Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dead Men Don't Rape

Ahhh... feminists! Does anything illustrate the gender supremacy of feminism better than the name of this blog?

Dead Men Don't Rape


Way to go, Pippi, you are well on your way to illustrating the amorality of your gender. Yes, yes, keep at it, for supremacist women like you are doing a tremendous job at illustrating the phrase: "Women have been spending the past 40 years proving that men were right for the previous 4,000 years."

Perhaps Pippi got the notion for her supremacist lunacy of encouraging vigilantism from her Whimmins Studies classes, after she read the speach which the Gender Supremacists' Great Walrus, Andrea Dworkin, gave in Banff to the Canadian Mental Health Association back in 1991. (In case you are wondering, she was there speaking as an expert instead of as a case study - though, one would have thought that a lot of shrinks must have attended and must have recognized delusional behaviour, and yet they said nothing - Daddy's money for tuition was not well spent, was it?)

From the Mighty, 5-Ton Great Walrus herself, her Highness and false rape fairy tale author http://www.nostatusquo.com/ACLU/dworkin/other/rape.html , the Great Hatress, Andrea Dworkin, speaks to you her words of bigoted insanity:


"I am asking you to stop passing: stop passing and having feminism be part of a secret life. I am asking you not to apologize to anyone for doing it. I am asking you to organize political support for women who kill men who have been hurting them. They have been isolated and alone. This is a political issue. They're being punished, because at some moment in their lives, they resisted a domination that they were expected to accept. They stand there in jail for us, for every one of us who got away without having to pull the trigger, for every one of us who got away without having the trigger on us. I'm asking you to stop men who beat women. Get them jailed or get them killed. But stop them. I am not asking you to be martyrs. I am saying that we have been talking for 20 years. And I am saying that men who rape make a choice to rape. And men who beat women make a choice to beat women. And we women now have choices that we have to make to fight back. And I am asking you to look at every single possibility for fighting back. Instead of saying that I asked him, I told him, but he just wouldn't stop. All right? We need to do it together. We need to find ways to do it together. But we need to do it."

(Btw, this speach REALLY IS part of Whimmins Studies. It was first published as "Terror, Torture and Resistance" in Canadian Woman Studies, Fall 1991, Volume 12, Number 1.) This is how your tax dollars are spent when the government gives YOUR money to academia!

Well, it looks as if Pippi got her degree in Bitch and Moan, alright. She probably even scored a 4.0 GPA.

To bad that Pippi doesn't spend some time filling her cotton candy brain with things like the law. It galls me that airheads like her, and big, fat walruses like Dworkin freely advocate for the killing of men vigilante style, something which is clearly illegal. And yet the same fucked up feminist movement advocates for the censorship of "masculist websites" because they advocate for fathers' rights to custody and speak out against feminism. http://mensnewsdaily.com/archive/m-n/mcelroy/03/mcelroy060303.htm Free speach is a right, you fucktards, while what Pippi does, and what Dworkin did, are against the law - as they are advocating for women to utilize vigilante style justice to kill without a trial - for crimes that are not capital offences.

One wonders, in this day of equality, why Pippi doesn't get arrested? I wonder how long it would take for the police to darken my door if I started a blog titled "Dead Women Don't Make False Rape Allegations?" How about "Dead Wives Don't Require Alimony." Maybe even "Dead Feminists Don't Encourage Killing Men!" Personally, I think even children, who recieve the majority of their abuse from women, should start a teen site called "Dead Mothers Don't Hit."

Anyone want to wager how long it will take for the first woman to get off of a murder charge for killing some guy she shagged after having a few drinks? I mean, this is rape now. Women already get off the hook for setting guys on fire for abuse - and of course the "abuse" can be a dirty look, or basically doing anything that the supreme princess finds disagreable, in fact, NOW is trying to make it that even a man seeking custody of his own children be classified as abuse... so, why not start killing guys who've bumped uglies with a woman whose had a few drinks, he is a raaaaaypist after all...wah, wah, wah... I had to kill him, I felt so dirty, he raaaaaayped me! Wah, wah, wah!

I'm sorry to say it to all you ladies out there, but I really couldn't give a tinker's damn about any of you who are raaaaaayped or b-b-beaten anymore. You are all tripping over yourselves to claim that you have been raaaaayped or that your ex was abusive, or both. I just don't give a shit anymore. It is all an attention game and it is women who have let real rape & abuse victims down by playing up to all their attention whoring friends and rushing to hold their hand while they cry together. Guys will even call eachother on fishing lies, but women can't even call other women on the "dirty-look abuse" or the "3 drink rape" scenarios. And I certainly don't hear the average woman rushing to tell fucktards like Pippi or Dworkin to shut their big fat insane mouths. Rather, the average woman hears what these delusional bitches spew forth, then nod their heads and realize, HORROR, I had sex with my husband on our wedding night after drinking champagne... MAYBE I WAS RAAAAAYPED TOO! WAH, WAH, WAH! FEEL SORRY FOR ME!

Let them eat rape.

Even 10 year old boys understand the moral of the story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."

Women's amorality is truly disgusting, and "people" like Pippi and Dworkin illustrate this with intricate detail. Thanks feminists, for showing men how disgusting this aspect of women's behaviour is.