Monday, February 18, 2002

Zenpriest #49 - Let Women Win the "Battle of the Sexes"

QUOTE: I guess what I’m trying to say is that, if men and woman no longer believe that here is a companion or that one person out there for them, then that is bad news indeed.

Because our country is in trouble now, and the family unit, a man and a woman, is the best way to keep it. If you guys give up on finding someone, then the feminists and the left have already won.

So, are you guys going down with out a fight? Are you going to let the feminists win, looking to take over… a world without men?

That would make an awful lot of Muslims happy."


No, we are going to let the women win the “battle of the sexes.” You can thank Susan Faludi for single-handedly turning the battle into an all out war. You can thank Susan Brownmiller, Andrea Dworkin, Catherine MacKinnon, Mary Koss, Naomi Wolf, Joe Biden, et al, for forging the nuclear weapons which created the situation of Mutally Assured Destruction. You can thank the Bradley Amendment for creating legal peonage again and re-establishing the debtors prisons which were abolished a couple of hundred years ago.

And, you can thank the millions of these so-called “normal good women” who sat passively and silently by and reveled in the fact that the tide of the battle was swinging in their direction in the short term. You can thank Oprah for peddling her message of female victimhood and male perfidy to millions of women who lapped it up - loving the hating of men. You can thank all the dozens of trailer-trash panderers - Sally Jesse, Maury, Phil, Gerendo, Jerry, and all the rest - for serving up their multiple daily servings of emotional road-kill which millions of women lapped up like flocks of emotional buzzards.

And, you can thank the millions of these so-called “nice, average, normal women” who just loved to bash men, complain endlessly about petty crap like toilet seats, cheered on Lorena Bobbit when she castrated her husband and played the “abuse excuse” card.

You can thank the lesbians who have dominated “wimmins’s studdees” programs turning out thousands of what Christina Hoff-Sommers calls “hate-intoxicated little zealots” and creating a climate that Daphne Patai calls “Heterophobia.” You can thank the millions of female teachers who have led the “War on Boys” and when they couldn’t stamp out the masculinity in boys, decided to dope them with dangerous drugs in order to turn them into compliant zombies.

You can thank the millions of these so-called “nice normal women” who circulate their endless man-bashing emails which are so creative that they contain “jokes” like - “What do you call a man with half a brain? Answer: gifted.”

You can thank all these “strong, independent, women” who don’t need NO mah-yaan” and who delight in telling men that a woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle. And, then when men take them at their word and decide maybe it isn’t all that bad to not have their clean seats slimed up, then start bitching about how men are “afraid of committment, afraid of strong women, don’t know how to handle a strong woman, and besides they are just angry losers who can’t get laid and probably have small penises anyway.”

Do I care of the Muslims take over? Not even a little bit. At least in Muslim countries a woman like Mary Winkler would not be able to murder her husband by shooting him in the back with a 12 gauge shotgun and get all kinds of sympathy, including a woman blogger who says “thinks of her as a hero.” You would not have women like Mary McDonald lying in wait for her husband for an hour and half, emptying 5 high-power rifle slugs into him, then reloading and shooting him again, and still walking free.

Interesting how in this post-feminist world where “women can do anything a man can do” (as long as they get as many tries as they want, are held to lower standards, and get head starts) that you still see it as men’s job to defend and make safe the culture and the sex who have declared war on them, criminalized their deepest desires and longings, bashes them constantly, and is constantly dreaming up new ways to extort money from them and put them in prison.

nuh uh.

This is women’s battle to fight from here on out. I, personally, have been fighting it for over 35 years and have lost everything I started out fighting for.

It ain’t my job any longer to do the shit work of seeking women out, put up with their bashing, hostility, arrogance, contempt, and exploitation just so they can have the relationships which they will still endlessly complain about not being anywhere good enough.

Women have spent the last 4 decades alienating men from themselves, and all that emotional DDT they have been poisoning the social environment with has built up to toxic levels which are poisoning all relationships.And what is so funny, is that women still expect men to do the shit work that they have criminalized and endlessly spat on men for doing.

Sorry, [ladies], certainly there are bad men out there - but the difference is that up until recently “normal good men” did not cheer them on with shouts of “you go, guy!!”

Remember what women have been telling us for years - there simply are no good men. Actually there are, but “the men have left the building.”

You gals made your bed, we hope you like it. If you ever decide to get off your passive butts and come looking for us good men, court us, treat us decently, and stop playing victim, and give up your attitude of entitlement, we are here.

But now, you have to come looking for us. A whole lot of us don’t really want you any more - you have made yourselves unwantable.


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