Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Solution to Save Western Civilization: A New Nation in Western Canada

1 - The seeds of separatism already exist in Western Canada and flares up from time to time – especially in retaliation to Quebec’s constant threats of separation (every dozen years or so, since Confederation – likely arising again within the next year or so), and Ottawa’s constant placating of Quebec with a disproportionate transfer of wealth payments – coming in large part from Western Canada. Quebec has been like a snivelling wife who does not pull her weight, yet continually threatens to leave and destroy the entire household if her demands are not met. Just as a man should do with a harpy wife who displays such mannerisms, Canada should throw Quebec to the curb rather than placate her. If Eastern Canada is continually so pussy-whipped by Quebec, then Western Canada should not hesitate to throw the rest of Canada to the curb along with Quebec. Given the near separation of Quebec from Canada in the mid 1990’s, the precedent has already been set for a system of secession from Canada based on voter democracy and not civil war.

Check out the results of “Western Canada Separatism” on Google:


2 - Western Canada already possesses a similar political mentality of Conservatism/Smaller Government/Family values. In Canada it is well known that the West “is the Right.” This plays along well with what would need to be done in order to create a new legal system which would honour the basic unit of society – the traditional family.

3 - Western Canada would be an instantly viable state. Population would be around 11 million or so; Infrastructure is already in place, and Western Canada could easily practice isolationism from the rest of the world’s increasing globalization. There is more than enough resources in the form of oil/natural gas, agricultural land, mining resources, timber, 3 ocean coasts with 2 developed Pacific ports in Vancouver, BC & Prince Rupert, BC, a developed Atlantic port in Churchill, MB, as well as developed rail & roadway systems to bring products to port. Western Canada would also automatically control the increasingly important Northwest Passage through the Arctic, effectively negating the need to use the Panama Canal.

4 - Separatism could rid ourselves of the Marxist inspired Multiculturalism that deeply divides the country based on differing languages/cultures and utilize the opportunity to build a new nation built on the “melting pot” rather than the “cultural mosaic.” The cultural mosaic is insane, and the strength of diversity is a Left wing myth. Places like the former Yugoslavia & the Middle East have ceaseless turmoil because of cultural “diversity.” Why would any sane nation model themselves on those systems? Unless, of course, the goal was to create conflict…hmmm?

5 - An opportunity would automatically present itself to “re-write” a new Constitution and a new Charter of Rights which thoroughly denounces the Hegelian Dialectic and embraces the ideals of inalienable rights bound securely to “immoveable” documents such as the US Constitution and the US Bill of Rights. A new country in Western Canada would also be able to instantly solve the insane system of non-elected senators that has afflicted Canada since Confederation and would also allow us to start a new political system of “direct representation” on both the levels of MP’s and the Prime Minister. It is wrong that we are voting for a party rather than the individual. We should be allowed to vote for our MP’s separately from our Prime Minister, as both are direct representatives of our individual concerns.

6 – We would be presented with the opportunity to develop a new monetary currency based on the credit of our new nation’s name (The United Provinces of Fedders – The UPF), rather than the gold standard & the insane privately controlled central banking/fractional reserve system. Nobel Prize winning economist, Milton Friedman, has proposed how to work such a system. Friedman speculated that the new currency would stabilize quickly and that without the involvement of corrupt banking practices, the National Debt could be paid off in a matter of years. According to Friedman, the monetary value of the nation’s currency would quickly stabilize in accordance to the strength of the economy & the nation’s resources, much like a private individual’s credit when borrowing from a regular bank. We would then be able to set our own national lending rates at a fixed percentage and have a prosperous economy based on predictability – one where hard work and ingenuity would pay off rather than luck.

7 - Releasing ourselves from the current banking system would allow us to pay off our share of the Canadian Debt, which we would graciously accept – and should be somewhat lower per capita than the whole of Canada, given Eastern Canada’s propensity to rob the West of our riches & re-invest it in the East, while disproportionately lacking to re-invest those Marxist “equalization payments” back into the West. BC, Alberta & Ontario are the only 3 provinces that are consistently profitable and rich, yet the riches of BC & Alberta have always been used to fund the development of eastern “have-not” provinces.

8 - Freeing ourselves from the National Debt would enable “breathing room” for the dire economic situation that the feminist inspired unsustainable birthrate presents for the future. Without the debt and with practising some smart economics based on isolationism and traditional “honest day’s work/honest day’s pay,” we would not be required to take in massive amounts of multicultural immigrants from the Third World to artificially prop up the population in order to maintain the GDP growth rate we currently need to pay our burdensome debt. We would possibly have the luxury to choose immigration from other Western World countries that share a similar history, language & other cultural similarities that would enable easy assimilation into our new “melting pot.” This would possibly offset the demographic problems presented by the 20 year “generation gap of change” we are facing as a direct cause of feminized policies.

