Friday, July 16, 2004

Pook #16 - Lesson Thirteen: Charm is Treating Women Like Little Girls

Alas! Whenever the young man approached a woman, a thousand Don Juan philosophies came to thwart his peace. All these IDEAS clogged his action! 

Then he remembered how AWESOME he was with women when he was a little kid. He was always the Don Juan of the sandbox. 

He wondered, “Have women really CHANGED?” No, only in his mind. At heart, women are still little girls. So when he saw the luscious babe sitting there, he smiled and saw a bored little girl looking for fun. He would make fun of her, do physical action things with her, take her by the hand to lead her somewhere, and she thought he was the perfect guy. 

“I understand now the source of Cocky and Funny…” he smiled..

“Charm is treating women like little girls.”

“This is the most sexist thing I have ever heard!”

“You doubtful youth! You are a beanstalk cynic, a crusty philosopher.”

“How can you argue so rudely against me?”

“Look. When we were young, we all desired to grow up. Now, once grown up, we desire to be young again! Being poor, you trade your time and health for money, only to use that money for time and health. We have all passed through the world of a child.”

“Are you saying that I ought to be child-like?”

“Yes! Young kids, lacking the chemical madness curse that puberty brings us, are at PERFECT EASE and treat the sexes appropriately. No young boys will say, ‘Whatever you want to do.’ Young boys RUN AROUND, they do not sit and TALK to the girl all night. Young boys have their cars, their trucks, their dangers and excitements. Now, compare the young boys’ actions to those who are REALLY successful with women.”

The youth was alarmed. “They are identical! I always thought women were IMMATURE for going after these so-called jerks, bad boys, and jocks. I see that in some ways they are immature, but they kept that joy of youth with them whereas I had killed it.”

“Youth, what do you do on a date?”

“Why, I speak to her about philosophy, about literature, about the designs on the universe, about DNA, about world events, about…”

“Stop! I can take no more! Come and drink from this Fountain of Youth.”

The youth did so. All those paper bullets of the brain ceased. “Now all I want to do is do things and not talk. I want to run around. I want to have FUN!”

“And women go CRAZY over these types of guys. Some people are so scared of growing older that they become extremely aged in their youthful flesh. Now you will be the envy of every philosopher, scholar, thinker, and deep analyzer. You will be in the world they have no access to. Nothing has changed. The attitude you had towards girls when you were in the sandbox is EXACTLY the attitude you need now. So think young and LIVE.”

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