Thursday, September 09, 2010

Collective Projection

Do any of you guys out there believe there could be such a thing as collective projection?

We all know what projection is… the “projecting” of one’s own behaviour onto another’s. But, could women have so much of a herd mentality that they are capable of projecting as an entire gender?

Think about it.

Women believe that men are violent towards children, yet ALL research shows that the problem is really with women… is it that women are so willing to believe this about men because they know something about themselves?

Women are quick to jump on the bandwagon of “psychological abuse” for things as minor as an impolite facial gesture, believing it is just as damaging as physical abuse – yet women are definitely the major perpetrators of psychological abuse. Just google “social aggression” or “relational aggression” and discover how researchers have attributed this as a stereotypical female form of aggression… So are women so quick to believe this is a form of domestic violence because they recognize the sheer hatred and malevolence in their own hearts when they do this to other people – often their spouses.

Do women believe the myth that men hold them in oppression via the threat of violence because they know deep down that they hold men in oppression via the threat of “social/relational aggression?” Think about it, who is walking around with T-shirts & bumper-stickers advertising their psychologically abusive domestic violence tendencies? “Zero to Bitch in 2.0 seconds” comes to mind, yet I’ve never seen a guy walking around with a t-shirt proudly proclaiming “Zero to Fist in 2.0 seconds.”

Which gender proudly proclaims they are high-maintenance – also a borderline advertisement of an abuser. Is this because they truly want men to behave callously and rude to them? Otherwise, why would they think that moniker is even remotely funny?

Are women so willing to believe in the deadbeat dad myth because they know themselves that were the shoe on the other foot, they would quickly become a selfish dead-beat mom? The evidence suggests this is true.

Women believe in the need for "womens' healthcare departments." Could this be because they know that if they were in the position to split resources between genders that they would quickly take care of women before men - so they automatically believe that men are doing this to women? (Of course, while forgetting about all those honourable guys who stuck women in their lifeboat seats).

Think about when a woman posts in on-line dating ad. What does she say about herself? She is a STRONG, INDEPENDENT woman. She likes to get her way, she is a successful career woman…blah, blah, blah. Is she projecting what she herself is looking for in a man? Could be. Cause I don’t give a fuck about your career, honey. I care that you are feminine enough to make me feel masculine.

This is why women get tattoos and advertise themselves playfully as “bad girls.” Women like bad boys – so they think that men also like bad girls. WE DON’T. We like nice girls. But here’s the real kicker, when she’s dating “Hank the Hell’s Angel”, do you think he asks her nicely and considers her feelings when he gets her to blow all of his buddies at the biker jamboree? Hell no, he tells her “on yer knees, bitch!” So perhaps when women are saying that they would like a guy with a nice sense of humor who is respectful and will listen, they are actually projecting characteristics THEY WISH THEY HAD THEMSELVES! Cause it’s obvious that nice guys aren’t what turn them on, is it?

This mentality women are displaying is just as stupid as men growing tits & wearing lacy boxers to attract women.


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