Monday, February 11, 2002

Zenpriest #42 - Activism

QUOTE 1: "You know, once in a while I get a good gut feeling, like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hearing you hit the root of the problem over and over in the previous post makes me feel like we're striking home runs. Why? because our very political system is breeding the men we need to beat this. The angry men here fall under that category.

You know it, I know it, and most of us here know it. One day there'll be enough single, disgruntled, assraped men that will repay the very system that enslaved them by voting it out.

The only way to pull this off is to educate every MRA, male-slave, or Real life activist...

QUOTE 2: What comes to mind when reading these posts is an issue I felt strongly about and was popularly opposed. I did the usual activist stuff: going to meetings, rallies, and writing letters to politicians and newspapers. The ONLY reward I got was some snippy responses from FEMALE politicians and a pair of gov't guns at the back door. The measure passed nonetheless.

My view is more of a list of Don'ts rather than Do's. My view of the feminist juggernaut is simple. It's like a drunk on a bender. Try getting in the way of one intent on staying drunk is an exercise in futility. However, there ARE things I CAN do. I can withdraw my financial support from the feminist cause as much as possible. The date/mate strike is a good one. I will NOT intervene to "rescue damsels in distress". I will NOT play "Captain Free Therapist".

Quote 3: My priority is to survive.

I'm trying to survive in a hostile system.

Marriage strike = only way to make an impact, and that's an indirect impact. One day the powers that be will wake up and maybe sweeten the deal for us. But we've come so far down the path of misandry there's no hope of fighting it all at once. You are met with a wall of emotion whenever you try. Emotion is saturated in the issue, becoming more important in law, family law especially, than what can be proven. At college feminist professors would tell me that emotions were a way of knowing, a superior way of knowing, than "patriarchal" logic and reasoning. Sounds funny until you see it's actually working out that way, that it's being put into effect. It's a losing game, playing by the rules established now. Don't play. It's the only way.


The fundamental flaw with traditional activism is that it validates by acceptance the view that politicians are our rulers rather than in service to us. Going to them begging for crumbs acknowledges the power they have over us and indicates acceptance that such power is valid.

It is not.

We are bound only by chains of our own making - addiction to comfort, instant gratification, and TV. The moment we "go to the other side" and become willing to live without such things, in that moment we become free.

The looters will continue looting as long as there is anything to loot. They will not stop because we ask them - no matter whether it is nicely or angrily. They will stop when we stop them, and not before.

The first priority is to survive, and that is done by not playing the game and withdrawing our support and participation from all who do. No rescuing the damsels in distress, no playing "Captain FreeTherapist", no feeding the beast.

Look at what happened to Larry Summers. It was that tsunami of emotion which left him groveling and backing away from a simple statement of the truth. Unless and until we can muster an equal tidal wave of anger in response to misandry, it will continue to exist and spread.

The thing that pisses me off most about MRAs as they have been for the past few years is that they insist on eating the whole elephant in one bite. Guys talk big about climbing Mt. Everest, before they have gotten their asses off the couch and walked to the front door.

Public demonstrations have never done shit and never will do shit. When I was the age of a lot of guys on this board I was active in both the civil rights movement and the anti Vietnam war movements. Yeah, it made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside to get together with a couple thousand of our closest friends and sing kum-ba-ya, and we could even take the fire hoses and the tear gas (which was a real drag, though). But, when the guns came out at Kent State and they started mowing us down, the children's hour was over for most of us and we realized we were just spoiled kids playing at adult activities.

I lost track of the number of buddhist monks who set themselves on fire to protest the war. It made the nightly news for one night, and then it was back to business as usual of robberies, car accidents, and celebrity scandals. BUT when LBJ looked at his poll numbers and knew he couldn't win because he had alienated so many people with his aggressive pursuit of the war, he knew he had to quit the game.

Every day the system recruits more men to our cause than we ever could. How many times has a guy come here and said "Geez, for so long I thought I was the only guy who felt this way." That is the fatal flaw in the system's game - they must keep us isolated and from talking to each other and feeling like we are the only ones who see the problem and therefore we must be wrong.

In the past couple of days I have read several posts of younger men who are flatly resisting the pressures to put themselves in a position where they can be looted - refusing to marry, refusing to sire hostages (oops, I mean "children"), refusing to willingly put themselves in chains. They are that light at the end of the tunnel you talk about. We did not create them, the system created them.

What we must do is keep watch for the men getting ready to turn, and the moment we sense that they have become ready to "go to the other side" to grab them and give them a moral sanction and validation for their choice. That is what many men are doing - every guy who responds to women's whining "there are no good men left" with "sure there are, we are just on strike against bitches like you!"

The only way they have left to force us to support them is with their guns and prisons. Social pressure to marry is no longer effective because women destroyed it in order to "liberate" themselves. With their wishful emotional non-thinking, they were able to delude themselves that they could be liberated while men remained enslaved.

Sorry, sweetcheeks. It has worked for a while, but you have looted out all there is to loot and men are wising up. Unless they can now find a way to get goverment thugs with guns to show up at them door and force a man to marry some parasite, he will remain free of their grasp.

Survival is going to mean going without things that we want - like a loving mate and children - but the reality is that we will do without them anyway no matter what we do. So we might as well do what it takes to survive.

All we have to do is wait out the system. No matter how much public acceptance and support a bad idea has, the fact that it is a bad idea and simply wrong will cause it to collapse eventually. We have seen collectivism collapse a couple of times in this century alone, so we know that it will eventually collapse in contemporary western civilization.

What we have to do is learn from those mistakes, in ways that our so-called "leaders" have not. Soviet men are in a world of hurt, but by studying their bad example western men can avoid the same pitfalls. Dozens of men on this board are doing exactly that - keeping healthy, working on developing a positive outlook and emotional independence from women, concentrating on building assets and resources and protecting them from the looters and looterettes.

When the day comes that there is a male equivalent of Emily's list, and when enough men are angry enough that they can put aside all their petty differences and decide that they are going to work together to punish assholes like Joe Biden for his anti-male VAWA legislation and do anything and everything it takes to get the sonofabitch OUT of office, then men's activism will have finally grown up.

While I certainly remember youthful impatience, anger, and energy, I'm going to use an old joke to make a point:

A young bull and an old bull were standing on a hill looking at a bunch of heifers in a field below.

The young bull says - "Let's run down there and fuck one of those heifers."

The old bull says - "Let's walk down there, and fuck them all."


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