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Zenpriest #39 - Brer Patriarch

QUOTE: "This article is disturbing because they only relate it to how the hardships suffered by boys are affecting women. This is a product being sold with great bias, and in its method, the point of the article is lost to those that examine it closely.

On the one hand though, this can also be considered fighting fire with fire. If one adopts that philosophy for how they fight, then it's also got to be accepted that their cause will be pushed forward in ways that aren't agreeable to them. In this case, the reversal of feminist ideology will continue in small steps until there is social revolution. I don't particularly like McElroy myself, but she is speaking to 'feminists' in language that they will understand and what they don't is honor, morals and principles.

An article that is wolf in sheep's clothing indeed."

I read this 3 times and still didn't get what point you were trying to make. I really don't think she is "she is speaking to 'feminists' in language that they will understand". The most basic tenets of feminism are:

1) a fundamental disrespect for men, maleness, and the male experience,

2) the bedrock belief that women always have it worse than men and always have had it worse than men.

While she and some others of her ilk try to put a "rational" face on some aspects of feminism, I don't think they manage to pull it off. A perfect, but very indirect, measure of the belief system from which she operates was given in the thread over at MND which resulted in the female mod resigning. McElroy's husband jumped into the argument between Gonz and navyblue in which Gonz was explaining why he was not interested in going out and giving another woman a chance to totally fuck him over. NB was pulling the standard shaming tactic of "suck it up, get over it and move on" - with the implication of that being to go right back to courting women and currying their favor.

Brad jumped in with "blame yourselves, men!"

I see her entire paradigm as being simply wrong - trying to invert feminism and apply the same errors in reverse. Women felt that being shut out of major careers was "oppression" when in fact being pushed into them was the real oppression. Women then demanded to give up a huge degree of freedom in exchange for the same wage-slavery which the old protector/provider role forced on men.

Right now there are nearly as many men in prison for not paying child support as for all other crimes combined with the exception of drug offenses (another bogus, manufactured crime). Boys are accurately perceiving what slavery the old male role represents for them, and are opting off the track early on. Of course this "harms women" because it reduces the pool of potential providers for them to choose from. Many of these women will no longer have the choices which women of previous generations had, but will instead have the same 3 choices men have had:

1) Work full time,

2) Work full time, or

3) Work full time.

If one looks at the black community, which is where many say the white population is headed as well, black women have no problem at all finding plenty of guys willing to screw them, but very few who can and are willing to support them. This is already becoming the case with white women, and will become increasingly so over the next few years.

If one looks at the values of ghetto-ized black males (the black members of this board not being part of that group) they have little if any desire to support women, and have no problem at all taking money from them. They have learned the whole "independent woman" thing is complete bullshit, and have found that many black women will not only put up with, but will also give money to a man, simply to have one around to meet some of their emotional needs - no matter how sparsely he actually meets them.

The boys who are not going to college today got diverted off that track 15 years or more ago. No changes, no matter how big, would show any effect for a similar period of time. A great many of these women getting the majority of degrees and professional positions will simply have no one to marry, and will either have to support a man to some extent or remain alone.

The lack of males in college does not represent males somehow being "left out", but is more representative of them "opting out." Hunchback just cited the fact that 60% of women and at least 40% of men do not see fathers as necessary. That being the case, they certainly are not going to commit themselves to the hard work necessary to fulfill that role.

What is happening right now is akin to a wonderful old story by Uncle Remus called "The Tar Baby", here is the punch line:

QUOTE: Brer Rabbit saw he'd been caught dead to rights and he talked mighty humble. "I don't care what you do with me, Brer Fox, so long as you don't fling me in that there briar patch."

Seeing as how it was going to be a lot of work to make a fire and apparently not caring whether lunch was cooked or raw, Brer Fox reckoned he could just hang the rabbit. "Hang me just as high as you please, Brer Fox, but for the Lawd's sake, don't fling me in that briar patch," said Brer Rabbit.

Seeing as how he had no rope, Brer Fox decided to drown the rabbit. "Drown me just as deep as you please, Brer Fox, but don't fling me in that briar patch," said Brer Rabbit.

Seeing as how there was no water around, the Fox said he'd just skin the rabbit. "Skin me, Brer Fox, snatch out my eyeballs, pull out my hair, tear out my ears by the roots and cut off my legs," said Brer Rabbit, "but please, please, Brer Fox, don't fling me in the briar patch."

Well, Brer Fox was pretty fed up with Brer Rabbit's whining. He really didn't care about eating him so much as he did hurting him as bad as he could. So he caught him up by the hind legs, pulled him out of the Tar-baby, slung him around in the air, and flung him right into the middle of that there briar patch.

There was a considerable flutter where the rabbit struck and Brer Fox hung around to see what was going to happen. By and by he heard someone calling to him, and way up the hill he saw Brer Rabbit sitting on a log combing the tar out of his fur. "Bred and born in the briar patch, Brer Fox, bred and born in the briar patch. Briars can't hurt me," sang Brer Rabbit as he skipped off just as lively as a cricket in the embers.

Brer Fox thought he was doing something to hurt Brer Rabbit, when in fact he was giving Brer Rabbit exactly what he wanted. All Brer Fox ended up doing was throwing away his dinner.

Women have thought they were hurting men by pushing them out of the provider role. And, for the generation of men who had it pounded into their heads that they were defined by that role, it did hurt them. But, the generation of men who grew up after men had already been pushed out - it doesn't matter to them in the least.

Brer Feminazi has thrown them back into the briar patch where they were born and bred, and destroyed all the social mechanisms which used to force men to support women - thus throwing away all women's guaranteed meal tickets.

What we are seeing right now is a desperate attempt by women and chivalrous idiots to try to contain the damage with increasingly draconian laws. Some of the unwary will get caught, and the smarter ones will learn from the mistakes of their stupid brothers.

So, McElroy gets part of it right by getting it all wrong - women really are the ones who are harmed by pushing men out of college and out of the professions.

Several years ago, I got my mouthy ass fired by a guy who was a complete pathological liar. For years I had been living on not much more than 1/3rd of what I took home, because I didn't have the consuming habits of a female and her pups to support, and investing the rest. After the initial shock of being fired for the first time in my life, I began to feel an electrifying sense of freedom. I kept telling myself "I really gotta start looking for work, next week"

This went on for 6 1/2 years. I took a lot of long motorcycle trips, went to NZ, built Eye of the Mind, read a lot, slept late, and generally enjoyed life. I would have never been able to do that with a female parasite attached to me.

Being in my mid-40s, non-obese, and a true OB down to the colors and the tats, I had no shortage of middle-aged, mostly obese, mostly divorced, and truly desperate women wanting to bag me. They asked me out, and they always paid. And, they always went home alone. I took the basic attitude, "ok, you can buy me dinner if you want, but don't for a moment think it has bought you a guarantee that I will fuck you in exchange for it."

(sound familiar to any of you guys?)

McElroy continues to carry forward the same mistaken belief that underlies all feminism - that men did what they did for any reason other than society and women pressured them into it every bit as much as women were pressured into their old roles.

Men supported women because they were not given the choice not to.

Now that men are given that choice, far more men will take it than almost any woman would wish.


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