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Pierre Elliot Trudeau: Cultural Marxist Wrapped in a Canadian Flag

Those of you who are Canadian readers may remember the 2002 mini-series "Trudeau" that the tax-subsidised Canadian Pravda (read: the CBC) created with further tax-subsidies. ( Of course, at the time, Pierre's own Liberal Party held a majority of seats in the Cremlin...erm...Parliament, so it comes as no surprise that Canada's greatest Marxist was hailed as some sort of Canadian hero rather than someone who implemented some of the most damaging and ridiculous legislation in Canadian history. Sigh, I suppose it was only to be expected, for his longtime henchman, Jean Chretien, was in power and he still worshipped the very ground that Trudeau had walked on. Remember Chretien's failed attempt to rename Canada's highest peak, Mt. Logan, as Mt. Trudeau? (A peak in British Columbia did eventually become named Mt Trudeau in 2006 - but it was not Mt. Logan. When Canada's greatest mountain gets renamed, Mr. Chretien, it will be christened "Mt. Fedders.")

This blogger wonders, however, if many of us Canadians recognize precisely how Marxist the "great" Trudeau was, and whether the future history books will view him as kindly as the pro-left (read: need tax dollars just to survive) CBC did.

Here is a very telling article which illustrates exactly how deeply Trudeau believed in Marxism:


Trudeau and his Communist friends - by Jamie Glazov, Ph D. (Oct 16, 2000)

He never met a communist he didn't like.

That's the reality that all of the adoring eulogies to former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau somehow fail to mention.

It was completely expected that Cuban dictator Fidel Castro showed up for Trudeau's state funeral on October 5, after he declared three days of mourning in his totalitarian state. The two were great buddies ever since Trudeau visited Cuba in 1973 and proclaimed "Viva Castro!" One only has to read Armando Valladaras' "Against All Hope" to get a good sense of the moral degeneracy it takes to utter such words about the father of Cuba's concentration camp system.

Valladaras, a Cuban poet who spent twenty years of torture and imprisonment for merely raising the issue of freedom, provides the most indicating and heart-wrenching account of Castro's atrocious human-rights record. His book serves as Cuba's version of Solzhenitsyn's "Gulag Archipelago". For Trudeau, of course, there were bigger priorities: cozying up to individuals who put the ideas of socialism into actual practise.

Castro, of course, was not alone in enjoying Trudeau's publicly declared endorsements. The same year he pronounced "Viva Castro!" he also praised Mao Tse-tung's revolution in China, stating that Mao had delivered a wonderful system to his people. At that time, it was already well documented in the West that Mao's gulag had liquidated more than 60 million human lives.

Trudeau's behaviour becomes understandable in the context of his life-long admiration of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the 18th century French philosopher who, in his famous promotion of the submission of the individual to the "general will," set out the blueprint for genocide-making not only of the French Revolution, but of the Marxist and Nazi revolutions of the 20th century.

Thus, in Trudeau's philosophical outlook, the innocent victims of Castro's and Mao's concentration camps were not to be thought about in their human context, but only in abstract terms - if at all.

As Prime Minister, Trudeau was enchanted with pacifism -- in the face of "general will" of course. Thus, Trudeau tried to pull Canada out of NATO. Failing that, he succeeded in cutting in half Canada's NATO commitments in Europe, and in decimating the preparedness of his own armed forces at home.

Trudeau never forgot about Cuba. In 1976, he made sure to help Castro's effort to liberate Angolan citizens from their individual interests, and to help subordinate them to the "general will." Thus, Trudeau allowed Cuban transport planes to refuel in Newfoundland before they picked up arms in the Soviety Union and flew to Angola to fight for class utopia.

One problem was that Castro couldn't help Julius Nyerere, the ruthless communist dictator of Tanzania, whose disastrous Marxist economic policies created large-scale famines. Trudeau came to the rescue. As a great admirer of Nyerere, he made sure that Canada exported free food supplies to the communist dictatorship, most of which the elites grabbed for themselves, and which never reached the individuals who failed to subordinate their interests to the "general will" - which meant the people of Tanzania whom Nyerere didn't feel worth saving.

Very little, of course, tingled the human heart as much as the compliments that Trudeau heaved upon the Soviet regime, a system that inflicted genocide on a scale that only Mao could surpass in numbers killed. Trudeau visited the Soviet Union not once, but twice, and on one of the visits he could not restrain himself from praising the way the Soviets had developed their North -- saying that Canada should do the same. Anyone who had the slightest knowledge about the Soviet Union at the time knew that the Soviet North was developed by concentration camp slave labour. Trudeau knew it well. But, of course, he also knew the importance of the "general will." That's why he never apologized to the families of the millions who perished, nor to Soviet dissidents, who were infuriated by his remark.

When Trudeau pined for Fidel, he filled that void by palling around with the Soviet ambassador to Canada, Alexander Yakovlev. He also signed a "friendship protocol" with the Soviets, a friendship of which he was genuinely proud.

