Thursday, July 22, 2004

Pook #22 - Looks or Personality?

As guys, we love to make fun of women in how they always hold some clothing up and ask, "Do you think I'd look fat in this?" (Answer: A) Oh yeah! You'd be a bloated whale! B) No, of course not ["You're just saying that to make me feel better!"] Of course not honey. ["Liar! You think I'm fat!"] C) Proceed to bang your head against the wall.)

Women spend all day 'putting on their faces' (as if they were born without one). They waste countless hours shopping for the 'perfect' dress, reading countless magazines for 'fashion tips', etc. We make fun of them, mock them for it.

But women are obsessed about beauty because of us. It is our fault. After all, if a woman could cure all of the diseases, compose symphonies, and write literature, we would only remember her for how she looked.

We, on the other hand, are obsessed with our jobs, our status, and our brains. For us, looks usually translates into working out = building our muscles = appearing to have more 'protection power' to the chicks.

Women look much more for 'the complete package' with men. Women would take a less attractive man that can make her feel good, make her laugh, make her FEEL romantic and all those other goodly good feelings women are addicted to then a handsome bloke who doesn't know what he's doing and doesn't know how to make her feel good.

Men are also more discriminating. Girls that don't look good have a very very hard time since looks is what men always screen on.

Being a not as so good looking guy is not a vice. Being a guy with a bad personality IS.

Less attractive guys with great personalities will always have HUGE advantages over attractive guys with bad personalities.

Women may be attracted to you by your looks and give you more auditions, but it is the personality that keeps them.

Nice guys' personalities is that of supplicating, never disagreeing, always going, "Whatever you want dear." Jerks' personalities is that of not caring, always self centered, and always going, "Relationship? That just means sex on a semi-annual basis, right?" Nice Guys are great for relationships, jerks are great for attracting but both lose in the long run.

Guys want good looks. But women want CHARMING, FUNNY, SUCCESSFUL, and INTELLIGENT guys that will sweep them off their feet.

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