a wife. Those who have studied game should know this completely. She is not your companion – if you make her one, she will leave you. She is not your equal, if you make her one she will leave you. She is not there to satisfy your emotions, just the opposite actually, as she will constantly “test” your emotional state to make sure you are “strong.” When you get old, you get weaker, and lose your “alpha-cred”, and most likely her too, along with your pension. It goes on and on. Taking on a wife is almost a pure liability – even in marriage 1.0. The only thing a wife contributes (and only in marriage 1.0) is a man’s own children. (In marriage 2.0. the children are hers, so what’s the point?) Even in marriage 1.0, the wife provides little of value except her womb, and still comes fraught with liability. Does anyone think it was a great deal for husbands in marriage 1.0 to be  legally liable for the actions of his wife? She was a liability back then too, and could be just as miserable and soul-draining as they are now. The only difference was that the children in marriage were his and if she left, she couldn’t take the kids – and so, very few women actually left. Men love women, women love children, and children love puppies – it is a one way street and does not work the other way around.

You can have all the patriarchy 1.0 you want by getting your own children through surrogacy, and leaving “the wife” completely out of the equation. Hire a nanny. It’s still cheaper than supporting a wife, or going through a divorce. Let alone not having to put up with all the bloody drama day in day out. Then you date with game to get your sexual needs met. Never marry, and certainly never marry and allow her to adopt the kids. If you must have a woman living with you, get her an in-law suite in the basement or convert your backyard garage into a studio, and charge her $50/month in rent. Make sure she’s childless and you are fixed.

Surrogacy is very close to marriage 1.0, and it puzzles me why this isn't one of the major issues of the MRM. Changing father-custody to mother custody was one of the first things the suffragettes went after – now you can see why.

Back to basics.