Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Zenpriest #58 - The MRM's Perpetual War With Itself

QUOTE: "Actually, the whole black MRA thing on youtube is at war right now."

The whole MRA-etc. thing is at war right now - not just the black part of it. The issue of "Game" has just exploded of late, with lots and lots of guys weighing in on it. I've maintained all along that men would end up adapting to the changes in women - in ways that women were not going to like a whole lot. Women tried to shift the system so that everything tilted their way, so men are learning how to game the system.

Us old time MRAs probably have a blind spot when it comes to "unity." For so man years there were so few of us crying in the wilderness that we thought the only way we would ever make any headway was to try to get men to unify in the way that women always unify against men in their women-first-ism.

MGTOW got articulated when a few of us began to think that men would NEVER, EVER, EVER, YES NOT NEVER get unified. If you get enough men whose only thing in common is that they do not support the system, that will weaken the system even if the opposition is not unified. But, a lot of guys came to MGTOW still stuck in the old way of thinking and kept saying "we've got to get other guys to join us."

I've reached the point where I don't think that is needed. Anarchy and chaos are just as threatening to the system as organized resistance - and a lot harder to fight.

What I am seeing now is lots of individual men, and a few identifiable groups, attacking the system. They aren't cooperating with anyone else, but I don't think that really matters - with the system being attacked on a lot of fronts simultaneously, it will get weakened and eventually fall.

A lot of MRAs - maybe most of those who apply that term to themselves - basically hold feminist values -- "equality." They/we tend to be older and many are the ones who went along with early feminism due to the promise it would liberate men as well. At some point, they woke up to the fact that feminism was never about "equality", but wanted to go ahead and finish the job that the feminists started.

A lot of the men I am seeing show up now are a new and different breed. They don't care much that there are no DV shelters for men, because they pretty much reject all the liberal values of the boomers. They are just looking out for #1.

It wouldn't have been my first choice of how things would work out, but I do think it is better than what we have seen for the past 45-50 years.

QUOTE: "We all have different views, I guess thats the underlying prinicple of MGTOW but shouldnt we have the wellbeing of ALL other menin a female society at heart? Be he white, black, yellow, blue whatever? I personally am batting for all men opposed to feminist doctrine. If we are all supposed to batting for ourselves then why are we all here in this online commuity?"

MRAs have been attacking each other since the 1970s. That is nothing new. I've lost track of the number of men's groups, lists, and boards that I have been part of - I know that it is well over 100 - and it is very rare that they grow over about 50 active members before they start tearing themselves apart with internal conflict. We've just had an example of it here with the sudden introduction of the "incel" concept which in short order led to a suggestion to split the board.

MRAs are already "marginalized." In some respects that is to our advantage because no one takes us seriously and they don't pay much attention to what we do.

Certainly, I would like to see men get their shit together and mount some sort of organized resistance to the creeping totalitarianism being pushed by women. But, they haven't so far and there seem to be some very persistent reasons why they haven't. We seem to be hard-wired to compete with each other, and struggle and conflict come so naturally that cooperation takes more effort than most men are capable of.

What is more worrisome to me than some guy shooting off his mouth and upsetting some other guys, is the fact that so many men seem to be waiting for some sort of Moses to lead us out of our wilderness. I've reached the point where I am certain that there ain't no one going to "do it for me", nor are they going to listen much to me when I try to communicate my own vision. That leaves me to put it to work in my own life, and leave other men to do the same.

As long as someone is hacking away at the perverse trend which has taken over the culture, I'm content to let him keep at it - knowing that I don't want to join him in his ideas, and he won't join me in mine. But, we do have a common enemy and as long as we are both attacking it, we are "working together" in what is perhaps the only way possible for men today.


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