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Zenpriest #40 - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


Courtship Signaling and Adolescents:
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"?

Monica M. Moore, Ph.D.
Department of behavioral and Social Sciences, Webster University

Cary (1976) discovered that the woman, through eye contact, controlled the course of interaction with a male stranger, both in the laboratory and in singles' bars. Perper (1985) gave a detailed description of courtship, stressing an escalation-response process in which women play a key role in escalation or deescalation. The steps in this process are approach, turn, first touch, and steady development of body synchronization.

Although these reports are clearly valuable, most researchers addressed courtship very generally, and some failed to recognize the importance of the female role in the courtship process .What was needed was a more complete ethogram of women's nonverbal courtship signals. To compile such a catalog of flirting behavior exhibited by women involved in initial heterosexual interaction, more than 200 adults were observed (Moore, 1985) in field settings such as singles' bars, restaurants, and parties. 

Research has shown, therefore, that the cultural myth that the man is always the sexual aggressor, pressing himself on a reluctant woman, is incorrect.

Thus the old saying "she asked for it."

Two key issues related to the red highlighted part in particular, and the related information:

1) socially we have become so stupid, and so enmeshed in the "sex is a social construct" idiocy, that we now have to have extensive research projects to discover what the majority of people have always known. Ms Moore's next research project, for which she received a $10 million grant, took 10 years but was able to definitively determine that peanut butter is made from .... peanuts.

2) That mythology, which is part of the foundation of both the old Feminine Mystique and the modern Feminist Mystaque, allows the horny slut of tonight to revise history and become the reluctant virgin of tomorrow suffering so terribly from being "sexually harassed" or "rayyyppped".

This is the nuclear bomb of the gender war, in that it attacks the very foundations and mechanisms which draw men and women together in the first place. Given the universal lying about this by women, men are left between a rock and hard place. No matter how aggressively she may signal interest, in many cases completely faked purely for the purpose of extracting attention and resources from the male, in the light of revisionist history the man will always take the fall if he fails to please her in the way she expected.


“Women chat happily, send sexually explicit signals and encourage the man’s attention, even if they have absolutely no interest in him. This gives a woman time to assess a man, says [Karl Grammer of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Urban Ethology in Vienna, who studied 45 male-female pairs of strangers in their teens and early twenties]… Importantly, the women also seemed to control the encounter – what the women did had a direct effect on what the men did next. ‘You can predict male behaviour from female behaviour but not the other way around,’ says Grammer”New Scientist Magazine (London), February 14, 2001


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