Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cultural Marxism: 'Communities' of 'nations' inside a State? - by Craig Read


Excerpt from the article:

Consider the nuttiness of this idea. You have a state but in good cultural Marxist fashion you need to reject the 1000 year Western cultural heritage. Thus you demand the equal importance of all ‘cultures’. This is cultural relativity. Just to make sure that no-one gets left out you need to highlight various ‘communities’, within these distinct cultures or ‘nations’, within some political and economic construct called the ‘state’. This is the multi-cultural Marxist mantra of relativity taken to extremes. It is foolish and dangerous.

Read Craig Read's entire article here: http://craigread.com/displayArticle.aspx?contentID=461&subgroupID=17


Notice the same theme that follows the destruction of the family as I described in here:


First you take something that is a whole, and you make it divisible. Then by use of "Truth is Relative" and "Critical Theory," you can start to redefine the definitions of the whole until you have completely deconstructed and redefined everything until nothing makes sense anymore - so let's just do away with it!

The same thing is purposefully being done to the idea of "Nationality" and "Patriotism" and ultimately the State itself, as the radical leftist traitors in Academia and Government have done to the family.

Deconstruct the whole --> Redefine the smaller pieces --> Create Confusion --> Destroy

While there certainly are Useful Idiots who don't get it, I have a hard time believing that EVERYONE is completely dimwitted to this agenda. And that means that they are indeed intent on pushing an agenda which seeks to destroy the State!


There are traitors that walk among us, hiding behind Academic degrees, Government Offices, and Mainstream Media Boardrooms!

In Canada, the penalty for Treason is Life in Prison!

It is the only crime that is listed before 1st degree murder.


No Ma'am humbly suggests a worldwide Penal Colony here:




They can let us know how Global Warming is coming along!



This ding-a-ling from one of our feminized teaching institutions, and the judge who viewed her as the victim should be given a state paid vacation in Antarctica as well:



A Toronto elementary school principal was granted an absolute discharge after admitting to throwing human feces on a boy last July.

Maria Pantalone, 49 and the sister of deputy mayor Joe Pantalone, pleaded guilty in court at Old City Hall on Monday to one count of assault. She had been facing two charges.

"I couldn't take it anymore. It was total, total frustration," she testified, according to the Toronto Star.

Pantalone admitted she wasn't justified in throwing the excrement on July 30, which hit a 12-year-old boy on the shoulder and told the court it won't happen again.

A publication ban prevents the naming of the victim, who was not a student of Pantalone's, as well as reporting details of the incident that might identify him.

Pantalone was suspended with pay from Keele Street Junior Public School and Mountview Alternative School after she was charged.

Justice Howard Borenstein agreed to an absolute discharge as jointly recommended by the Crown prosecutor and Pantalone's defence lawyer.

Calling the incident a "momentary lapse of judgment" that was out of character for the principal, Borenstein noted 20 letters of support submitted to the court as evidence of her character, according to newspaper reports.

Borenstein told the court Pantalone has paid enough and suffered more than most for having been charged.


One wonders... does this wierdo walk around with human feces at the ready to fling at people? Isn't that what monkeys and chimps do?