Friday, September 24, 2010

Women Shrug Off The Tattoo Taboo

Ain't she purdy? Whoa, hold me back! I need to get me some 'o that... about as much as I need to stick my fingers in a blender.

“It is acceptable,” says Marta Vicente, a Kansas University assistant professor of women’s studies who researches women’s body image. “But I think it’s still risqué. If tattoos were piercing your ears as a woman, it would not be the same. But it’s like piercing your ears as a man — it’s accepted, but it’s still shocking or being different.”
Lol! Who woulda thunk it? Imagine, a professor of women's studies giving the green light to young, impressionable women on how to make themselves completely undesireable to men. It's not quite the same as getting your ear pierced either. Ask a guy who had his ear pierced back in the 80's & 90's why he no longer has an earing... and after you stop howling at the sight of red shame rise from beneath his collar and clear up his face to the roots of his hair, you will hear him mumble something about it being just a stupid fad - and he was a stupid kid. Then he will quickly change the subject. Just like a guy will do when some young, giggling, tattooed skank asks an older guy if he ever had a mullet - somehow thinking her "fad" is different. Lol! It is different! He went and got a hair cut! What are you gonna do, marked one?

“I think sometimes the attraction is freedom of choice,” Bishop says. “There are a lot of women who, if you ask why they wanted a tattoo, they say their boyfriend or husband told them they couldn’t have a tattoo or piercing. They’ll say, ‘I just got my divorce, and I can do what I want.’ It’s an act of freedom or independence.”

Ah yes, chick logic. Since it is pretty well known that many people choose mates in the serial "monogamy" game who have similar personalities... yes, it certainly does make sense to recognize that those who found you attractive previously in life - some enough to commit their life to you - would have found you repugnant with a tattoo, so now let's go and make ourselves repugnant to spite him! Of course, the future men who I'm attracted to (who also don't like tattoos), will just have to accept that I'm a strong woman and applaud it. I am a woman, I am strong, I am morally superior, therefore I mutilate my body to spite my ex.

Vicente, the women’s studies professor, says tattoos are the latest trend in women having control over their bodies.

“Women have always had a much closer relationship with their own bodies, as well as a problematic relationship,” she says. “Men do not have that same relationship with their own bodies.”

In modern culture, with pressures about body image everywhere, Vicente says women need to feel like they’re in control of their own bodies.

“In this world of media bombardment, the need to have control over one’s body, for women, is very important,” she says. “Tattoos are something that are maybe seen as something that women choose to have, a form of empowerment.”

Lol! Control over your bodies in the form of getting a tattoo? Holy Gender Studies, Batman! I would have thought control over your body would have been, like, being toilet trained - or perhaps possessing the mobility of a biped.

I call bullshit. It has nothing to do with "control" or "empowerment." It has to do with this:

"She recalls a 12-student graduate studies seminar last semester, when a student presented a paper on female empowerment as it related to tattoos. After the presentation, 11 of the 12 women revealed they had tattoos."

A picture is worth a thousand words. Need we discuss the real reason behind women getting tattoos any further? (Hint: It is not empowerment.)

"Somehow — and Vicente isn’t sure exactly how — tattoos went from being something sailors got when they were at war, to something women find as sexy. In fact, 42 percent of women in the Harris poll said having the tattoo made them feel sexy, compared with 25 percent of men."

Now, there's something not new. Women trying to decide for men what is sexy about women. One wonders what women would say if men pulled the reverse. And why do you want to feel sexy? I thought all the fembots in gender studies hated that the world views them as sexual objects? Why do chase after making yourself feel like one then?

“My parents aren’t into them,” she says, “but my nieces think they’re very cool. My grandma is, like, horrified of them. She didn’t even want to hear the story.”

Go figure, I'll bet her parents and grandmother don't consider themselves feminists either. Granny must be wondering what the hell making yourself "ugly in a sexy way" has to do with the whole empowerment thing, along with the saner XY bearing sex. But as long as she feels justified that they are cool because her nieces think so. Maybe they should advise her on her stock portfolio too. Though, what do you expect after the way young girls are raised in a feminized world, getting read "I've Got Two Mommies - (with 40 tattoos)" from daycare onwards, while running around wearing a T-shirt saying "Boys are stupid - throw rocks at them."

“And maybe most importantly, these days everybody knows you can have a tattoo removed. It’s not the lifetime commitment it once was.”

Yeah, more dizzy logic here. It is very expensive to get a tattoo removed, so I hope you starting socking $100/mo into a separate account for the laser treatments. The decent guys who could afford to pay for you having them removed aren't attracted to you anymore, remember? It's bikers and thugs who you'll be dating now. And no man should have to pay for your stupid mistakes, so make sure to start up that bank account - and don't go spending it on shoes you don't need just because there is a 10% off sale. The whole "tattoo removal argument" is kind of a scam anyway, because even with expensive lasers, the tattoos never fully go away and the skin never returns to normal. Imagine what that big tramp stamp above your ass will look like when it's "removed." But who needs a real dose of reality when the herd beckons you to act?

Remember, there's not a man around who finds a woman to be repulsive because she does not have a tattoo.



"Other people's tattoos are like other people's children: Only you can see how bad they are." -- Comic Claudia Cogan