Thursday, February 15, 2007

A World Turned Upside Down - Steven Montgomery

Here is an excellent paper I read this evening, and I thought I would post an excerpt for you to read. is instructive to note that chief among the enemies of the traditional family are those who adhere to the ideology of Marx and Lenin. For instance, many of the past and present leaders of the feminist (such as Bella Abzug, Shulamith Firestone, Gloria Steinham, and others)(20) and the homosexual (Harry Hay, Dennis Altman, Marshall Kirk, Erastus Pill, and others)(21) movements are, or were, Marxist. Karl Marx himself called for the "abolition of the family," in the Communist Manifesto,(22) so it should come as no surprise that an expert on Marxism, testified before Congress in 2003 that, "the planned destruction of the family was part of the communist agenda from its inception by Karl Marx and Frederic Engels."(23)

In a boast, Michael Walzer, bragged about some of the battles that Marxists have won in their war against family and western culture. For instance he bragged that through their efforts there has been, among other things he named, a "visible impact of feminism," an "emergence of gay rights politics, and . . . the attention paid to it in the media," "the transformation of family life, [including] rising divorce rates, changing sexual mores, new household arrangements-and, again, the portrayal of all this in the media," and the "legalization of abortion."(24)

While Marxism is an ideology in which men believe, it is also crucial to understand that it is also a conspiracy in which men participate.(25) Understanding this aspect of Marxism is vital to understanding: their tactics and strategy;(26) their use of agent provocateur's to provoke change in society and culture; and to gain the information vital to those seeking to oppose these Marxist change agents and their diabolical plans.

I mention all of this so that those who are seeking to preserve traditional families might get a better understanding of the enemy they are fighting. For the primary movers, or activists, seeking to abolish the family adhere to the ideology of Marx and Lenin. They seek to establish moral anarchy. Since the "perfect classless society" will supposedly be established upon the ashes of chaos and anarchy, moral anarchy is the goal. A "psy-ops war" is being conducted against us then, where infidelity, atheism, moral licentiousness, intemperance, civil corruption, greed, avarice, and ambition-personal, political, and national-are glorified and promoted-all in an effort to weaken us and our will to resist. The casualties in this war include not only their victims but those who have been pulled and thrust into new fields of action-hence the Marxist "peaceniks" have now mutated into environmental and NAMBLA activists-and new lines of thought-the moral relativists mutating into the worship of "self esteem", a belief in aliens, magic and "new age" psychology. These activists are shaking the faith, undermining morals, and polluting the lives of their victims who are then thrown so far off balance in their activities-economic, social, political and religious-that civilized society stands in danger of being overthrown.(27)

Further, the harm done by these social activists is not limited to those areas where they seek to advance "avant garde," or "vanguard of the proletariat," lifestyles and alternative family relationships. One study suggests that the influence of Marxist socialism and resultant socialist programs they are able to get governments to adopt, is enough by itself to deteriorate the family. For instance, that study suggests that the welfare state in Sweden has stripped the family of the economic benefits of having children, promoted lower fertility rates, and greater dependency upon paternal or "big brother government":
  • While a nation's family system may reorganize, for a time, around the nuclear "husband-wife" unit of reproduction, even that basis of independence eventually dissolves. The end result of state intervention is progressively diminished fertility, with living individuals left standing alone in a dependent relationship with the government.(28)

Further, socialistic intervention by government is often, and I would argue that it is usually, harmful. As one religious leader observed:

  • There are those who would define the family in such a nontraditional way that they would define it out of existence. The more governments try in vain to take the place of the family, the less effective governments will be in performing the traditional and basic roles for which governments are formed in the first place.(29)

In other words, if the traditional and proper role of government is to protect citizens in their life, liberty and property,(30) it becomes less effective the more it assumes a paternal role in society.

Marxism, in all its variants, is an enemy to the United States, western society and culture, and contrary to reports otherwise, is not dead but is instead actively engaged in seeking to destroy our society, culture, legal institutions, including those most fundamental to preserving a free society--marriage and the family. This understanding is vital to those interested in preserving these institutions.

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