Saturday, July 17, 2010

Philalethes #12 - Foreign Women

It does seem to be true that Asian women are, on average, a lot nicer to get along with than the American version (not to mention nicer to look at, to my taste, anyway), but I have to wonder: for how long? I don’t think there’s any fundamental difference between American and other women; what we’re seeing is simply traits native to female consciousness and character, unrestrained. And the rest of the world does seem to want to emulate America, in this perhaps more than anything else beyond simple economic prosperity.

A few years ago a local young man in his twenties met a Japanese girl in a Chinese class in Beijing, and brought her home and married her. Recently they separated, at her behest, I gather. I don’t know them well, but an older male friend who has been a mentor to the young man, and to their marriage, tells me he got so tired of the woman calling him up and screeching at him that he finally hung up on her. (He’s also been having a hard time keeping his own marriage together; his wife, a Filipina-American, beautiful and sweet, nearly left him–with their three children–after having her “consciousness raised” by local Anglo feminists. I know he’s a good husband and father, but they almost had her convinced he wasn’t good enough.)

In my slight acquaintance with the young man, I did find him self-confident to the verge of a kind of quiet arrogance, and suspect he may not be a very good listener. But that’s how young men are (if their spirit hasn’t been trashed, like so many of us); in effect, the challenge for a young woman is to tame him without breaking him, so she’ll have a strong protector. Modern American women just don’t seem to be up to that challenge, preferring weak males instead; and I have the feeling this pattern is spreading. A nation, a civilization whose women cripple their men is ripe for conquest. As Graham Strachan points out, “behind the feminist and other popular movements are some very ugly scheming people who want to destroy the institutions of civilisation so they can rule over the wreckage.” This is what’s really happening.
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