Tuesday, March 27, 2007

No Ma'am's Spring Cleaning is Almost Completed

I know that my loyal readers keep checking into No Ma'am to quench their addictive lust for the nuggets of Revealed Truth which this blog so eloquently delivers.

Fear not, my friends. The No Ma'am maids have nearly finished their task and soon sanity and order will be restored to this chaotic world.

In the meantime, might I recommend that that you have a quick peruse at Hawaiian Libertarian's blog? He's only been at it for a short while, but he has already put out some really good stuff and shows a knack for seeking out the truth.



MRA Revolutionary/Mamonaku Status:


For those wondering what happened to Mamonaku and his wonderful blog that mysteriously disappeared, he e-mailed me today and assured me that he is alive and well. He needed to close down his blog for a while for undisclosed reasons. (Hey, it's covert ops - "need to know basis" and all that).

He assures me that his blog has all been backed up on microfilm so that when he is done battling the she-demons of the underworld, he will easily be able to resume blogging.

Should you need to contact Mamonaku in the underworld, please use the cone of silence and contact him at www.skype.com - his decoder ring number is Mamonaku187