Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Gem from the Comments...

Bukko_in_Australia said...

"Came to your blog from your post on Marcotte's. At first I thought it was a parody, like the Al Bundy bit was on TV. But you seem to be serious.

It must be sad to be you, living with so much anger and bitterness. When I think about people like you hate-filled right-wingers, it makes me gladder that I emigrated from the U.S. to Australia. It's not perfect here, but people on the whole are nowhere as nasty as your lot. Good luck with what's coming to the U.S., mate. You deserve it, because you helped make it."

You know, this seems to be a common thread from the Marxofeminists lately. Anyone who speaks out is labelled a hate-filled right-winger. Anyone who opposes the Cultural Marxist politically-corrected line is automatically some right-wing fanatic.

Hey Bukko, you've been glaring at the right with your squinty, hate-filled eyes for so long that I was wondering when was the last time you turned your head to see the guy standing to your left?

Go ahead, have a look. You can do it... I know your neck must be sore from staring down on the hate-filled right-wingers for so long - but force yourself through the pain of your kinked neck and say hello to the guy to your left...

What? There's nobody there?

Well, you know what, Bukko? You are apparently in the group that is as radically far left as possible! That's what feminism = Marxism means, YOU are as radical on the political spectrum as it gets.

Small wonder that everyone who opposes feminists gets screached at for being right-wing - everyone else but Marxofeminists and their ilk are to the political right of them!

Bukko, it is an honor to stand to the right of you.