In light of these realities, it might do well to build a Lenin-style mausoleum on Parliament Hill for the late Prime Minister. It would be the least Canadians could do in memory of Canada's great humanitarian leader, whose life was dedicated to praising those who had sacrificed human life on the altar of utopian ideals.

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Well, that's pretty revealing about the great Trudeau, isn't it? He most certainly had Marxist sympathies, didn't he? But, lets have a look at some other earlier facets of his life which are also just as revealing of how deeply involved Pierre was in Cultural Marxism all along.

"...In 1949, he was an active supporter of workers in the Asbestos Strike. In 1956, he edited an important book on the subject, La grève de l'amiante, which argued that the strike was a seminal event in Quebec's history, marking the beginning of resistance to the conservative, francophone clerical establishment and anglophone business class that had long ruled the province. Throughout the 1950s, Trudeau was a leading figure in the opposition to the repressive rule of Premier of Quebec Maurice Duplessis as the founder and editor of Cité Libre, a dissident journal that helped provide the intellectual basis for the Quiet Revolution.

Trudeau was interested in Marxist ideas in the late 1940s. In the 1950s and early 1960s, he was a supporter of the social democratic Co-operative Commonwealth Federation party — which became the New Democratic Party. During the 1950s, he was blacklisted by the US and prevented from entering the country because of a visit to a conference in Moscow (where he was arrested for throwing a snowball at a statue of Stalin) and because he subscribed to a number of leftist publications. Trudeau later appealed the ban, and it was rescinded."

So, it is obvious that Trudeau was an extreme leftist (Marxist) all along, note the "divide by class and conquer" ideology displayed by his involvement in the Asbestos strike which was deeply marked with socialist idealism. Especially Marxist was his involvement in the "Quiet Revolution" which had the result of Quebec creating a Ministry of Education and involved massive tax-funding into the education system, the unionization of the civil service, and the nationalizing of electricity production and distribution. All of these are highly socialist ideals and right up a Cultural Marxist's alley.

In 1965, Pierre Trudeau abandoned his allegience to the far left NDP party which he had been affiliated with and was persuaded to run for political office on the Liberal ticket for the riding of Mount Royal, an election he easily won and a riding he would hold for the nearly 20 years. It is too bad however, that Trudeau did not abandon his Marxist idealism when he left the NDP. If anything, Trudeau should be attributed with transforming the Liberal party into the far leftist NDP party - which naturally leaves one to wonder exactly how far left the current NDP has to be for it to be regarded to the political left of the Liberals.

Pierre rose quickly through the ranks of the Liberal party and along the way he spread his anti-social agenda like Johnny Marxist Seed. In 1967 he was appointed to the position of Justice Minister and he immediately introduced laws which eerily coincide with the Marxist agenda. In previous posts I have pointed out how Marx & Engels, V.I. Lenin and feminists have targeted marriage-destruction as the way to destroy society - in order to build their new utopia from the ashes of its ruins. Please allow me to briefly review some quotes with you for relevance:

"The first class opposition that appears in history coincides with the development of the antagonism between man and woman in monogamous marriage, and the first class oppression coincides with that of the female sex by the male." -- Frederick Engels, The Origins of the Family, Private Property and the State So in 1918, Lenin introduced a new marriage code that outlawed church ceremonies. Lenin opened state run nurseries, dining halls, laundries and sewing centers. Abortion was legalized in 1920, and divorce was simplified. (From Carey Roberts' article: "When Family Dissolution becomes the Law of the Land".)

"The nuclear family must be destroyed, and people must find better ways of living together. ...Whatever its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process. ...Families have supported oppression by separating people into small, isolated units, unable to join together to fight for common interests." -- Linda Gordon, Function of the Family, WOMEN: A Journal of Liberation, Fall, 1969

And so, what did the great Canadian Marxist, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, do the moment he had the means to implement his agenda? "...Pierre Trudeau came to champion the values of individual freedom and equality, and to condemn the idea that we remain captives of our race, religion, class or collective history. He did not, however, denigrate cultural identity. He believed that the state should protect cultural values, but under the rubric of equality. It should not privilege the majority.

As minister of justice, Mr. Trudeau began to put these ideas into effect. He introduced legislation permitting therapeutic abortions, legalizing adult consensual homosexual acts, allowing the dissemination of birth-control materials and contraceptive information, and authorizing judicial divorce based on a range of fault and no-fault grounds." (The Globe and Mail: Pierre Elliot Trudeau 1919-2000, by Lorraine Weinrib, Oct 2000)

As Stephen Baskerville often points in his articles, , there never was a massive uprising of the people back in the 60's demanding no-fault divorce laws... um, so for what other reason did politicians like Trudeau rush to pass anti-family laws such as this - except to promote a Cultural Marxist agenda?

