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Philalethes #14 - Hyphenate Them Any Way You Want, A Feminist is a Feminist is a Feminist

I’m sorry, I won’t be joining the pathetically eager Wendy McElroy fan club. She may be a “kinder, gentler” dominatrix, but you can be sure she still holds the whip. Can’t anyone see what’s happening here? Even if some “tide” is turning, it’s still women who hold all the power, and use it solely at their whim.

McElroy writes, “My point is that our cultural assumptions have shifted.” What do you mean “our,” white woman? My “assumptions” haven’t “shifted”; it’s always been plain to me that Naomi Wolfe and all her myriad “sisters” are idiots. What she means by “our” is the consensus among white, Anglo/Jewish North American women. Men, men’s thoughts and opinions, men’s welfare or abuse, don’t count except insofar as they may affect men’s fitness to meet the needs of women. This is nothing but an argument between factions of women about how men should best be managed.

Have you not noticed that this is the case in all the current ferment over what is feminism, who is a feminist, etc.? It’s a big coffee klatch, a room full of women, all talking at once at top volume. (One of the biggest lies of feminism is what I call the Myth of Sisterhood — that all women think alike. The truth is all wars are between factions of women, using men as proxies: front men, fall guys, whipping boys, cannon fodder.) When — if — they figure it out, they’ll let us know what our role is to be.

Note that every one of the “critics” and “sceptics” she quotes or refers to are women. Not a single man. Men’s opinions of Naomi Wolf are irrelevant; this is an issue — like all issues of any importance — to be decided by Woman, alone in Her Perfect Wisdom.

Women are notoriously, eternally creatures of mood, whim and impulse; change is their natural element. If you faint with gratitude to see her changing her mind today and allowing that men — some men, at least — should be treated a little better, what will you do tomorrow when she exercises her eternal prerogative and changes it again?

She will, you know. She gets bored easily. Very easily.

The idea that justice should be based on standards that do not change is a product of the male mind, and foreign to the female, for whom how she “feels” at any given moment is the absolute, final standard of judgment.

Another element of the male mind, much ridiculed and complained of by females, is the faculty of discrimination, whence comes the understanding that in some matters (everything, in fact, that matters in human life) you can’t have your cake and eat it too. We must make choices. One of those choices is which part of our nature shall rule our lives: emotion or reason? It’s either one or the other; no “equality” is possible. It’s women’s hatred of and refusal to acknowledge that choice that is the bedrock of feminism. You heard what they yelled: “We want it all!” They were not kidding.

One way you can always tell a feminist, even the “kinder, gentler” variety: she refuses to use her “husband’s name. I know, women will fume and spit about this, but I’ve found it to be a good indicator of where a woman really stands. I know intelligent, powerful women, clearly dominant in many respects in their marriage situations, who nonetheless identify themselves as their husbands’ wives; this does not diminish their real power in any way, but seems to constitute an acknowledgement, subtle (and often not consciously understood by the woman herself) but real, that she is not the be-all and end-all of creation. That there is a natural hierarchy, and that, for human life to be human, reason must be acknowledged the master of emotion.

“Individualist” feminism is really the ultimate form of the disease, woman usurping not only man but God as well. “I am Me, I don’t need anything or anyone, no one can tell me what to do, and I can do anything I want!” It is precisely because Woman is naturally subjective and narcissistic that sane cultures have placed man in charge.

“If you allow them [women] to pull away restraints and put themselves on an equality with their husbands, do you imagine that you will be able to tolerate them? From the moment that they become your fellows, they will become your masters.” Marcus Porcius Cato (the Elder, aka the Censor), 234-149 BCE

Read this quote again: it is not a joke, it is simply the truth. There is no “equality”; one or the other must be the final authority. And the prediction has come to pass, as evidenced by the common response of “men” here to Wendy McElroy. American “men” in our time are really boys, expectantly awaiting Mother’s judgment, pathetically grateful when she deigns to withhold the lash.

Boys are males who are subject to women; men are males who have graduated from childhood, that state that is naturally under female authority, and become capable and worthy of caring for and managing women and children. This “graduation” is another kind of birth, and in our culture it has been aborted wholesale (not by accident that abortion is the “sacrament” of feminism), so that boys do not grow into men, and thus women can be “free” — which in practice means totally out of control, along with every imaginable social pathology. Look around; it is all of a piece.

Probably nothing can be done about this; the disease, like every historical case of social degeneration and collapse, must run its course. Perhaps no one who reads this will be capable of understanding, but here it is anyway: the truth.

Hyphenate them any way you want, a feminist is a feminist is a feminist.

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