Monday, April 16, 2007

Cuckoo's Nest?????

You know, it really annoys me that Uccelline believes that censoring my requests for her to answer my posts directed at her will erase her hate-inspired attacks against this, the most magnificent blog on the web - sometimes referred to as "No Ma'am."

Why doesn't Uccelline answer me?

I left another comment on her blog just last night, which was censored AGAIN! That is only about the 10th time!

Why do Marxofembots like Uccelline think they can attack me, and then when I provide absolute proof that she is a USEFUL IDIOT, she feels she can ignore my well reasoned replies?

Are you a purposefull TRAITOR, Uccelline?

Is just another treasonous website intent on suppressing the freedoms of civilized people world-wide?

This begs a response, Cuckoo!

I'm not going anywhere, Uccelline.

I stand by what I say. Where do you stand?

Are you a Marxist?

I had never even heard of you or your silly blog until you attacked me... do you think I'm going to go away if you just keep on censoring out my solid arguments of why you are a useful idiot/now a traitor because YOU KNOW?

Here's a lesson for you straight out of nature, Uccelline:

Mess with the Bull and you'll get the horns!

Waiting for your reply.

Tap, tap.

Still waiting...

Not going to go away.
You pissed off the wrong anti-marxofeminist.