All this and our Marxist hero was only yet the Minister of Justice! In the same year, 1967, Lester B. Pearson announced he would be stepping down as Prime Minister. Pierre Trudeau ran for the Liberal party leadership and was sworn in as Prime Minister of Canada on April 20, 1968.

As Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre "Marxist" Trudeau continued his scourgeous ideologies upon the people of Canada.

He strongly defended the universal healthcare program and regional development programs which had been recently introduced in Canada under the guise that they were a way to make Canadian society equally just. Today, this Marxist system has proven to be a vast waste of money which provides services similar to the quality of a Russian breadline. But it is still strongly supported by our governments because it is part of our "national identity." (What, lousy healthcare is our culture?)

He vastly depleted our armed forces, which, after WWII were considered the 3rd most powerful in the world and continued a noble existence through to the 50's and 60's. Today, they could scarcely defend Mt. Trudeau. In the face of all of this, Trudeau set Canada forward on the biggest socialist spending spree ever seen in Canadian history - and Trudeau himself can lay claim to a vast portion of our HUGE national debt. All this debt, no military, but we have statefunded healthcare! The US, who spends VAST resources on their military has their "tax freedom day" in April of each year, while we in Canada have to wait for the beginning of July for ours. (How much health insurance could you buy with 2 months of your wages?)

Pierre Trudeau championed the cause of "Multi-Culturalism", a well know ploy of Cultural Marxist ideology. As well he shoved the notion of "bilingualism" down the throats of Canadians, forcing much red-tape on a general population that is anything but bilingual. It was, however, effective in keeping many anglophones out of political office and federal positions. Must have been more of that anglophones "oppressing" francophones crap, or something. Something Trudeau must have known all about since he was involved in the "Quiet Revolution" which claimed that the "anglophone business class" was oppressing the "francophone working class." (Ummm... sound familiar?)

Oh yes, and lets not forget, The Ministry for the Status of Women was created in 1971, under guess who's reign?

Pierre Trudeau nationalized Canada's energy (communism-ized) and he also created Petro-Canada, an organization which proved profit is ellusive to big goverment and became known as "Pierre Elliot Trudeau Ripping Off Canada." When the government finally took their fingers out of Petro-Canada and privatized it, magically...somehow... this company actually became profitable.

Yes, Pierre Trudeau truly transformed the Liberal party into something far more Marxist than was intended with its original founding. Even after Pierre thankfully bowed out of the public spotlight in the 80's, the Liberals have proudly carried in his fine tradition. Jean Chretien, Trudeau's favourite lackey, siezed power and continued a Liberal campaign of terror against Canadians via oppressive domestic violence laws, hysterical sexual assault laws, and punative divorce and custody laws. Of course, lets not forget the totalitarian styled Gun Registry implemented by Liberal Justice Minister Alan Rock - a law which cost billions & didn't affect crime one iota, yet stripped Canadians of yet more freedoms. But thats OK, it just means that when these anti-freedom "civil servants" are one day condemned for treason, there won't be any guns for a firing squad, so we'll just have to have ourselves an old fashioned stoning.

And surely let's not also forget the heroic efforts of Chretien's post-Trudeau Liberal government in "balancing the budget" and saving us from the impending financial destruction which Chretien himself helped to create when he was Trudeau's Cultural Marxist handjob lackey in the 70's and 80's. Only Goebels himself could have believed that a dumb like a fox fellow like Chretien could have pulled off such a major propaganda coup on the Canadian public and come out looking like a hero.

Even today, the Liberal party is infected with this anti-social disease. In the last election, which the Liberals finally lost, they campaigned for State Run Daycare! Need I re-point you to the quote about Lenin found earlier in this article? (The troubling thing is that even the "right-wing" Conservative party agrees with "subsidizing other people's children" by countering state-run daycare with directly giving people with children tax-payer money to subsidize childcare costs - definitely a Marxist ideal, from the supposed right!) Let's take notice of the "Mangina of the Year, 2006", previous Liberal leadership candidate Bob Rae who's campaign buttons depicted the word "Bob" with the top of the female gender symbol making the "o" in Bob. And let's not forget Liberal MP, Maria Minna, recently screaching and hollering at Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper about women receiving $0.71 for every $1.00 a man earns. Hopefully someone with the great responsibility of representing "the people" is smart enough to know that such unfair wages have been made illegal well over 40 years ago - and if she is that smart, wouldn't she be willfully engaging in hate-inspired propaganda? (Hmmm... me thinks that is another hallmark of Marxism!)

Yup, Trudeau was a freakin' Marxist alright! And he infected not only the Liberal party with sick Marxist ideology, but the whole country as well!

It's a shame that my province is home to the newly named "Mt Trudeau." At least it wasn't Canada's highest peak. But still, degrading a beautiful British Columbian mountain with this moniker is truly a crime against nature.

I know of a steaming pile of something behind the barn that would be better fitting of the name "Mount Trudeau."