Monday, February 25, 2002

Zenpriest #56 - MGTOW's Trademark Copyright Philosophy

QUOTE: "Mind if I work those sentiments into the series?"

Not at all. You've not been around long enough to have heard my standard "tgc public use license" spiel - Any so-called "men's movement", in order to be effective, will necessarily be decentralized, have no formal organization, and be entirely voluntary and viral in nature. The existing power structures support feminism because feminism supports the existing power structures and demands their growth.

I do not subscribe to the concept of "intellectual property" because I cannot claim that any idea I've had or expressed is purely original and came from nowhere besides my own brilliance.

I have some real heartburn with guys who try to copyright or trademark essential ideas - which men might use to improve their conditions - in order to make a quick buck. Phil McGraw and Warren Farrell are simply different points on the same spectrum.

All that being said, any MRA is welcome and granted a perpetual license to use or reuse anything I have ever said without wasting both of our time by asking me - as long as it is used to further the interests of men - with or without attribution, and preferably without.

Here is why - feminism was unleashed like a disease on an unsuspecting world. No woman claims ownership of the "69 cents" lie, or the "1 in 4" lie, so women in general own it and every woman out there will argue it as if it were her very own idea - because she believes it is. Men have to start doing the same. I would love nothing more than millions of men repeating ideas that I have articulated, and believing that they are their own ideas and they cooked them up their own clever selves.

MRAs are in general too damn polite. Scumbags will rip off anyone else's idea and try to make a buck off it, MRAs will stand around being "polite" and not do something which might help men because..., well because there might be something not-polite in there somewhere.

QUOTE: "I can't seem to find a way to contact this fellow through blogger. Do you know of any way i can contact him? i just prefer to be up front about this sorta thing, I just wanna avoid accusations of plagiarism, i think online the best way to do that is by going above and beyond to give credit where its due."

Don't be so fuckin' polite. Damn few MRAs have ever made one cent from being MRAs, and a lot of of us use pseudonyms purely because we avoid the limelight rather than seek it. I've had lots of conversations with JadedGuy and I can tell you that he would 1000 times rather that the ideas get picked up and spread among men and that they would catch on than he cares one shred about "credit." He is on at least his third or fourth blog (the previous one was "Scripturally Single", and I'm not sure what the one before that was called, I just remember that there was one.) He re-invents himself every couple of years, anyway.

The whole concept of Men Going Their Own Way came out of discussions on Mancoat about 3-4 years ago. Some of us long term activists were discussing if men would ever manage to get their shit together to mount any sort of organized pushback against femi-fascism. The consensus was that they never would, and it was observed that what was really already happening was that massive numbers of men were simply unplugging from the system of social values which was screwing them over and defining their own values for proceeding with their lives - Going Their Own Way. JadedGuy was as much a part of these discussions as anyone, and he clearly understands that aspect of needing to give ownership of any "men's movement" to any man willing to get off his ass and ”Shovel the Fuckin’ Gravel.”
The biggest challenge to the MRM is getting out of neutral - it has remained stalled for more than 40 years. One big part of this is that men have become passive as they have become feminized, and most boards have plenty of suggestions of great ideas for SOMEONE ELSE to make happen.

Which leads to another really good contribution by JadedGuy - "to suggest is to volunteer."

You are shoveling some gravel in making this happen. You have volunteered. Not one of us will do anything to hold you back.

Go for it.

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