Thursday, February 15, 2007

Finally Banned From Pandagon! Fembot Bingo Score: 2 Houses!

Well, I assume that I have finally been banned from Pandagon. I started giving out quotes from feminists like MacKinnon et. al. which state by feminism's own description that feminism IS communism and Pravdagon censored my remarks into oblivion. Jeez, they even censor the words that come directly from their own Comradettes mouths when it suits their purposes, so what chance does a future Gulag resident such as moi have?

I have an idea that Pravdagone allowed so many dissenting commentators for a short time (waiting for the dust to settle) because Comradette Amanda Marcotte got caught running back to her blog and deleting (aka revisionism) some of her most offensive remarks & came under fire for such pre-totalitarian style behaviour & she probably felt that her 15 minutes were so scorching hot under the glare of the nation that she had better at least feign that she believes in the basic principles of freedom, such as free speech. But the dust has settled, I suppose, and the Marxofeminist machine is rumbling down the road again, continually travelling towards its goal of equally making everyone's life miserable with their proven failed pseudo-religious ideology.

Comradette Marcotte is back to posting her usual double standard vitriol again, as can be seen with this latest entry at Pravdagone:

"How To Get Banned:

Bore me.

And for the brand new crop of tedious bores who blame feminism for all your problems, though you have no real idea what 'feminism' is, except you know that it has something to do with women, who you don't like much, I will say this. Don't whine when you yammer on in a boring style until you are banned. The internet is not all that different from real life. You know what getting tossed out of public places for assholery and groping women is like. You can take it here."

Good for you, Mzzzz. Marcotte. It's best for delicate little flowers like you to remain in the echo-chamber, hairy-legged & chained to the keyboard. Out of sight from the general public where you can remain safe to make-believe everyone loves people like you via strong use of censorship, until you work up enough courage to again peek out from behind the lace curtain & demand the world listen to your "feminist knows best" filthy mouth.

"...who blame feminism for all of your problems, though you have no real idea what feminism is..."

Ummm, don't people like you blame all of your problems on the Patriarchy? Can YOU define for me what the Patriarchy is, Mzzz. Marcotte? And by the way, we do know what feminism is, for you can plainly read what one of your most famous feminist leaders openly states that it is:

"Feminism, Socialism, and Communism are one in the same, and Socialist/Communist government is the goal of feminism." - Catharine A. MacKinnon, Toward a Feminist Theory of the State (First Harvard University Press, 1989), p.10

What part of that do you think is so unclear that people can't possibly understand what feminism is?

"You know what getting tossed out of public places for assholery... is like."

Actually, Mzzz. Marcotte, I think you are the expert on that one.

Though, at least before banning me, you could have called me a totally gay woman hater who was beaten by his parents, which caused me such psychological problems that I was left impotent & therefore just got dumped by my under-age gay lover.

That would have been nice, but then again, who would expect a feminist to do anything nice for a man?