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Philalethes #29 - They Can Do It Because They Really Believe It!

Quote: It has always fascinated me how the fems can deny ANY responsibility in a rape victim.

They can do this because they really believe it. Camille Paglia remarks somewhere in the “Sex and Violence” essay that the structure of the relationship between the sexes requires the female to be the passive receiver of male action, and unfortunately women have come to believe that this superficial melodrama actually reflects the real state of things. Which, of course, it does not; but only a few women take the trouble (or, perhaps, even have the necessary intelligence) to become aware of this truth.

The “wise women” of older and indigenous cultures know this, but modern women have forgotten–which is why I find feminists’ pretense to being “wise women” laughable. A real “wise woman” knows her power and doesn’t need to flaunt it. I actually met such a woman once: a Mohawk shamaness; she was awesome. She was also kind and considerate toward men, as she knew that she could either support or destroy them, and that it was in her best interest to support them being their best. Feminists take exactly the opposite view, believing that using their power to suppress and destroy men proves their “superiority.” This is akin to a carpenter deliberately dulling his saw, breaking his hammer. In a word, stupid. Feminists disprove their claims by their own actions.

I heard once of a study done by putting video cameras in singles bars; it was found that every encounter began with a covert, subliminal glance from a woman to a man: an invitation. In most cases, this invitation is unconscious on the woman’s part. And so, she believes (and so men believe) that he made the first move, that she is merely the passive object of his active power.

Quote: "The sad fact is that many men are literally afraid of their wives."

Yes, especially now, as nearly all of us have been heavily conditioned to that fear by what our mothers did to us when we were born. The “balance of power” between the sexes is actually very delicate, as it depends entirely on women raising their sons to be strong and independent, able to meet their future wives in the arena and hold their own. When mothers give in to their own greedy impulse to keep their “little men” mother-bound, weak and dependent, their daughters will not have developed men to marry. And, following their mothers’ example, will believe a healthy relationship consists of dominating their men. Look around.

Quote: "The good news is that as we age and get into our upper 40′s and beyond the hormones begin to dissapate and some of our pre-puberty clarity returns."

Well, I don’t know about “pre-puberty clarity”; I’d say it’s more like a combination of life experience with the slow dissipation of the “hormone-induced fog.” I remember when I was in my early 30s reading a biography of Gandhi wherein that great man remarked on what a relief it was as he got older that the slavery to sexual desire faded. At the time I found his sentiment nearly incomprehensible; now in my 60th year I have a better understanding what he meant. The purpose of all those “initiation rituals” discussed in another thread is to help a male master himself, so he is not ruled by his impulses. A man ruled by his impulses will also be ruled by women, and a man who is ruled by women will be unable to give them what they really need.

Quote: "I think I understand what you are saying here…that women by default have power and a vested interest in their position and in their capacity to manipulate men. The circumcision fiasco is more a result of this than a planned action. Is that what you are saying?"

Uh, not exactly, I don’t think. Again, this subject requires more time and energy than I presently have to do it justice. One thing I am saying is that there is more to the world, and to our experience, than what appears on the surface. This world we live in is a realm of paradox, and cannot be understood until we go beyond the conventional way of seeing and thinking.

An Oriental teacher I studied said, “Everything has a front and a back. The bigger the front, the bigger the back.” The front of the relationship between the sexes is what we all see, and what women believe when they say that they are the helpless victims of male power. That’s the front; the back is much the same, but reversed, like a photographic negative. And (mostly) unconscious. Our being is like the proverbial iceberg: what is conscious is above the surface and visible; the unconscious is below the surface, invisible to the ordinary mind, far larger, and dangerous. It is what we all do unconsciously that hurts us most. The solution, then, or at least the beginning thereof–as I see it–is to bring what is unconscious into the light of consciousness.

It is precisely because the natural realm of women’s power is in the unconscious that we cannot afford to turn over the running of the world to women–and why, when that happens, women suffer as much as men (or even more). “Equality” between the sexes is a myth; either one or the other is “on top.” In the natural order of things, first the female contains the male, physically and emotionally; but eventually, if the male fulfills his potential, the male contains the female, mentally and spiritually. In the beginning, it is the female’s task to protect and nurture the male, so that later on he will be able to protect and nurture the female and her offspring–who become the next generation, and repeat the cycle. The circumcision program breaks this fundamental contract, by aborting the proper development of the male.

Again, when women attempt to use their power deliberately, the result is destruction. It is not exactly an accident that the #1 feminist “issue” is abortion–the supreme act of irresponsibility, whose apparent “necessity” arises directly out of the female’s inability to control her own unconscious power. Notice that feminists never speak of their “right to choose” not to engage in the activity which results in “unplanned” pregnancy. If they were able/willing to “plan” at that end, abortion would never be “necessary.” But they take sex as an unavoidable, unquestionable given, because apparently they are unable to restrain their impulses.

Quote: "Sometimes they would refuse to assist in circumcisions and sometimes they would form groups within the hospitals to function as conscientious objectors to the procedure."

This is interesting. So far as I’m aware, the only place nurses have organized to resist circumcision is here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where about a dozen years ago some two dozen nurses at the local hospital stepped out as “conscientious objectors.” It was their action which brought the issue into public view here, which eventually resulted in my reliving the experience myself, which … well, it’s a long story. They remain a continually persecuted minority in their place of work.

Certainly there are “some women who are working for what is just”; but they remain very few. And, to my mind, “what is just” is not really the point; it’s a lot deeper, more fundamental than that. “Justice,” again, is a concept, a product of the intellect, the “male” side of human consciousness. It’s abstract, cerebral. What I’m interested in is women realizing that the present trend is not functional; it just won’t work. Unless what they really want is more suffering. I don’t bother to argue with women about “justice” or “fairness” because I understand that that isn’t what really motivates them. The female is fundamentally practical, the ultimate pragmatist. Only when she realizes on a level below, and prior to, conscious thought, that what she is doing isn’t working, will she change.

This is why I rather think the disease must be allowed to run its course. They want it all? If that’s what they want, nothing men can do will stop them, so might as well quit resisting and let them do it. Just go fishing, I say. Let them stuff themselves until they choke on it. “Never argue with a woman” is not just an old joke; it is really the wisdom of wise men of old. To carry it off, though, a man must know himself and be in control of himself. In short, he must be a man, not an overgrown mama’s boy–which is what nearly all of us are these days. Including, I will add, myself: only in my 50s have I gotten some clarity on what was done to me (and not done for me) in childhood and youth, and begun to try to figure out how to grow myself up, in the midst of a culture which does its best in every way to discourage me in this endeavor. A culture totally dominated and run by women. Who clearly do not understand that one hand does not benefit by cutting off the other.

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“Cherokee women didn’t have titled positions. The men had those. But women had the Women’s Council. They had a lot of control. People forget that… With the Iroquois, the chief was a man, but the women chose the chief, they nurtured him, they installed him. Women could take him out.” – Wilma Mankiller, principle chief to the Cherokee Nation, 1987-1995, speaking at the University of Arizona in January 2002, as broadcast on C-SPAN, June 1, 2002