9 - Freeing ourselves from the National Debt would allow ourselves to establish a simple, sane & fair consumption based flat taxation system. Perhaps a 15% flat tax similar to the one that resulted in Hong Kong becoming an economic powerhouse.

10 - A new country would not yet be part of the United Nations; therefore, we would not need to join the United Nations. Should the UN decide to apply pressure to join via sanctions, Western Canada could easily survive in isolationist luxury given the factors described above in point #3. Furthermore, could the UN, the USA, Eastern Canada, or the North American Union protest too loudly at a New Country that was directly based on the American Constitution & democracy? Erm… wasn’t the point of the war in Iraq to bring such a form of government to the Middle East? If the only thing they were pissed off about was that we would not join the UN or adhere to NAFTA/the NAU, well, I don’t think it would lead to violence. They could try to impose economic warfare upon us, but there are few places in the world that could easily adapt to long term economic isolation as efficiently and as luxuriously as we could. We could live for a thousand years on our massive supplies of food, oil, metals, timber, energy, etc. Western Canada is set up for exportation of truly immense amounts of resources, and if turned inward it could completely do away with the need to be a part of the rest of the world. Piss off then. Lol! An embargo on us like the one on Cuba would be a joke. If we withheld our oil from Alberta alone we could do some major damage in retaliation, but why bother withholding it. It’s still for sale, for $250/barrel. We’ll just pull a DeBeers. With the way the Middle East is shaping up, Western Canada will soon become the Western World’s #1 source of oil. I believe we are already #2 supplier to the US after Saudi Arabia, (Maybe #3?), and we have hardly begun to tap into the vastness of the oil sands.

11 – Defensive military services from a small population can easily be provided by a similar program to Switzerland’s or a plethora of other countries, where there is a mandatory 1 year service upon Highschool graduation for young men, followed up with bi-annual militia training refreshers for all men from 19 to 40 years old, who are required to keep their army rifles in their homes and already know the “general plan” and where to convene when the sirens sound. As the Middle East has vividly shown to us, it is scary business for foreign entities to stick their nose into a place where everybody you see has the potential to kill you.

12 – And finally, all of those islands way up in the Arctic currently need to be patrolled by us in order to maintain that we do indeed have sovereignty over them. I propose to kill two birds with one stone, in the traditional Canadian, non-violent way. We could start by offering the first ever feminist-only University in Nunavut Territory. Yes, by building the University of Nunavut, we will be showing our “commitment” to feminists, and of course that should allow us to say that since there is an entire university dedicated to feminism, we can now justify pulling the plug on ALL other funding of Women’s Studies for the rest of our Academic Institutions and get back to teaching our kids to be humans, rather then zombie like Fembots. Of course, once a feminist gets her BS in Fembot, there will be a network of DV Shelters strategically placed throughout the Arctic islands for them to “work” at. See how this works? A lot of places up there are just ice too, so for troublesome Fembots, we could just build a DV Shelter on an icefloe (they won’t know if there’s land underneath in the Arctic winter) and when the spring comes… bye bye!

Anyway, it’s really not a joke that Western Canada may separate one day. Quebec is already jockeying for a separatist push AGAIN in the next election, and nothing gets the people in Western Canada (who now greatly outnumber Quebecers) riled up more than watching Ottawa kiss Quebec’s French ass at the expense of kicking us Westerners in the balls yet again.

Here is a poll from the summer of 2005:

"The magazine's survey found that 35.6 per cent of respondents from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia agreed that "Western Canadians should begin to explore the idea of forming their own country."

The poll claims that Albertans, at 42 per cent, were most likely to consider independence, followed by Saskatchewan at 31.9 per cent.

"Westerners are very frustrated with their position in Confederation," said Faron Ellis, a political science professor at Lethbridge Community College, who conducted the survey.

Ellis said that separatist sentiment appeared to run highest among young people -- 37 per cent of respondents between the ages of 18 and 29 were open to the notion of breaking away from Canada.

Support was lowest -- 33.7 per cent -- among the baby boom generation aged between 45 and 64."

Lol! And in 2005, it had been a decade since the last Quebec cry-fest - something which REALLY pisses off Western Canucks! And now they’re gearing up to cry “we’re special” again. So who knows what increasing stupidity from the Career Politician Party may increase those poll figures to? But if it were to happen, and with the Right Wing/Pro-Family tendency that already exists the region… if careful consideration were given to a new political & legal system, a solidly based Constitution and Charter of Rights… One day Western Canada may become a “Utopia” for people to live in a modern Western-style Nation without modern Western-style Fembots and their Cultural Marxist Cronies - and the future that death march holds.